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  • Jul 12 , 2024 | Culture
    The Past and Future of US-China Cultural Relations | Carla Canales
  • Jul 12 , 2024 | Culture
    Life as an American Cultural Envoy and Artist in China | Carla Canales
  • Jul 02 , 2024 | Social Good
    The China-United States Exchange Foundation co-hosted a special gathering of young people in Southeast China's city Fuzhou in June.
  • Jun 18 , 2024 | Culture
    From popular songs and online gaming to luxury brands, the traditional Chinese game of Mahjong effortlessly engages people of all ages and from all walks of life.
  • Jun 05 , 2024 | Culture
    Physical training in ancient China formed part of religious ritual as well as a way to train men for battle and self-defence.
  • May 08 , 2024 | Culture
    The Hong Kong Maritime Museum is a crosspoint for history, art, science—as shown in its new exhibition about Victoria Harbor. It tells the unique story of Hong Kong and its relationship with the water, and how over centuries this has brought people together in the cause of peace and prosperity.
  • Apr 30 , 2024 | Social Good
    Of all the places on the earth that Kyle Obermann has walked and photographed, he keeps coming back to one special geography.
  • Apr 24 , 2024 | Lifestyle
    Krista Kim, co-founder of, believes that the metaverse can mitigate loneliness and the global mental health crisis. She discusses her work on impact in the metaverse through education, health and wellness, and art, at the intersection of culture.
  • Apr 16 , 2024 | Lifestyle
    Carol Yu, Co-Founder of Shenzhen Innox, shares about her work at the intersection of education and entrepreneurship. She speaks of the growing global possibilities for young entrepreneurs in China.
  • Apr 10 , 2024 | Lifestyle
    Art Basel has come to Hong Kong for its 11th year. We sat down with Hong Kong Director, Angelle Siyang-Le, to talk about bridging the east and west with art.
  • Apr 02 , 2024 | Culture
    The ancient festival of Qingming is celebrated by Chinese communities around the globe, as a way of remembering and honoring departed loved ones.
  • Mar 29 , 2024 | Lifestyle
    As CEO of Art Basel, Noah Horowitz guides one of the world’s great cultural movements. He speaks with James Chau in Hong Kong about significance of ideas and discovery.
  • Mar 21 , 2024 | Lifestyle
    Religion is not static, it is a dynamic thing that shapes our world. Scholar Brie Loskota shares her story with The China Current at The World Economic Forum.
  • Mar 14 , 2024 | Lifestyle
    Duozhuayu is a second-hand trading company that has over 10 million young users in China. Founder Wei Ying shares her story with The China Current at The World Economic Forum.
  • Mar 07 , 2024 | Lifestyle
    Sara Jane Ho | Women at WEF
  • Feb 27 , 2024 | Culture
    The recent exhibition at London’s British Museum provided a fascinating insight into the lives of individuals in 19th century China, with over 300 artifacts from emperor’s clothing and impressive scrolls to a straw cape, brought together under one roof for the first time.
  • Feb 09 , 2024 | Culture
    A beautiful exhibition has just arrived in London with the treasured clocks from the Palace Museum in the Forbidden City being brought together for the first time in the UK.
  • Feb 06 , 2024 | Culture
    It’s Chinese New Year. The China Current wishes you fortune and good health in the coming year.
  • Feb 06 , 2024 | Lifestyle
    In January, CUSEF invited students from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs—the first American college delegation to visit China in 2024. They spoke to The China Current, a digital storytelling platform, about the memories they take away from that trip.
  • Feb 02 , 2024 | Culture
    Featured in films, host to annual events, and used as a research center for plant conservation, the Humble Administrator’s Garden is widely considered to be the finest garden in all of southern China.
  • Jan 16 , 2024 | Innovation
    US-China Solar Cooperation | 2023 | Kyle Obermann
  • Jan 16 , 2024 | Lifestyle
    In November 2023, China’s pandas left the National Zoo in Washington DC, headed for home.
  • Jan 16 , 2024 | Innovation
    Farmers across China are increasingly challenged to produce sustainable crop cycles and livelihoods in the country’s remote, mountainous regions. However, traditional local and national seedbank initiatives are providing a safeguard for the future.
  • Jan 09 , 2024 | Lifestyle
    About to star in a beautiful program at Hong Kong’s stunning City Hall on January 17, 2024, Ning Feng is a highly acclaimed violinist known for his captivating performances and virtuosic talent. Last year, Tasmin Little had the pleasure of witnessing the UK premiere of a glorious new violin concerto by Chinese composer Zhao Jiping. She asked Ning Feng to tell her about this piece and the experience of premiering an important new work.
  • Jan 02 , 2024 | Culture
    With a history dating back over 2000 years, dim sum is a delightful Chinese culinary tradition featuring an array of bite-sized savory and sweet dishes, often enjoyed with tea.
  • Dec 19 , 2023 | Lifestyle
    December is one of the best months in Hong Kong, not only because of the moderate temperatures, but also the lights and decorations celebrating the birth of Christ.
  • Dec 14 , 2023 | Culture
    In this interview with our Host James Chau, Author & Cultural Commentator Ian Huen explores the beauty and history of the written Chinese language, which is considered a unifying element of China.
  • Dec 07 , 2023 | Lifestyle
    Anyone who’s been to Hong Kong in the summer knows that it’s hot and humid. So steamy you could become human dim sum. Even winters are relatively mild. The reason behind this lies in one of China’s newly planned national parks.
  • Dec 05 , 2023 | Culture
    In many ways, tea is a simple drink, composed of simply water and leaves. But tea culture is a rich tapestry of tradition and technique that dates back to ancient times. China’s centuries-old traditions and tea-making customs have earned their place on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.
  • Oct 22 , 2023 | Social Good
    Transportation has an immense impact on regional economies, the lives of commuters and workers, as well as the success of tourism. The China-Laos Railway is an example of how infrastructure can positively touch the lives of many.
  • Oct 22 , 2023 | Culture
    China has many hidden gems, like villages tucked away in the rural mountains and remote communities not often given the spotlight but bursting with culture. Recently, travelers and explorers have begun to uncover some of China’s small towns —helping bring their stories to light and sharing them with the world.
  • Oct 17 , 2023 | Culture
    While China is known for its bustling cities, it’s also home to many enchanting, off-the-beaten-path villages ready to be discovered by tourists and explorers.
  • Oct 10 , 2023 | Innovation
    Humans throw away millions of tons of trash each day. And managing that waste is a huge feat for cities, particularly those with large populations. In many countries, landfilling and trash burning are common solutions. But in China, leaders have big goals to switch from landfilling to cleanly burning waste to produce electricity for its larger cities.
  • Oct 02 , 2023 | Social Good
    Manzhouli, a city in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is home to a rare fusion of Russian, Chinese, Mongolian, and European cultures, all in one city. It’s also the largest land border port city in China, and serves as a window to East Asia for trade.
  • Sep 29 , 2023 | Culture
    Known around the world and especially in Asian cultures, Lunar New Year is a time of joyous gathering and celebration. Central to this momentous holiday and many others in Asia is the moon. Every fall, you’ll find Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations on par with any other major holiday in China, and overseas Chinese also take part in the festivities. In this episode, our Host James Chau shares the mythology behind the festival, and how lunar-oriented cultures recognize the holiday.
  • Sep 27 , 2023 | Innovation
    China’s first homegrown open-source desktop operating system has the potential to shift global industries. Meet: OpenKylin.
  • Sep 21 , 2023 | Culture
    The oldest known metal tools date back thousands of years, and were made from metals such as copper and even iron from meteorites. Today, many of the world's most famous metal tools and hardware products are produced by the crafters of Yongkang, China.
  • Sep 15 , 2023 | Culture
    With nearly 2 million relics, the Beijing Palace Museum is home to one of the biggest treasure troves of Chinese history and culture. It’s already the world's largest and best-preserved wooden palace, and it’s about to get even bigger.
  • Sep 12 , 2023 | Social Good
    Mangroves shelter incredible biodiversity and sequester carbon at up to four times the rate of terrestrial forests. But their existence is threatened.
  • Sep 08 , 2023 | Social Good
    The United States created the world’s first national park, Yellowstone, in 1872. Since then, many countries have followed suit. Our Nature Contributor, Kyle Obermann interviewed Jon Jarvis, former director of the US National Park Service, taking you behind the scenes of the US-China national park collaboration.
  • Sep 01 , 2023 | Culture
    The Xiqu Centre, a new performing arts centre in Hong Kong, is a two-theatre venue featuring Cantonese opera and Chinese traditional theatre (xiqu).
  • Aug 26 , 2023 | Culture
    Chrysanthemums are a beautiful flower that have many hidden properties, making it an important part of Chinese culture, cuisine, and medicine.
  • Aug 22 , 2023 | Culture
    How Bonsai growing supports the environment and is viewed as a symbol of harmony and balance.
  • Aug 18 , 2023 | Culture
    Representing long life and happiness, the chrysanthemum is not only a beautiful flower but was the inspiration behind a multi-award winning Chinese film.
  • Aug 13 , 2023 | Lifestyle
    Vanessa Garcia's China story started back when she was in college. She participated in a three-week faculty-led study abroad program that took them to various cities in China, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Xi’An, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.
  • Aug 09 , 2023 | Lifestyle
    Vanessa Garcia's China story started back when she was in college. She participated in a three-week faculty-led study abroad program that took them to various cities in China, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Xi’An, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.
  • Aug 05 , 2023 | Culture
    Exploring the World of Chinese bun-making and the globalization of this versatile snack.
  • Aug 01 , 2023 | Lifestyle
    Hangzhou, China, is commonly known for its fast-growing economy and as the location of where massive well-known companies like Alibaba Group and Geely Holding Group are headquartered. But this year, Hangzhou will also become the host city for the 19th Asian Games.
  • Jul 28 , 2023 | Culture
    With the 2000-year-old story of star-crossed lovers dating back to the Han Dynasty, the Qixi Festival is the oldest form of Valentine’s Day and holds a cherished and deep cultural significance in Chinese folklore.
  • Jul 27 , 2023 | Social Good
    The newly created Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park is not only China’s southern-most terrestrial protected area, but it also is home to the largest contiguous swath of rainforest in the country… even larger than the state of Rhode Island. Here you can find about a third of China’s reptile species as well as the world’s most rare primate, the Hainan gibbon.
  • Jul 24 , 2023 | Culture
    How a pivotal voyage in the Han dynasty became the foundation of the famous Silk Road.
  • Jul 21 , 2023 | Culture
    From the bustling streets of Hong Kong to the far corners of the globe, Bruce Lee's influence carries on for half a century. 50 years later, we still commemorate Bruce Lee as an iconic figure, both for Hong Kong and also martial arts.
  • Jul 20 , 2023 | Culture
    Bruce Lee passed away 50 years ago, but his spirit lives on.
  • Jul 18 , 2023 | Culture
    What mesmerizing art is so rapid that even modern technology cannot capture its secrets? The 300-year-old art form of Face Changing, or Bian Lian, is a cultural heritage so important that it was once classified as a second-level state secret, but nowadays you can be entertained whilst enjoying delicious Hot Pot!
