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  • Jul 16 , 2020 |
    Stewards of Planet Earth
  • Jul 16 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Amid this pandemic, there is growing consensus that treatment and vaccines should be accessible and affordable to all. Our Host James Chau joins Nobel Peace laureate Muhammad Yunus, and numerous world leaders, in pledging support for a universally available vaccine. This pledge declares that such a vaccine should be named a “global common good”— free from any patent right belonging to anyone.
  • Jul 16 , 2020 | Innovation
    An unmanned submersible has broken the record for the deepest dive in the Pacific Ocean. Achieving 10,907 meters, the dive took place in the Mariana Trench—the deepest and most challenging in the world—and is a collaboration between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Shenyang Institute of Automation. They deployed the Haidou-1, a Chinese-developed underwater vessel, to collect samples and capture high-definition images that will allow us to understand our planet more fully.