  • Jul 17 , 2023 | Culture
    Tea time for many cultures around the world is an intentional moment to gather with friends and loved ones. In Hong Kong, tea shops hold a special place in the hearts of the locals.
  • Jul 14 , 2023 | Social Good
    China is no longer the world’s most populous country. By 2050, the number of people aged over 65 in China is expected to double. These demographic and aging trends combined with rapid urbanization are steadily driving depopulation in China’s remote, mountainous, and agrarian areas closest to wildlife. How will these changing demographics affect the future of conservation in China?
  • Jul 12 , 2023 | Lifestyle
    Samara Schuman, an aspiring international affairs professional, shares how she studied abroad in China for free, and describes what the experience was like.
  • Jul 12 , 2023 | Social Good
    Beyond nature reserves, national parks, and other protected areas, China has a recent addition to its habitat protection strategy that is less understood and seldom talked about - Ecological Conservation Redlines, or ecological redlines for short. They cover over a quarter of the country and provide the most widespread coverage of minimum “do not harm” protection standards across the country.
  • Jul 08 , 2023 | Lifestyle
    The skyline view from one of the world’s largest natural harbors, Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong, is a wonder to behold, displaying the city’s towering skyscrapers, lush green hills, and a harbor filled with boats. And along this waterfront, a transformation is taking place, in efforts to maintain its cultural heritage while bringing new life to the district.
  • Jul 04 , 2023 | Lifestyle
    Samara Schuman shares her experience studying abroad in China and how it has shaped her life, career, and view of the world.
  • Jun 28 , 2023 | Culture
    A journey through the colorful world of Chinese folk dances, their history and significance.
  • Jun 23 , 2023 | Culture
    Exploring the history, development and beauty of Chinese classical dance.
  • Jun 18 , 2023 | Social Good
    As economic downturns and geopolitical tenions udnermines stability, afocus must also remain on global health. American physician Keiji Fukuda is a former Assistant Director-General of the World Health Organization. He speaks with James Chau in our ongoing series, From The Well.
  • Jun 12 , 2023 | Lifestyle
    How the magnificence of the natural world inspired the creation of the now globally popular and beautiful miniature ornamental trees
  • Jun 08 , 2023 | Culture
    While all people come from different backgrounds with unique traditions, learning a new language is not only a way to communicate with one another, but also promotes global economic and social development.
  • Jun 08 , 2023 | Culture
    The colorful Dragon Boat Festival was originally celebrated to ward off disease and poisonous animals and nowadays is celebrated all over the world with boat races, drums and dumplings.
  • Jun 02 , 2023 | Innovation
    In China, efforts are underway to help other countries expand and upgrade their rail networks by building high-speed railways connecting medium- to large-sized cities.
  • Jun 02 , 2023 | Culture
    How communities are brought together in celebration through the beauty and power of two iconic dances
  • May 31 , 2023 | Culture
    The sport of Cuju, dating back 2000 years in China, has been recognised by FIFA as the earliest form of football and is now used as a platform to enhance and promote cultural exchange.
  • May 25 , 2023 | Social Good
    Qinghai Lake is one of China’s most standout beautiful places, but it's also a classic story of how the government is now prioritizing ecological conservation in the county’s most precious natural areas.
  • May 25 , 2023 | Social Good
    The connectivity of the ancient Silk Road lives on in modern day through China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which seeks to bridge countries and cultures through investment and economic development globally.
  • May 24 , 2023 | Culture
    The Great Wall of China is one of the most famous archaeological wonders in the world. It was originally built and maintained to repel foreign influences and invaders, but in recent years, the Wall has faced a new challenge: tourists.
  • May 19 , 2023 | Social Good
    We are in the midst of a poaching crisis. More than 100 elephants are killed every day by impovrished humans turned poachers trying to make a livelihood selling elephant ivory, meat, and body parts to wealthy buyers. But, more than 5 years ago Chinese leadership banned the sale and purchase of ivory, more than halving the number of interested buyers in China in just a few years’ time. How does China’s stance on ivory continue to affect consumption and conservation?
  • May 18 , 2023 | Culture
    Umberto Bombana is recognised as one of the world's most renowned chefs, and the first to be awarded three Michelin stars for an Italian restaurant outside of Italy. He lives in Hong Kong and now he's turning his skills to Chinese dim sum, a simple but complex delicacy to make.
  • May 17 , 2023 | Culture
    Chef Bombana has spent his career inside the world's most famous restaurants. But his life began in the Italian alps where he grew up surrounded by the magical countryside. Our James Chau has been asking Chef Bombana about his indelible link to nature, and for his thought leadership on the future of sustainability.
  • May 11 , 2023 | Culture
    Which creature originating in China increases its size 10,000 times, lays 500 eggs in 5 days and eats 3,500 pounds of the same diet during its one-month long life?
  • May 10 , 2023 | Social Good
    China's railway system has received significant attention in recent years for its growing high-speed network. However, the country's older and slower “green trains” remain a crucial transportation option for millions of people annually.
  • May 05 , 2023 | Culture
    An insightful conversation with leading pianist, Mary Wu, on the connections between two Classical traditions and the importance of patience and balance in performance.
  • May 03 , 2023 | Social Good
    Deep in the heart of China exists a thriving ecosystem of rare wildlife that live in the shadow of a lava plateau with more than a dozen small volcanoes. While this area is a nature-lover’s paradise, some of its protected animals are at risk of being hunted, and efforts are currently underway to safeguard the region's unique species.
  • Apr 28 , 2023 | Innovation
    As countries across the globe are working to curb emissions, hydrogen is emerging as a promising clean energy source.
  • Apr 27 , 2023 | Lifestyle
    As this week marks China’s Golden Week, in honor of the country’s Labor Day celebrations, it is one of the first holidays locals will be able to travel and reunite with loved ones with lessened restrictions.
  • Apr 25 , 2023 | Culture
    The Spice Route was a network of trade routes that connected the East and West for centuries. And some of its traveling condiments became so sought after that they could establish and even destroy empires.
  • Apr 20 , 2023 | Culture
    Nestled in the heart of China's Qinghai province lies the Chaka Salt Lake — a mesmerizing natural wonderland. With its stunning salt formations and shimmering reflection of the sky, this unique destination is a true feast for the senses.
  • Apr 17 , 2023 | Lifestyle
    Global health envoy Bernhard schwartländer first moved to China before the Beijing Olympics. He's living there again for the third time in some 15 years with his wife Andrea. He talked to our host James Chau about the experience of living in Beijing.
  • Apr 12 , 2023 | Culture
    Hong Kong is back again and better than ever. Among the 80,000 visitors at this year's Art Basel was Bernhard schwartländer, a global health envoy who enjoys different cultures.
  • Apr 12 , 2023 | Innovation
    Engineering feats can solve tough problems across the globe. And in the heart of Xiamen, China, we find an example of excellent problem-solving: a Guinness World Records-winning train station that can shift a whole 90 degrees!
  • Apr 10 , 2023 | Social Good
    With another year beginning and as we move towards China’s reopening post-pandemic, here are the five biggest stories from China’s nature over the last 12 months. From new national parks to lower emissions cities, it was another big year for the country’s push to go green.
  • Apr 07 , 2023 | Social Good
    Amidst the sprawling deserts of far-western China, the landscape is criss-crossed by the braided Tarim River. Where the river flows, natural life and human culture have existed for centuries against the constant encroaches of the great surrounding sea of sand. Kyle Obermann, Nature Contributor for the China Current, shares the story.
  • Apr 03 , 2023 | Social Good
    One of the longest river systems in the world is facing a series of challenges, and its fate will determine the lives of millions of people.
  • Mar 30 , 2023 | Lifestyle
    How one of classical music’s most celebrated composers used the inspiration of ancient Chinese poetry to write one of his greatest works.
  • Mar 28 , 2023 | Innovation
    Seafood is a popular and important part of diets around the world. China has emerged as a global leader in the production of seafood that is not only delicious but also harvested using eco-friendly practices, ensuring a better future for both the ocean and the people who rely on it.
  • Mar 22 , 2023 | Lifestyle
    For another year, the China Current is collaborating with Art Basel as the world's finest fair returns to Hong Kong at a time where the state of humanity is in question once again.
  • Mar 20 , 2023 | Lifestyle
    For a 10th year the world's leading galleries, collectors and institutions are in Hong Kong for Art Basel. The China Current continues its collaboration with this annual global event.
  • Mar 16 , 2023 | Culture
    Architecture can transport you to different times, cultures, and places. And China is home to some of the world’s most remarkable architectural designs.
  • Mar 14 , 2023 | Culture
    Jiaxin Cheng explains how cultural icons such as Lang Lang and Yuja Wang have inspired a whole generation of young people in China to embrace classical music and consider it the future.
  • Mar 13 , 2023 | Culture
    The Ancient form of Chinese Cuisine, Hotpot, is not only a versatile and nourishing dish, but a perfect way to socialise. Nowadays you can eat Hotpot all over the world so I went to a famous restaurant in London to find out how it was all done.
  • Mar 07 , 2023 | Innovation
    In more than 100 countries around the world, people are planting a kind of miraculous grass that can be used to grow mushrooms, feed animals, and much more.
  • Feb 28 , 2023 | Innovation
    China’s mountainous terrain makes cross-country travel quite the challenge. But the nation’s extensive tunneling system and technology has made rapid progress connecting hard-to-reach parts of the country, with its total tunnel mileage ranking first in the world.
  • Feb 24 , 2023 | Culture
    Ken Hom gives his succinct thoughts on authenticity, the essence of Chinese cuisine, and the most soothing food to eat in this final episode of his conversation with Culture Contributor Tasmin Little.
  • Feb 20 , 2023 | Social Good
    The Asian Crested ibis is one of the world’s most rare birds. And if it were not for a small group of conservationists in China’s remote and idyllic Qinling mountains, they may have completely vanished from the earth. Nature Contributor, Kyle Obermann, shares the story.
  • Feb 17 , 2023 | Culture
    Ken Hom explains how Chinese cookery fits in with our lifestyle and how the comments and questions from the public inspired him to create ever more authentic dishes.
  • Feb 15 , 2023 | Culture
    The ancient city of Pingyao in the central part of China’s Shanxi Province has a history that dates back more than 2,700 years and is one of the two ancient cities in China listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site. And this small town was the birthplace of China's banking industry, and served as the financial center of the country in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Feb 08 , 2023 | Social Good
    Public health has taken centre stage over the last few years, and for good reason. Our health as a global community impacts so very much of our livelihoods. With the most recent pandemic, China’s healthcare system has been the topic of a lot of discussion. Let’s take a look at China’s public health infrastructure— the largest medical system in the world.
  • Feb 03 , 2023 | Innovation
    China is home to one of the globe’s most expansive rail systems, providing service for roughly two billion passengers and more than three billion tons of cargo every year. And though it only began high-speed rail construction in 2003, it quickly topped the list for the country with the most high-speed rail lines in the world.
  • Jan 20 , 2023 | Lifestyle
    While World Cup fans cheered on their favorite teams recently, manufacturers in Yiwu, China rushed to make the merchandise and souvenirs they purchased in droves. On the eve of each World Cup, they produce 100,000 footballs within 50 days, and more than 2 million jerseys for the Cup alone. Take a look behind the scenes of one the world's busiest manufacturing moments of the past year.
  • Jan 16 , 2023 | Culture
    Since at least the Shang dynasty, chopsticks have been used as eating utensils by generations of Chinese who, in turn, passed their culinary culture onto other Asian countries. Our Host James Chau speaks with author Ian Huen.
  • Jan 12 , 2023 | Culture
    The Chinese New Year has arrived with the ideals and values that are intrinsic to this traditional festival. At a time when the world can feel complex and even dark, the Year of the Rabbit promises renewed hope and unity. This story by our Host James Chau.
  • Jan 05 , 2023 | Culture
    Naadam is an annual festival and sporting event in Mongolia that celebrates the country’s modern identity and past glory, bringing together competitors in horseback racing, archery, and wrestling. In 2006, the Naadam festival was listed as a UNESCO National Intangible Cultural Heritage, as the sporting competition is closely knit with Mongolia’s history, and exhibits Mongolian grassland life and cultural traditions.
  • Dec 30 , 2022 | Innovation
    Scientists have pioneered ways to grow vegetables in the remote and freezing regions of the Antarctic. And while more than 95% of the land is covered by snow and glaciers, Antarctica is a treasure trove of resources, minerals, and water. Chinese scientists came to the region in the 1980s to conduct research and later built the first research station on the continent.
  • Dec 23 , 2022 | Culture
    Chinese characters are one of the oldest written languages in human history, with a history of at least four thousand years. And about a century ago, Chinese archaeologists discovered the Yin Ruins — a massive archaeological find of oracle bone inscriptions. To date, these artifacts are the most vivid and best-preserved type of writing discovered thus far.
  • Dec 19 , 2022 | Culture
    Chef Ken Hom has touched the hearts of millions of people through his books and television programs. Now he speaks to Tasmin Little about Chinese cuisine as a gateway to community-building, and his concerns for global food security.
  • Dec 14 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    Taylor Fritz is leading the top players at the Hong Kong Tennis Challenge this Christmas. Our Host James Chau speaks to Philip Mok, President of the Hong Kong Tennis Association, about the tournament — and the global challenges sports can help solve.
  • Dec 12 , 2022 | Social Good
    The United Nations High Commission for Refugees was the first UN agency to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize when it won in 1954 and again in 1981. This year, High Commissioner Filippo Grandi was invited to give a lecture at the Nobel Forum about Afghanistan and a way forward for its people. He spoke to our Host James Chau about the pursuit of a kinder and safer world.
  • Dec 09 , 2022 | Innovation
    Bridging the World | Peljesac Bridge
  • Dec 06 , 2022 | Culture
    Acupuncture is incredibly popular in China and its origins date back to the Stone Age.Over the years, this treatment has gained some momentum, and now people around the globe use acupuncture to help restore their health. This is the story of how a traditional Chinese therapy with an ancient history made its way across the globe.
  • Dec 02 , 2022 | Culture
    Umberto Bombana is the only chef to be awarded three Michelin stars for Italian cuisine outside of Italy. Now, he's opened a Chinese restaurant that specializes in Cantonese and Chau Chow delicacies, including small dishes of world-famous dim sum. Our Host James Chau met Chef Bombana at Nove, his newest restaurant in Hong Kong.
  • Nov 29 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    One in five people in the world live in China, the most populous country in the world. But the UN estimates that India will soon have more people than any other on the planet.
  • Nov 25 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    If there is one place in China that inspires mystery, admiration, and dread more than any others, it's Kawagebo, the sacred warrior god mountain to Tibetans and the highest peak in Yunnan Province. No one has ever successfully climbed it or probably ever will. Kyle Obermann, Nature Contributor for the China Current, shares the story.
  • Nov 23 , 2022 | Culture
    Across the globe, cave dwellings are still used as houses. Cave homes are energy-saving, ecological buildings that provide their dwellers with an atmosphere that’s warm in winter and cool in summer. Today, throughout northern Shaanxi in China, caves are still considered the primary type of residence for citizens, especially in rural areas.
  • Nov 19 , 2022 | Innovation
    With today’s technology, we can dialogue with astronauts in space in real-time. From ancient beacon towers to relay satellites, communication technology has connected communities and made important information shareable when needed.
  • Nov 17 , 2022 | Hong Kong
    Venise Chan is a Cambridge University graduate and former tennis champion. Ranked #1 in Hong Kong, she played all four junior grand slams. She tells our Host James Chau why Hong Kong is always “home”.
  • Nov 14 , 2022 | Culture
    The Chinese invented paper, printing and the compass, but they have also been using their own refrigeration technology for thousands of years. This allowed people to store and consume food safely — and shaped modern innovations today. This story from our Host James Chau.
  • Nov 11 , 2022 | Culture
    Once known as a “cultural desert”, Hong Kong is now home to major institutions including the newly opened M+ and Hong Kong Palace Museum, as well as the Hong Kong Museum of Art – which is celebrating its 60th birthday. Our Host James Chau speaks to Nancy Lee, Chair of the Friends of HKMoA.
  • Nov 10 , 2022 | Innovation
    If you love apples, you have likely tasted those freshly grown in China, the biggest global producer of the edible fruit. Farmers across the country offer their own varieties and flavors, including villages in the northwest that historically suffered from drought and soil erosion. This unlikely turnaround has brought stability and wealth to the area, while ensuring people globally can enjoy a fruit high in nutritional value.
  • Nov 07 , 2022 | Innovation
    With agricultural production under pressure, food security has become more important than ever. Chinese scientists are sending seeds to be grown in outer space — that creates new crops and helps ensure that everyone has more to eat. They are cultivating new varieties of crops including rice, corn and soybean.
  • Nov 03 , 2022 | Culture
    Before the arrival of modern air-conditioning, people kept cool in warm weather using hand-held fans. But these delicate, decorative objects are also known as an expression of folk art, particularly in China where they hold significance for rituals and ceremonial occasions. Our Host James Chau looks deeper at this unique cultural heritage.
  • Oct 31 , 2022 | Innovation
    The world's biggest ultra large container ship has launched in China with a deck almost the size of four soccer fields. It's also planet-friendly with technology that enables it to sail at high speeds, but low fuel consumption. Our Host James Chau takes a look inside at the latest vessel to be built in Shanghai, a city with a rich shipbuilding history.
  • Oct 27 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    Six decades ago, the Hong Kong Museum of Art began a journey that has positioned its home city on the global cultural map. Our Host James Chau speaks with Dr Maria Mok, HKMoA’s Museum Director.
  • Oct 23 , 2022 | Culture
    A variety of silk known as 'fragrant clouds' truly lives up to its name. But the textile is not only delicate, but is highly breathable, water resistant, and largely crease-free. Our Host James Chau ventures into silk producing areas and explores the techniques by which they make and dye the material.
  • Oct 19 , 2022 | Innovation
    Electricity is vital to basic, human needs — and the key that unlocks economic development. To meet the demands of the future, China is building a supergrid that distributes energy supply in a country where the balance between resources and consumption is not even. Our Host James Chau explores how this is being achieved.
  • Oct 15 , 2022 | Social Good
    During the last decade, China employed several key strategies to clean up its air. At the same time, these positive changes also reduced the country’s planet-harming outputs. Here’s how China achieved this win-win.
  • Oct 11 , 2022 | Social Good
    With our planet struggling to survive, it is more and more common to hear about extreme weather patterns. Ningxia in northwest China, is familiar with long droughts and the sound of camel bells. But local farmers are keeping the desert community safe with a grid structure made from wheat grass — an innovation that is also keeping poverty at bay. Our Host James Chau has more.
  • Oct 07 , 2022 | Culture
    Have you seen hair that is more than six meters long? In the "long hair village" of Huangluo Yaozhai in Guangxi, China, it is custom for ladies to grow their hair long. Hongyao women do not cut or discarded their hair casually. They will only cut their hair once in their life, on the day of their coming-of-age ceremony. Our Host James Chau shares the story.
  • Oct 03 , 2022 | Culture
    An English Family and their Century with China | Sarah Hawkes
  • Sep 30 , 2022 | Culture
    Salt production in Tibet dates back 1,300 years ago to a historic village where generations of families have inherited unique skills and knowledge. This is a story about cultural heritage, local industry, and the women who ensure that this unique way of life continues to thrive. Told by our Host James Chau.
  • Sep 22 , 2022 | Innovation
    Alternative and clean energy solutions are becoming more necessary, particularly as many worry for the future of the planet and the issues surrounding oil and gas extraction and usage. As our world becomes ever more reliant on consistent and powerful sources of energy, nuclear development will play a pivotal role for the generations to come. Our Host James Chau tells the story.
  • Sep 14 , 2022 | Culture
    In eastern China, most known for its booming urban centers, a small but precipitous mountain enclave has yielded over 1,000 new species discoveries over the last century. Our Nature Contributor Kyle Obermann shares the story of Wuyishan National Park, one of China’s first five official national parks.
  • Sep 10 , 2022 | Innovation
    The summer isn’t over, but places in China are already experiencing record heat. Over 90 red alerts spread throughout China in one day in July, shutting down construction and outdoor activities. Our Nature Contributor Kyle Obermann shares the story.
  • Sep 06 , 2022 | Culture
    Mid-Autumn Festival is an important time in the Chinese lunar calendar. It’s a time for family reunions, gatherings with friends, admiring the moon, and eating delectable mooncakes. Our Culture Contributor Tasmin Little shares the history and legends of the holiday.
  • Sep 01 , 2022 | Social Good
    Roads, bridges and trains are not only examples of infrastructure but, in China, have helped ease conditions for millions of people living on poverty. Our Host James Chau looks at how they link them to basic services including health and education — and to opportunities that transform lives.
  • Aug 30 , 2022 | Culture
    There’s a strong relationship between music and nature in Chinese culture. Tasmin Little, well-known violinist and Culture Contributor for The China Current, looks at four pieces of music which demonstrate that special connection.
  • Aug 22 , 2022 | Culture
    The calendar may be divided into four seasons, but for the Chinese people — among other East Asians — their year is shaped by 24 solar terms. Throughout history, this tradition has guided farmers growing crops, and determined traditional holidays like the Mid-Autumn Festival. Our Host James Chau has more.
  • Aug 16 , 2022 | Culture
    The Forbidden City was home to the emperors of China for over five centuries, and is known for the distinctive vermillion that color its walls. Now, 20 craftsmen have been handpicked to inherit the skills and knowledge of generations of artisans who keep this monument alive. Our Host James Chau tells this story.
  • Aug 15 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    From school closures to programs shifting online, the last few years have altered international education. Just a few years ago, hundreds of thousands of students from Hong Kong were traveling to the United States to continue a portion of their education before entering the workforce. But the pandemic shifted so many of these young students’ plans. Our Host James Chau looks at the endurance of international education during unprecedented times.
  • Aug 10 , 2022 | Innovation
    Innovation is at the heart of progress in Fujian, a province in China's southeast, where an enormous bridge was laid in less than a year. But the story belongs to the machine used to create it. Our Host James Chau looks at the features of the modern-day 'Hercules' that is able to withstand a thousand tons of pressure.
  • Aug 05 , 2022 | Social Good
    One of the world's historic waterways is experiencing a rebirth, having provided for its local communities for 2,500 years. The Grand Canal runs between Beijing and Hangzhou. In recent history, it's become polluted and cut-off from its original purpose. But now that's changing. Our Host James Chau shares the waterway’s history and its new future.
  • Aug 01 , 2022 | Social Good
    The world is having a food shortage crisis, propelled by rising prices, the conflicts in Ukraine, and the ongoing pandemic. But can we side-step this perfect storm? Grain supplies have been stable in China for many years, despite a history of hunger over hundreds if not thousands of years. Our Host James Chau looks at that story of pain, innovation, and overcoming the odds.
  • Jul 25 , 2022 | Innovation
    With an 18,000 kilometer coastline, China has a unique opportunity to use its offshore wind farms for social good. Our Host James Chau looks at different facilities that are meeting demand for the huge population, but in a green and sustainable way. Windmills dotted in the water are a familiar sight in areas such as Jiangsu that are powering electricity with nature's blessing.
  • Jul 20 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    China's sinkholes are like nowhere else on earth and hold a wide diversity of possible new species and habitats. With the discovery and exploration of a new sinkhole this year, questions remain on how to best study and protect these places into the future.
  • Jul 19 , 2022 | Innovation
    China may be best known for its Great Wall, but is also has a series of walls carved into the sides of some of its mountains. It’s a feat of will, perseverance and innovation — and connects communities once isolated by geography. This story from our Host James Chau
  • Jul 18 , 2022 | Social Good
    Tanzania is a country in east Africa, that faces the Indian Ocean on one side, and a myriad of countries on the other. It's also where a teacher from China called Ya Ya is sharing her language, cuisine, and culture. It's a way of bringing young people closer together, but it also provides new skills that are matching them to jobs and opportunities. Our host James Chau tells us more.
  • Jul 15 , 2022 | Innovation
    Transport is the key to access, services, and opportunities — and nowhere is that more transformative than Tibet, where a railway has become the global benchmark for high-speed and high-elevation travel. Our Host James Chau is following this story.
  • Jul 11 , 2022 | Innovation
    Nature has long sat at the heart of Chinese life with 90% of people in China making their living off agriculture as recently as the 1940s. Now, they have turned to "smart farming", which uses cloud computing, driverless vehicles, and agricultural drones to grow and harvest crops more sustainably. This story from our Host, James Chau.
  • Jul 08 , 2022 | Innovation
    The "impossible" becomes the "possible" whenever we achieve a human breakthrough. One example is China's lunar exploration program that seeks to accomplish a manned moon landing in the next decade, and create a research station where we can broaden our understanding of Earth's only natural satellite. This story by our Host James Chau.
  • Jul 08 , 2022 | Social Good
    In its push for a sustainable world, China has committed to planting and conserving billions of trees. This means almost a quarter of the country will be covered in forested land. Our Host James Chau looks at the vision for a peaceful and prosperous planet.
  • Jul 07 , 2022 | Social Good
    China has the world's fourth richest biodiversity. But 15,000 species of potentially endangered plants have been transferred to the National Botanical Garden in Beijing, where a special research team will conserve and manage their future for next generations. Plants are critical to providing food and oxygen — and also helps to ensure that our global ecosystem thrives. Thus, our survival depends on its own wellbeing. This story by our Host James Chau.
  • Jul 05 , 2022 | Culture
    Even today, millions of school students across China learn how to write using a traditional ink brush. It returns them to their inherited history — and opens them to a visual art that was regarded as a ‘fine art’ long before the emergence of painting. This story by our Culture Contributor Tasmin Little.
  • Jul 01 , 2022 | Culture
    Cultures can be distinct to geography. But we explore the relationship between Chinese painting and Western classical music — where the ink brush and the violin bow are used in similar and extraordinary ways. This story by our Culture Contributor Tasmin Little.
  • Jun 28 , 2022 | Innovation
    A new aircraft carrier has launched in Shanghai with innovation at its core. The Fujian is a 300-meter vessel that allows planes to take-off using updated technology that is safer, more reliable, and less reliant on natural resources. This story by our Host James Chau.
  • Jun 22 , 2022 | Innovation
    The future of jobs is a challenge for many parts of the world as young people find a way to learn and thrive during a pandemic, and as the global economy heads towards a possible recession. In Hong Kong, a youth employment scheme is trying to match college graduates to new opportunities, and broaden their horizons in the Greater Bay Area — an economic zone led by Hong Kong, Macau and Gangzhou. This story by our Host James Chau.
  • Jun 20 , 2022 | Innovation
    Laos has leapfrogged into the modern age with a high-speed railway that connects the capital, Vientiane, to the border town of Boten, and into the heart of Yunnan, a Chinese province known for its rich heritage. The country is a former kingdom in Southeast Asia, sprinkled with temples and monasteries, and blessed by the Mekong River that connect s it peop le to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and China. Our Host James Chau tells the story of how innovation is connecting people.
  • Jun 16 , 2022 | Innovation
    Egypt is celebrated as a ancient seat of global civilization. But as it prepares to relocate its capital away from Cairo and into the desert, Chinese contractors are helping to imagine a modern-day hub that will continue history with smart innovations fit for a new century. This story by our Host James Chau.
  • Jun 15 , 2022 | Social Good
    Cities around the globe are racing to reach no-carbon status. China aims to reach this goal by 2060, and larger cities like Shenzhen, Beijing, and Guangzhou are leading the way to become the first no-carbon metropolises. But at the end of last year, a small city in northeastern China became the nation’s first to reach this achievement. Our Nature Contributor, Kyle Obermann, explores how China’s cities, large and small, are paving the way for a better future.
  • Jun 09 , 2022 | Culture
    Mangoes are abundant in China, the second largest producer of the so called “king” of fruits. But the mango is not native to this part of the world — having only been introduced via Beijing in the late 1960s. Tasmin Little, Culture Contributor to The China Current, tells this story.
  • May 27 , 2022 | Culture
    For almost a decade, Art Basel has positioned Hong Kong on the global map of contemporary art — and created a community that is second to none. Leading that movement is Adeline Ooi, who is bringing 130 galleries to this year's edition. She speaks with our Host James Chau as part of The China Current's collaboration with the world's most important art show.
  • May 25 , 2022 | Culture
    With mountains, rivers, and waterfalls, Chinese artists have long enjoyed a close connection with the natural world that continues to fascinate them. Daphne King, Director of Alisan Fine Arts, speaks with our Host James Chau about how today's artists are finding a modern language for a historic form of painting. This interview is part of The China Current's collaboration with Art Basel.
  • May 22 , 2022 | Culture
    For a third year, The China Current is collaborating with Art Basel on a special series of interviews. In this video, we feature Johnson Chang, one of Hong Kong's best-loved cultural figures. For 40 years, he has showcased Chinese classical and later contemporary works — long before their importance in the global art market. Our Host James Chau speaks with the Founder of Hanart TZ Gallery.
  • May 19 , 2022 | Culture
    Tucked away in China’s Sichuan Province is a waterway built in 256 BCE that is still in use by the local community today. The Dujiangyan irrigation system is the oldest water conservancy system in the world. Our Host James Chau shares the story behind this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • May 16 , 2022 | Innovation
    A grain of rice is hardly discernible to the eye, but those tiny specks are helping to answer the urgent question of hunger throughout the world. Our Host James Chau shares about the complexity of a basic human necessity.
  • May 16 , 2022 | Culture
    In northern China, a canyon gapes through green mountains, exposing sheer rock faces sparkling with waterfalls. The Taihang Grand Canyon marks the dramatic end of northern China’s Taihang Mountain range, which curl down southward from northern Hebei, past Beijing, and into Henan province. Our Nature Contributor, Kyle Obermann, explores the park with us.
  • May 13 , 2022 | Social Good
    The Tibet highlands are so vast and remote that few have witnessed the region. This is the land that migratory antelope call home. Our Host James Chau shares their story.
  • May 11 , 2022 | Culture
    Concert violinist Tasmin Little delves into the music, folklore, and story of the Butterfly Lovers Concerto, one of the best-known works for violin in the 20th century Chinese repertoire. As Culture Contributor for The China Current, Tasmin returns us to the 1950s when the concerto was composed by two students at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.
  • May 05 , 2022 | Innovation
    Some of the great stories of the 20th century were built in the shipping ports of America, Europe, and China. Shanghai is one example, as the world's largest unmanned terminal, and a range of 'smart' features that is supporting the global supply chain in a time of a pandemic. Our Host James Chau looks closer at what it offers.
  • Apr 30 , 2022 | Innovation
    America has many beautiful train journeys, including the overnight service from Seattle to Los Angeles that gives passengers an unrivaled view of the West Coast. The equivalent in China is the Huang-Hang Railway that allows you to see the dawn rise on Huangshan, or Yellow Mountain, and be back in time in downtown Hangzhou for sunset — tracing the footsteps of Marco Polo, the Italian explorer who traveled through China in the 13th century.
  • Apr 26 , 2022 | Innovation
    Thousands of kilometers of rail track connect Madrid, the Spanish capital, to Yiwu, a Chinese city — delivering goods to billions of consumers all around the world. But in between these two geographical centers are vastly different countries and regions, which the trains must traverse safely and quickly. Our Host James Chau jumps onboard this story.
  • Apr 22 , 2022 | Culture
    Tasmin Little has joined The China Current as Culture Contributor after a three decade career as one of the world's leading concert violinists. She will look at the music and instruments of China, but so much more — including the ideas, traditions, lifestyles that shape the lives of 1.4 billion people today. In this episode, Tasmin looks at her own story and how it connects to her videos for us.
  • Apr 17 , 2022 | Social Good
    There’s a lot of good things that happened for the environment in China last year.
  • Apr 13 , 2022 | Social Good
    Yading, a nature reserve in China, is one of the most enchanting places in the world. Our Nature Contributor, Kyle Obermann, shares how his 6-day trek through the mountains of this region inspired his work.
  • Apr 06 , 2022 | COVID-19
    Shanghai, a city of 25 million people, and a global financial center, has largely retreated behind its doors in its first lockdown. We meet an American couple who are part of a neighborhood community that is making the best of the time at home — and, along the way, getting to know one another in new ways. Meanwhile, the city is supplying residents with fresh food including fish and vegetables, as well as long-lasting provisions.
  • Mar 29 , 2022 | Culture
    China’s Miao people are known for their rich culture. One Miao tradition is similar to that in Europe — bullfighting. Southeast Guizhou is a historical home of bullfighting, where an agriculture-based economy means generations of people have grown up with cattle, rearing them and living off them. Our Host James Chau shares the story.
  • Mar 25 , 2022 | Innovation
    The Yellow Sea is an important life source for people in China's Shandong province. Each spring, they harvest half a million tons of kelp, a type of seafood that contributes to food, industry and the economy. But during the rest of the year, the community stays active — deep diving for sea cucumbers, a delicacy in Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisines that ripens in the fall season. Our Host James Chau looks at the balance between business and nature.
  • Mar 25 , 2022 | Culture
    The Emperor Qianlong ruled China for 61 years in the 18th century. During his long reign, he loved eating Huaiyang food, one of four traditional Chinese cuisines — and the newest UNESCO World Capital of Food. Our Host James Chau tracks its history and how it played a special role in the founding of a new nation.
  • Mar 24 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    Audrey King's unlikely story as a Hong Kong Olympic skier has inspired people in her hometown and beyond. In this conversation with James Chau, she and her father discuss the focus, sacrifice, and passion that is necessary for a shot at success.
  • Mar 24 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    The slogan of the Beijing Olympics called on the world to unite. But what does it mean to the athletes who competed at these Winter Games? Our Host James Chau speaks to Hong Kong's Audrey King, alpine skier and 2022 Olympian.
  • Mar 24 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    Audrey King is a 19 year old student athlete, who's headed to Harvard in the fall. Born in Hong Kong, a subtropical city, she competed in the Beijing Olympics in downhill skiing. But how did she do it? Our Host James Chau speaks to Audrey.
  • Mar 24 , 2022 | Innovation
    Electric vehicles are experiencing a magic moment, as drivers globally look to clean energy and sustainable living. China is part of this movement, manufacturing not only Tesla cars, but also home-innovated brands of its own. Our host James Chau brings you this story.
  • Mar 11 , 2022 | Culture
    Julian Lloyd Webber is known the world over for his music. As a cellist and conductor, he has performed internationally including in China where the love for 'western' classical music has grown exponentially. He speaks to our Culture Contributor Tasmin Little.
  • Mar 08 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    For many years already, people in China could order food while opting out of receiving utensils and plastic packaging. China’s past has enlightened its future. And young people around the world are distinctly aware of what’s at stake. Our Nature Contributor, Kyle Obermann, shares about the rise of a greener generation.
  • Mar 08 , 2022 | Social Good
    In April 2021 in a remote area of northeast China, a tiger bit a villager and damaged a car. The accident left many wondering if conservation efforts were working too well. Our Nature Contributor,Kyle Obermann, shares the symbolism and preservation story of China’s tigers.
  • Mar 02 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    For 25 years, American photographer David McIntyre lived and worked in China, where he and his wife adopted two children. Our Host James Chau spoke with him at the Beijing Olympics about sports and family.
  • Mar 02 , 2022 | Innovation
    David McIntyre has photographed nine Olympic and Paralympic Games. Through sports, his images capture human stories as they happen in real-time. Our Host James Chau spoke to him at Beijing 2022.
  • Mar 02 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    The International Olympic Committee has recognizes broadcaster Tracey Holmes with a women in sports award. As she waited for her plane home at the end of Beijing 2022, she spoke to our Host James Chau about a city she calls home.
  • Mar 02 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    Sports broadcaster Tracey Holmes grew up in the US and Australia — and lived in China where she worked on television. Returning for Beijing 2022, she recalls her Olympic experience at a time of a pandemic. She speaks to our Host James Chau.
  • Feb 28 , 2022 | Culture
    The flute is a mainstay of classical orchestras and was recently made popular again by American singer-songwriter, Lizzo. Its origins can be traced to ancient China, where early forms of the instrument were excavated close to the Yellow River. Our Host James Chau delves into a story that also fascinates researchers at The Met in New York.
  • Feb 27 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    The Winter Olympics and Paralympics are in the hearts of billions of sport-lovers. We speak to one of the people who make it all happen — Thomas Bach. Bach, a former Olympian, heads the International Olympic Committee. He spoke with our Host James Chau.
  • Feb 25 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    As competitors face nature in their bid for gold, many winter Olympics sports also present high risks to their participants. The exposure to mountains, steep slopes, and extreme weather are only a few of the dangers for athletes. In the run-up to the Beijing Olympics, a team of 40 physicians trained for over four years to aid injured Olympians. This story from our Host James Chau.
  • Feb 20 , 2022 | Culture
    The last day of the Chinese New Year is celebrated with a Lantern Festival — lights, color, and family. There’s also a special rice ball infused with sesame, peanut and red bean. Here’s our Host James Chau with the story.
  • Feb 18 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    The big winner at the Beijing Olympics is Bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot encased in an astronaut’s outfit. Long lines have formed outside stores in Beijing, while factories are trying to keep up with demand. Our Host James Chau looks at the “ice panda” winning hearts everywhere.
  • Feb 15 , 2022 | Culture
    Eileen Gu is the face of the Beijing Olympics, winning gold for China in the freestyle halfpipe before heading to Stanford University in the fall. Our host James Chau looks at her story, and the women in her family who made her a champion.
  • Feb 12 , 2022 | Social Good
    Baijiu is a throat-searing, strong liquor infamous in China. It’s the dread of many ill-accustomed banquet guests. But for China’s forest rangers, it can also be a life-saving tool in the wild. Kyle Obermann, Nature Contributor for The China Current, shares his explorations with rangers in China’s remote regions.
  • Feb 10 , 2022 | Social Good
    Just outside the usually cold and dry city of Beijing, the hosting site for the Olympics posed challenges and opportunities for how humans coexist with nature. Kyle Obermann, Nature Contributor for The China Current, looks into Beijing’s efforts to reduce water waste and go net-zero for the Winter Olympics.
  • Feb 07 , 2022 | Innovation
    Olympic host cities are typically sites of new infrastructure — a new airport, stadium, or subway line. In the case of the Winter 2022 Games however, the hosts worked instead to repurpose previous Olympic sites while also improving public transportation. Our Host James Chau takes us along for the ride.
  • Feb 05 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    The Jamaican team has qualified for the four-man bobsleigh event for the first time since their debut in 1988, and the inspiration for the movie, 'Cool Runnings'. But also at these Beijing Winter Olympics, China is fielding its own bobsled — designed and crafted in China, as its athletes make their bid for sporting glory.
  • Feb 03 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    Meet the Beijing Olympics mascots — ‘Bing’ and 'Shuey.' Our Host James Chau shares the cultural significance of these characters, as well as a number of other Chinese elements woven into this year's Winter Olympic celebration.
  • Feb 01 , 2022 | Culture
    The Chinese New Year is more popularly known in China as the Spring Festival for the start of a new season, or Lunar New Year because the calendar is determined by the moon. In this video, our Host James Chau takes a deep dive in the meaning behind the traditions in the Year of the Tiger.
  • Jan 31 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    The China Current presents a special series in honor of Beijing 2022, the Winter Olympics and Paralympics. In this video, our Host James Chau looks at the sport of curling, the materials and techniques that distinguish it from other events, and the teams competing for gold.
  • Jan 27 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    We've made a big shift to living digitally in this pandemic. But millions of people are missing out in low, middle, and high-income countries. We look at what's happening in China, which has struggled historically with poverty. We look at how rapid urbanization is changing opportunities, while people in the countryside are also catching up — and moving ahead. This story with our Host James Chau.
  • Jan 26 , 2022 | Culture
    The women of the Miao community are renowned for their jewelry, textiles, and music — passing down generations of skills to their daughters and granddaughters. Jehanne de Biolley has been traveling to the mountains of southern China where they live, and researching the lessons we can all learn from the "slow movement" they lead. She speaks to our Host James Chau.
  • Jan 26 , 2022 | Culture
    Nothing is more fascinating than seeing the Miao people of southern China live among the mountains wearing their intangible heritage. Silver headdresses, ornate jewelry, and clothing that requires years to embroider. Jehanne de Bioley has traveled through the region and speaks with our Host James Chau about the ways of the Miao — from preservation to sustainability.
  • Jan 26 , 2022 | Culture
    The China Current is pleased to present a series on the Miao people, who have a presence mainly in China, but also across in the United States and France. In this introductory video, we look at their origins, historys, and unique ways of modern living — including the embroidery and jewelry they still wear today. This story by our Host James Chau.
  • Jan 24 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    Through the pandemic, we have been interviewing people with a unique role in the international response including Mary Robinson, Chair of The Elders; Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Laureate; and Dr Tedros, WHO Director-General. These conversations by James Chau of hope and purpose are collected in a book that documents the human lessons for everyone.
  • Jan 22 , 2022 | Lifestyle
    Beijing is the first city to host a summer and winter Olympics, we look at a town outside Beijing that is the location of the ski events. Until very recently, the people of Chongli lived in deep poverty. But the opening of a ski resort in 2008, an influx of tourism, and now the global focus of the Olympics, has transformed jobs and other opportunities. Our Host James Chau finds out more.
  • Jan 18 , 2022 | Culture
    The China Current is proud to introduce its new Culture Contributor, Tasmin Little. The world renowned violinist first visited China in 1982 as a student at the Menuhin School. In this podcast, Tasmin pays tribute to Chi Chi, the giant panda born in the wild of Sichuan — who later made her home at London Zoo.
  • Jan 14 , 2022 | Social Good
    China’s one million rangers provide crucial educational bridges between leaders and locals, protecting the country’s wildlife. Kyle Obermann, Nature Contributor for The China Current, shares his experience working alongside China’s rangers — those on the frontline in remote natural habitats across the country.
  • Jan 13 , 2022 | Social Good
    China pushed protection of its outdoor spaces to the forefront in 2021, taking a number of important steps to better preserve our natural world. From cutting energy output to new tech, Kyle Obermann, Nature Contributor for the China Current, looks back at the top 10 green gains for China.
  • Jan 03 , 2022 | Social Good
    The China Current is on the road! We're taking our stories to schools and sharing the issues shaping the planet. In this video, our Host James Chau visits one class in Hong Kong.
  • Dec 31 , 2021 | Lifestyle
    As 2022 begins, we look at simple ways we can be grateful in a complex and uncertain world. Our Host James Chau provides his Top 5 from Hong Kong.
  • Dec 28 , 2021 | Social Good
    Photographing in China’s remote wild areas can be rewarding and intense. Kyle Obermann, Nature Contributor for the China Current, shares his process for planning adventures, packing, and documenting his work.
  • Dec 24 , 2021 | Culture
    The giant panda is almost unique to China, but entirely universal in its appeal. It is the inspiration for the global conservation movement. One of the best-known pandas of the 20th century is Chi Chi, the basis of the original logo drawn for the World Wide Fund for Nature. Tasmin Little, concert violinist and China Current Culture Contributor, finds out why one animal enjoys a central role in the future of our planet.
  • Dec 20 , 2021 | Culture
    In 1958, a panda born in China's Sichuan province arrived at London Zoo, where she would make her home for the next 14 years — despite being scheduled to stay for only three weeks. She became one of the world's best known animals and was loved by children and adults alike. Tasmin Little, concert violinist and China Current Culture Contributor, recounts her own early interaction with Chi Chi.
  • Dec 16 , 2021 | Lifestyle
    Each November, thousands of tons of premium oranges are harvested in China's city of Ningbo. Known as 'Red Beauty' oranges, these popular and unique local fruits are renowned for their delicious taste and freshness. Our Host James Chau tells us more.
  • Dec 13 , 2021 | Social Good
    As an on-the-ground nature photographer, Kyle Obermann has seen coastlines disappear, glaciers turn to water, and forests burn. As Nature Contributor for The China Current, he discusses the collaboration needed to protect the world’s most beautiful and remote places.
  • Dec 09 , 2021 | Culture
    For centuries, waterways have provided an avenue for trade and transportation, as well as a needed resource for agriculture. UNESCO has deemed the Jing-Hang Grand Canal a World Heritage Site, as it continues to be an avenue for regional economic and cultural growth, exactly as intended 1,500 years ago. Our Host James Chau dives into the history and significance of China’s famous canalways.
  • Dec 03 , 2021 | Social Good
    China and the United States have announced a new deal to work in collaboration for the good of the planet — to create frameworks and standards to bring new action. This agreement is an expression of what the world's two largest economies can achieve for humanity in addressing some of today's major global challenges. Our Host James Chau dives into the story.
  • Nov 29 , 2021 | Culture
    Ginkgo trees are a species native to China and today retain great cultural significance. One Ginkgo tree planted in the courtyard of an ancient temple lives close to where the terracotta statues were buried in Xi’an China. And this tree has lived nearly 1,400 years. Our Host James Chau shares the story and cultural heritage of the Ginkgo tree.
  • Nov 25 , 2021 | Culture
    China’s southern province of Yunnan is home to living and thriving matriarchal communities. For the Naxi people, women are known to be the economic drivers of their household. Our Host James Chau explores and shares the culture and customs of this fascinating group.
  • Nov 22 , 2021 | Culture
    Tucked away in China’s southern province live the Naxi people, a matriarchal community whose culture and hometown of Lijiang have been honored as a World Heritage site. Our Host James Chau shares the story of a textile worker in one of these rural communities.
  • Nov 20 , 2021 | Culture
    The Yungang Grottoes are a collection of more than 51,000 statues carved into the sandstone caves in China’s Shanxi province. Few people are able to see this UNESCO Heritage Site wonder in person, and its age and natural decay mean it will not last forever. But today, archaeologists are taking half a million images of the site every month, which can be used to create three-dimensional replicas, to preserve history for future generations. Our Host James Chau tells about the merging of ancient art and the newest tech.
  • Nov 17 , 2021 | Social Good
    Rainforests are hotbeds of species richness around the world. And among China’s sweeping canopies, we can learn so much about our world. Our Nature Contributor Kyle Obermann explores the China-Laos border, where conservationists from both sides are working together.
  • Nov 14 , 2021 | Social Good
    Extreme sports range from skydiving to mountain ziplines. But in China, villagers in poor and hard-to-reach areas have been using thick cables and a pulley system to cross rivers for years. It's a tiring and precarious journey. Our Host James Chau explores the consequences and how bridges have replaced ropes — bringing human hope and economic inclusion.
  • Nov 11 , 2021 | Culture
    With 42% of the country made up of wilderness, China is one of the best places to see a brilliant array of fall foliage. Our Nature Contributor Kyle Obermann gives insider tips on some off-the-beaten-path destinations in China that are worth visiting this season.
  • Nov 08 , 2021 | Culture
    Many people know that China is the birthplace of fireworks. But did you know that their use dates back more than 1000 years to the Tang and Song dynasties? Today, fireworks light up the skies for all kinds of celebrations, from holidays, to baseball games, and even weddings. Our Host James Chau looks back at the history of fireworks, and tells the story of their evolution and place in global culture.
  • Nov 04 , 2021 | Culture
    Many people know that China is the birthplace of fireworks — but did you know that their use dates back more than 1000 years — to the Tang and Song dynasties? Today, fireworks light up the skies for all kinds of celebrations — holidays, baseball games, even weddings. Our Host James Chau looks back at the history of fireworks, and tells the story of their evolution and place in global culture.
  • Nov 03 , 2021 | Innovation
    A few months back, flooding struck Henan, China, and as much as 8 inches of rain fell in a single hour. Cutting-edge technology was deployed along with first responders to help mitigate the problems — drones. Our Host James Chau dives into how new tech has changed the outcomes of difficult moments.
  • Oct 30 , 2021 | Innovation
    Artificial technology has made great leaps and bounds — and in some cases, is now directly a part of our human world. The world’s first non-human AI student is studying at Tsinghua, the renowned university in Beijing that developed her technology. She has the ability to sing, recite poetry, and spot hidden data. And as our Host James Chau discovers, she is learning alongside her fellow classmates
  • Oct 25 , 2021 | Culture
    In the 1800s, China was a mix of rebellion, monarchy, and commerce. John Thomson, a prolific Scottish traveler and photographer, ventured into Asia and documented the changes he witnessed in person. In time for the centenary of his birth, an exhibition on Thomson has returned to Scotland. Our Host James Chau looks at his legacy and the works that illuminated early understandings of China — its culture, architecture, and people.
  • Oct 21 , 2021 | Social Good
    When one of the strongest typhoons on recent record hit Asia this month, neighbors and strangers stepped up to help one another. In southern China, stranded workers were protected by a chain of drivers who used their cars to protect them from high winds. This is just one instance of great acts of solidarity that communities witnessed during this troubling time. This story from our Host James Chau.
  • Oct 18 , 2021 | Social Good
    Trail running has become wildly popular in China. Along with it, plogging has emerged. ‘Plogging’ is a word still unfamiliar to many people. But it involves picking up trash while jogging — and in many parts of China, where a healthy planet is moving to the front, plogging is becoming all the rage. Our Nature Contributor Kyle Obermann travels and works extensively in China's wildlife. Here, he shares that experience.
  • Oct 15 , 2021 | Innovation
    Accessibility to fresh produce year-round hasn’t always been easy to come by, but with innovation comes new solutions. Communities in northeast China once had to conserve their food, due to the harsh winters that interrupted food supply. But thanks to innovation, they now not only have enough to eat, but a huge surplus to feed the rest of the country. Our Host James Chau looks at how one town transformed into a produce powerhouse — and sustained a nation through a pandemic.
  • Oct 12 , 2021 | Social Good
    China has more than 31,000 plant species and 6,000 animal species, with nearly 100 species unique to the country. Looking after flora and fauna are critical for safeguarding human health, our economy, and our future. All the more reason why China’s upcoming Kunming conference is so important. Our Nature Contributor Kyle Obermann shares this story.
  • Oct 08 , 2021 | Innovation
    From subways to freight trains, railways play an important role our daily lives. As early as the 1860s, Chinese laborers connected the world by train when they built the First Transcontinental Railroad in the United States. Our Host James Chau looks at the history of trains, from the network that linked the east and west coasts in America, to the magnetic levitation train technology that now has China flying over the tracks.
  • Oct 05 , 2021 | Lifestyle
    Kyle Obermann is not your average nature photographer. Last year, he went viral for dancing to pop music on a mountaintop in China. As our Nature Contributor, Kyle shares his journey of finding joy while exploring and working in China’s great outdoors.
  • Sep 30 , 2021 | Social Good
    China, the most populous country in the world, has a new plan for its future. Looking to forge a new path, China is set to make big promises in the way it creates and uses energy. Our Host James Chau shares how China’s moves will have a global impact.
  • Sep 29 , 2021 | Culture
    Global events have deeply impacted a small corner of New York City, where one of the world's oldest Chinatowns is located. Yet, its community continues to thrive, by adapting and supporting small, family-run businesses that characterize this neighborhood. Our Host James Chau speaks with longtime resident and storyteller, Annie Tan.
  • Sep 27 , 2021 | Innovation
    Computers are the nerve center of our lives, opening us to a world of speed, data, and information. In Shenzhen, a city in China’s south, inventors are working on quantum computing, the next frontier of tech. Our Host James Chau looks at its far-reaching benefits, and how it can secure a better future for everyone.
  • Sep 25 , 2021 | Culture
    Chinese laborers brought ideas and wealth back home from working in the US in the early 20th century, inspiring some now-famous architecture. Kaiping, a southern city in China, is home to a World Heritage site that honors some of the world’s most unique architecture. Our Host James Chau draws connections between the birth of American industry and the creation of a Chinese style.
  • Sep 18 , 2021 | Social Good
    This year has seen historic floods around the world. Some cities, like China’s Zhengzhou, are mitigating flooding by developing “sponge” infrastructure — designing better water collection and drainage systems while utilizing surrounding nature. Our Nature Contributor Kyle Obermann explores how cities are dealing with a changing world.
  • Sep 16 , 2021 | Innovation
    From the race to the moon to exploring the cosmos, scientific developments aimed at understanding space have helped to advance life here on Earth. And China is right behind the US in leading new satellite innovations that will further transform our lives. Our Host James Chau explores the latest in tech.
  • Sep 13 , 2021 | Lifestyle
    China’s spicy Sichuan-style flavors have become a staple across the globe. This iconic cuisine was developed in Sichuan — a fascinating region that embraces history, tradition, and bold flavors. Our Host James Chau explores the influence this transcends cultures.
  • Sep 09 , 2021 | Culture
    At the height of America’s industrial growth, new arrivals, originally from Kaiping, China, came to the US seeking work. From the construction of its first continental railroad to the building of the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinese laborers were fundamental to America’s construction and growth. Our Host James Chau tells their story.
  • Sep 07 , 2021 | Social Good
    38 million are living with HIV today — a testament to the power of access, testing, and treatment. But many people continue to mourn the loss of friends and family who lost their lives in this global epidemic. Elhadj As Sy, Chair of the Kofi Annan Foundation, pays tribute to his classmate for whom life-saving medicines came too late. He speaks with our Host, James Chau.
  • Sep 05 , 2021 | Social Good
    One of the first people to warn the world of the pandemic was Elhadj As Sy. But the world did not respond. He points to denial, human arrogance, and an inability to act on the unknown. In this interview with our Host, James Chau, he speaks about Kofi Annan whose foundation he leads, and the life lessons the former UN Secretary-General leaves us.
  • Sep 03 , 2021 | Social Good
    “None of us are safe until we all are.” Elhadj As Sy is Chair of the Kofi Annan Foundation, focused on building resilience and solving global problems. Our Host James Chau interviews him for a three-part special on the future of health and humanity, and how all of us can serve our neighbors in this pandemic and others in times of need.
  • Sep 01 , 2021 | Social Good
    Ten per cent of the world's plant species can be found in China, including bamboo which also grows in other parts of Asia. Bamboo is a great alternative to plastics and multiple functions, from clothing to kitchen itensils, and food to scoffolding. Our Host James Chau tells the story of bamboo and how it plays a bdeeper role in the health of our planet.
  • Aug 27 , 2021 | Social Good
    Ge Yang is a phenomenal table tennis player — a world champion and winner of six Paralympic gold medals across the Athens, Beijing, London, and Rio games. At the age of six, he lost his right hand in an accident at home in Hebei, a province just outside of Beijing. He shares his story of becoming an Olympian. Our Host James Chau met with him in Bangkok, where they talked about the beauty of the human spirit, and how he ultimately triumphed not only in sports, but also in life.
  • Aug 26 , 2021 | Innovation
    Scientists are studying monkeys to better understand human diseases. In a 'first, researchers in China have innovated new techniques that allow them to capture a monkey's brain in full dimension. Given the close genetic similarities between primates and humans, researchers are using scanners to understand neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's.
  • Aug 23 , 2021 | Innovation
    Space technology has helped this year’s Chinese Olympic swimmers and rowers win gold. Rocket guidance systems are shedding new light on how the human body propels through water. And Chinese scientists have teamed up with athletes to improve performance. Our Host James Chau looks at space tech’s impact on Olympians’ training, endurance, and competition.
  • Aug 20 , 2021 | Culture
    There’s an art form so well-known and celebrated that it was named after a country: fine china. Ceramic dates back thousands of years to China where they began life, before slowly spreading to other parts of East Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Through the years, Jingdezhen, a town in Jiangxi province, has been an artisan center where clay and craftsmanship unite. Our Host James Chau looks back at its historic beginnings, the evolution of cobalt, and its modern applications today.
  • Aug 16 , 2021 | Social Good
    The Summer Paralympics feature 4,400 of the finest athletes in the world. But this major sporting event also highlights disability and health, and the disproportionate impact during the current pandemic. Our Host James Chau explores the challenges in China through a six-time Paralympic table tennis champion, to a longtime champion for human dignity.This is their story.
  • Aug 11 , 2021 | Social Good
    There are less than 2,000 pandas roaming their native forests in China. But, they are having a comeback moment. Our Nature Contributor Kyle Obermann shares the panda’s story.
  • Aug 08 , 2021 | Social Good
    Deep in the mountainous forests of Yunnan, China is the Skywalker Gibbon, a rare mammal few have ever seen. Our Nature Contributor, Kyle Obermann, takes us up into the trees to learn more about this protected population of elusive animals.
  • Aug 05 , 2021 | Lifestyle
    The Olympics are a celebration of sports, ideals, and the human spirit. No one captures that more than Yang Qian, who won two gold medals at Tokyo 2020 including the very first to be awarded. The 21-year-old from a small village in China contemplated retiring after her mother fell seriously ill — but she chose to persevere. This is a story of hope and resilience.
  • Aug 03 , 2021 | Social Good
    Saying goodbye is never easy, especially after eight years as China's top envoy to the US. As Cui Tiankai bade farewell, we look back on his interview with our Host James Chau. They discussed the past, the future, and what all of us can do now to realize a better world.
  • Aug 01 , 2021 | Social Good
    Pandemic loss has underscored the importance of working towards a better world for all. Our Host James Chau speaks with international relations scholar, Chen Dongxiao, about how we can thrive together in a connected humanity.
  • Jul 29 , 2021 | COVID-19
    As humanity struggles with the current pandemic, we look to the world's leading minds for solutions. Stephen Roach, former chief economist of Morgan Stanley, looks at the damage to the global system, and the consequences for challenges such as poverty. Resilience, he says, can't be presumed. He speaks with our Host, James Chau.
  • Jul 27 , 2021 | Social Good
    China is working to better protect its undeveloped land. And with the opening of its new national park system, China is paving the way for a new model of interaction between people and the natural world. Nature Contributor Kyle Obermann explores China’s growing commitment to preserve its nature.
  • Jul 26 , 2021 | Innovation
    Global seed banks are securing the future of agriculture and produce. A Seed Bank in Kunming, China, is working to guarantee the global food supply by ensuring duplicates of hundreds of thousands of seeds. Our Host James Chau explores the purpose of seed banks and their contribution to our ever-changing world.
  • Jul 23 , 2021 | Culture
    China is home to 56 ethnicities, each with their own distinct cultures and their own traditional sports. As Asia stages two Olympics in less than a year, we explore China’s traditional sports and the people who keep them alive. With annual national games in China, some of these competitions are experiencing a revival as the next generation take the torch and carry on their legacy.
  • Jul 21 , 2021 | Social Good
    Malaria is one of the biggest challenges in the world, claiming 409,000 lives in 2019 alone. But in China, the disease has been eliminated, even though it was endemic for much of the 20th century. Our Host James Chau looks at the progress over decades, and how the efforts of scientists including Tu Youyou — the first Chinese woman to win a Nobel Prize — is creating a global turnaround against malaria.
  • Jul 18 , 2021 | Innovation
    Civilization has been cradled on the banks of rivers since human settlement began. Today, scientists and engineers alike are developing innovative new solutions to tap into the power of rivers to help combat droughts and provide clean water to millions of people. Our Host James Chau dives into China’s new, ambitious river projects.
  • Jul 14 , 2021 | Social Good
    Mountain by mountain, rural Chinese locals are winning the fight against poachers. Yu Jiahua, an elderly ranger, is leading this effort in his town. And not even an earthquake can stop him. Our Nature Contributor Kyle Obermann shares his story.
  • Jul 10 , 2021 | Culture
    Many Chinese painters of the past century were acutely aware of the importance of nature. Humans, after all, are just guests on this magnificent planet. Artists used their literature, calligraphy, and spirituality to explore the world around them. Our Host James Chau speaks with the exhibit curator for Hong Kong’s M K Lau Collection, co-presented with Sotheby's in Hong Kong.
  • Jul 05 , 2021 | Culture
    20th century Chinese art often depicts the relationship between humans and nature. Currently on display, the M K Lau Collection, co-presented with Sotheby's in Hong Kong, features Four Seasons by Zhang Daqian. These paintings skillfully display the changing of time through the lens of nature. Our Host James Chau speaks with the exhibit’s curator about co-existing with nature and the different artists’ expressions of rural life.
  • Jul 02 , 2021 | Culture
    The foundation of Chinese art is silk or paper, ink, and a brush. ‘A Taste of the Masters’ is a collection of 20th century Chinese paintings from the M K Lau Collection, co-presented with Sotheby's in Hong Kong. Our Host James Chau speaks with the exhibit’s curator, exploring the works and how the simple tools of ink and brush create dynamism and motion in these historical pieces.
  • Jun 29 , 2021 | Social Good
    Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus has been awarded the Olympic Laurel at the Tokyo Summer Games. A few weeks ago, Professor Yunus organized a lecture where our Host James Chau interviewed Thomas Bach, Head of the International Olympic Committee. They discussed the role of sports in a pandemic, and why the need for global solidarity has led to a change in the Olympic motto.
  • Jun 25 , 2021 | Social Good
    China’s migrating elephants have captured the world’s attention. But why are they migrating? And how will this impact protection efforts in China? Our Nature Contributor Kyle Obermann explores the elephants’ journey.
  • Jun 20 , 2021 | Social Good
    Big cats and humans can coexist. And with the dedication of local people and leadership, there’s finally hope that the Chinese leopard will return to the outskirts of Beijing. Our Nature Contributor Kyle Obermann shares this story.
  • Jun 15 , 2021 | Social Good
    Millions of people are following the adventures of a group of Asian elephants that escaped their nature reserve in Yunnan province in China. Since then, they have trampled through rural farmland — causing over US$1 million in damage — and come close to dense urban centers. But through a global audience watching their journey on live stream, the elephants are triggering important questions: What caused them to leave their home? Where are they headed to? And can humans and endangered species peacefully coexist? Our Host James Chau opens this story, followed by a second part by Nature Contributor Kyle Obermann.
  • Jun 13 , 2021 | Social Good
    Tragedy struck in China last month when 21 trail race competitors were lost in extreme weather conditions. But in a testament to the strength of the human spirit, a local goat herder ventured from safety and rescued six people. He provided them with clothes, blankets, and a safe shelter until emergency responders arrived. This is his story. And may we remember the athletes and friends we lost.
  • Jun 11 , 2021 | Social Good
    In this special series with global health experts, we have been discussing how to push forward the frontlines for our young people. Sir Jeremy Farrar, Director of The Wellcome Trust, says the starting point is looking at today's problems with an updated, 21st-century approach. In this video, he draws on his knowledge in handling some of the greatest challenges of our times, including the return of H5N1 which he identified for the world. Science, he states, can never be divorced from social justice. He speaks with James Chau, Host of The China Current.
  • Jun 10 , 2021 | Social Good
    Sir Jeremy Farrar was recognized in the G7 Communiqué for his work on pathogen surveillance in this pandemic. But the Director of the Wellcome Trust also has plans to "liberate" the potential of science through a special program he calls "Leap', that funds unconventional ideas with human health outcomes in the next decade. He says the global scientific landscape is in danger of becoming conservative, even though the advances of the past year excites him. In this conversation with James Chau, Host of The China Current, Sir Jeremy shares his vision on improving the human condition.
  • Jun 09 , 2021 | Social Good
    Professor Sir Jeremy Farrar was a junior doctor in London when the global AIDS epidemic broke out. Forty years later, his memory is of the human suffering, the deaths in the gay community, and the inability of science to provide an answer. Today, the Director of the Wellcome Trust says challenges remain, and describes AIDS as the first zoonotic epidemic of the 20th century. He speaks with James Chau, Host of The China Current.
  • Jun 04 , 2021 | Social Good
    Forty years of AIDS is a landmark in human history. The global response has advanced science and galvanized communities in transformative ways. But people living with HIV continue to be shunned and rejected — which creates barriers to the treatment they need. In the 1980s, Dr. Margaret Chan was working in Hong Kong where she saw first-hand how this impacted one schoolboy and his family. She stepped in to help him. Decades later, that experience has not left her. She speaks with James Chau, Host of The China Current.
  • Jun 02 , 2021 | Social Good
    Until this year, over 200,000 fishermen made their living off one of the longest rivers in the world. The Yangtze River moves through 11 major areas in China including Sichuan, Tibet, and Shanghai. But now a fishing ban has been introduced to help restore fish populations. This story from our Host, James Chau.
  • May 28 , 2021 | Culture
    Jingdezhen, an eastern Chinese city, is the center of China’s ceramics culture, and has driven the export of “fine china” to the world. Artist and studio owner Amber Lei shares the history of how ceramics came to be so celebrated in China and beyond with our Host James Chau.
  • May 25 , 2021 | Culture
    Chinese ceramics brought Amber Lei to China from the UK. Now, she operates a studio and gallery in Hong Kong. Amber meets with Host James Chau to discuss her journey and exploration of her craft and her heritage.
  • May 23 , 2021 | Lifestyle
    Music has helped to heal us during the pandemic. Chinese concert pianist Wu Muye has played around the world, even at meetings of global leaders. The pianist and our Host James Chau reflect on the power of music to unite, especially during a time of global struggle.
  • May 21 , 2021 | Lifestyle
    Chinese concert pianist Wu Muye is known to have “golden fingers.” Born in China, Wu Muye began performing when he was just five years old. When he was fourteen, he moved to France to pursue music education. Today, Wu Muye is the only young, Chinese pianist who has ever received the Perfect Piano Performing Artist Medal by the French Ministry of Culture. Our Host James Chau speaks with the musician about his story, bridging China and France.
  • May 15 , 2021 | Culture
    As a young child, Charles Ray's imagination was captured by National Geographic. As an adult, he served as an overseas envoy, moving to China in the early 1980s. He was stationed in Guangzhou and Shenyang — two cities in the south and northeast that were largely unknown to the outside world. Our Host James Chau speaks to Amb. Ray about his story, and how it began in a Texan town called Center.
  • May 14 , 2021 | Lifestyle
    For the first time since the pandemic, the world gathers a major cultural event. Art Basel in Hong Kong is a truly hybrid fair with an audience that is physical and virtual. Local galleries are showing physically, but exhibitors from outside the city have flown in their works — while a new digital initiative called Art Basel Live offers online viewing rooms, virtual walkthroughs, and daily broadcasts. In this special interview, James Chau, Host of The China Current, speaks with Adeline Ooi, Director Asia of Art Basel. Watch and listen to this conversation on video and podcast.
  • May 13 , 2021 | Social Good
    Thru-trails are not your average hike— they can span thousands of miles and go deep into the wild.
  • May 11 , 2021 | Social Good
    The pandemic has brought many global problems to light. International epidemiologist, Dr. Michelle Williams, is a champion for the public health sector, and she believes that disease-prevention is key to addressing big issues. In this conversation with James Chau, Dr. Williams shares the wisdom she instills in her students as a professor and Dean of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.
  • May 09 , 2021 | Social Good
    The pandemic may have reshaped the world, but it has also triggered a surge of interest in public health education. Dr. Michelle Williams is Dean of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, which is seeing record applications from students striving to serve. Born in Jamaica, she moved to America as a child. In this conversation with James Chau, she explores the skills students require to become the global health experts of tomorrow — listening, analyzing, and communicating with communities — and the vision she brings to her role as an advisor to the Tsinghua Vanke School of Public Health.
  • May 07 , 2021 | Lifestyle
    Millions of people hit the roads, rails and skies, as the five-day Labor Day holiday in China offered the first major respite from the pandemic this year. With infections close to zero — and jabs numbering 275 million — a safe vacation was the priority. In Beijing alone, over one million visitors flocked to major tourist sites on the first day alone. Our Host James Chau discovers the stories behind these numbers.
  • May 05 , 2021 | Social Good
    It’s World Hand Hygiene Day! Handwashing has been one of the ultimate fighters of the pandemic. Hand hygiene expert, Dr. Myriam Sibidé, shares how the simple ingredients of soap and water can change lives.
  • May 04 , 2021 | COVID-19
    A few days ago, Barkha Dutt's father passed away— amid many others in India’s latest outbreak. The Indian broadcaster and Washington Post columnist was a guest on The China Current last year, when she described the evolving pandemic. To honor Barkha's father, we look back at her conversation with our Host James Chau. This is our tribute to the people of India at this time of immense uncertainty.
  • Apr 30 , 2021 | Social Good
    “We must look at this time as an opportunity to renew and reconnect.” Siddharth Chatterjee is now the new Resident Director in China for the UN, after serving several years doing similar work in Kenya. He hopes that the progress made in Kenya can reflect and inspire his work in China. Our Host James Chau speaks with Siddharth Chatterjee about how we can keep on track with solving big, global problems, even though the pandemic has set us back.
  • Apr 28 , 2021 | Innovation
    Artificial intelligence is leading the way for smart farms in China. From the hand plow to auto-irrigation systems, the challenge of feeding the world’s ever-growing population has pushed scientific and technological innovation to new bounds. Our Host James Chau explores how changing technology is yielding a bigger impact.
  • Apr 26 , 2021 | Lifestyle
    China is well-known for its large population. But as China’s economy has taken off, its “baby boom” has slowed down. Millennial and Gen Z attitudes towards getting married and having children have changed. Lower birth rates and an aging population are raising the risks of a looming population crisis. Our Host James Chau explores the history of China’s population growth and why it’s now slowing down.
  • Apr 22 , 2021 | Social Good
    Happy Earth Day! The China Current shares the stories of our natural world and those who work to protect it. On this Earth Day, nature photographer and Special Contributor Kyle Obermann reminds us that our health and wellbeing are deeply connected with the Earth.
  • Apr 20 , 2021 | Social Good
    The UN works hard to fight poverty, create access to medicine, and protect the planet. Siddharth Chatterjee is now its Resident Coordinator in China, after serving in the same role in Kenya. Now, he oversees how the organization shapes opportunities for the most populous country on earth. Our Host James Chau asks him about his formative years in India — and how the UN is improving the human condition.
  • Apr 16 , 2021 | Social Good
    For a decade, Dr. Margaret Chan served as the world’s health chief. Now, she is the Founding Dean of Tsinghua Vanke School of Public Health, a center of innovation in Beijing that seeks to link "health" to "humanity" in a time of global need. It is reinventing how we approach health by addressing big global challenges in parallel, from the planet to the current pandemic. This is the first episode of 'From The Well', a new conversation series where our Host James Chau sits down with global experts.
  • Apr 15 , 2021 | Culture
    In this second episode with international concert violinist Tasmin Little and yangqin player Reylon Yount, they explore the relationship between our planet and the music they perform. As one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet, China's culture has a strong link to the natural world, from the designs on its traditional instruments, to the melodies that inspired its composers. Tasmin, our new music contributor, draws on Reylon's background as an environment major at Harvard and how he merges this interest with his musical career.
  • Apr 11 , 2021 | Culture
    The yangqin is a traditional Chinese instrument that originated from Iran when connections created by the Silk Road opened up ideas and cultures. In her first interview as our Music Contributor, international concert violinist Tasmin Little speaks to Reylon Yount, a Chinese American graduate from Harvard who plays the yangqin as a soloist and with Yo Yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble. He recalls his unlikely story with the instrument, which he began learning in San Francisco and later in Beijing where his mother's family are from.
  • Apr 07 , 2021 | Social Good
    For over a year, we’ve responded to the pandemic by bringing you voices, stories and interviews. Now, we redouble our commitment with From The Well — a new series where James Chau converses with global experts in health and explores the social and economic dimensions. Join us as we begin this new journey.
  • Apr 01 , 2021 | Social Good
    China has more plant and animal species than any other country in the world, besides Brazil and Columbia. And while China’s rapid development came at the cost of many natural habitats, China is planning a comeback for its wildlife. Special Contributor Kyle Obermann explores China’s wildlife protection efforts— and the country’s vast diversity of animal life.
  • Apr 01 , 2021 | Social Good
    hina’s giant pandas capture hearts across the globe, but human encroachment remains their biggest problem. With fewer than 2,000 pandas left in the wild, what can we do to help them thrive? In the Guanba Community Protected Area, forest rangers spend weeks at a time in China’s dense forests working to protect the panda and its habitat. Special Contributor Kyle Obermann explores the panda’s history and the challenging work of China’s forest rangers to protect these gentle giants.
  • Apr 01 , 2021 | COVID-19
    It’s been over a year since the world first went on lockdown. Since then, it’s become clear that while the pandemic continues to impact everyone, it doesn’t impact all people the same. Over the last year, our Host James Chau has had conversations with the global experts that have shaped our understanding of this unprecedented problem. The China Current takes a moment to reflect on a year of pandemic stories.
  • Mar 31 , 2021 | Culture
    Tucked between Beijing’s crowded streets are a labyrinth of alleys and courtyard houses. Together, they form a historical community that has found new life in today’s mega metropolis. Our Host James Chau explores the alleys and courtyard homes known locally as ‘hutong’ and ‘siheyuan’.
  • Mar 31 , 2021 | Social Good
    The broader Asian community needs our support. The shocking incidents, particularly over the past year, mirror the historical complexities in human relations. But the rise of anti-Asian sentiment has also seen our communities stand-up in solidarity. Our Host James Chau reflects on how his childhood experiences fuel his present work with stigmatized communities, and calls us to come together for a common, greater good.
  • Mar 29 , 2021 | Innovation
    The global pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of food pathways throughout the world. One commodity in particular offers the chance to change food production and stabilize the future of food security: rice. Our Host James Chau dives into the importance of this staple grain and its possible role in the future of food.
  • Mar 26 , 2021 | Social Good
    Twenty-six years ago, a milestone event took place in Beijing that reshaped opportunities for women globally. The 1995 Women's Conference gained a stronger voice for civil society, and provided a platform for minority groups unheard from before. As Women's History Month draws to a close, our Host James Chau draws on his work in global health and the sustainable development goals, to unpack what the historic struggle means for us today.
  • Mar 25 , 2021 | Innovation
    The apps we use for everyday life generate massive amounts of data that most would find hard to comprehend. Businesses use that information to predict what users might purchase and other important trends. But as algorithms become more in-tune with our spending habits, concerns around how user data is being handled and sold increase. Our Host James Chau explores our big data footprints and follows the technology and trends that influence our world.
  • Mar 22 , 2021 | Social Good
    Asian community is experiencing loss and pain. At this important time, we want to pay tribute to Vincent Chin, whose passing in Detroit was a watershed moment for people of color in the 1980s. It unified Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Koreans and more in an expression of resounding unity. Our Host James Chau spoke to his cousin about the lessons Vincent offers us especially today — and what it means to be Chinese and Asian in America.
  • Mar 17 , 2021 | Lifestyle
    Some 3.8 billion people across the globe are considered part of the middle class — and its numbers are growing. The rise of the global middle class can be traced back to the 1950s. Today’s enormous middle class is shaping and leading global consumption and lifestyle trends. Our Host James Chau examines China’s middle class and how this population has influenced global culture and lifestyle.
  • Mar 16 , 2021 | Social Good
    There must be a strong partnership between people regardless of gender to advance society. Our Host James Chau speaks with Global Health 50/50 Co-Founder, Professor Kent Buse, about the role men could better play in family, work, and leveling the playing field. The Gender Sessions is a new series, presented in partnership with Global Health 50/50. It explores the human stories behind gender and health.
  • Mar 12 , 2021 | Social Good
    Professor Sarah Hawkes dreams of a world where all people have the opportunity to thrive. The medical doctor and director of the Centre for Gender and Global Health at University College London, reflects on the legacy of the Beijing Declaration and the 1995 Beijing Women’s Conference — a space that united all people and empowered generations of women. The Gender Sessions is a new series, presented in partnership with Global Health 50/50. It explores the human stories behind gender and health.
  • Mar 08 , 2021 | Social Good
    Progress is never a straight path forward. Anna Purdie, the Global Health 50/50 Program Manager, reflects on International Women’s Day and the legacy of the Beijing Women’s Conference. She emphasizes how both events compel us to further safeguard the progress we’ve made. The Gender Sessions is a new series, presented in partnership with Global Health 50/50. It explores the human stories behind gender and health.
  • Mar 06 , 2021 | Social Good
    The road to representation has taken different paths around the globe. Tiantian, a researcher at Global Health 50/50, shares how the women’s movement in China brought about more representation of women in mass media and a new understanding and structure to the work of civil society. The Gender Sessions is a new series, presented in partnership with Global Health 50/50. It explores the human stories behind gender and health.
  • Mar 04 , 2021 | Social Good
    The Gender Sessions is a new series, presented in partnership by The China Current and Global Health 50/50. It explores the human stories behind gender, health and equality — and honors the work of women, men and gender nonconforming people everywhere. In the run-up to International Women's Day, we spoke to some of the experts extending that legacy including Dr. Zahra Zeinali, an Iranian physician who is based in Berlin. She looks back at the Beijing Women's Conference, a landmark event in 1995 that provided a platform for action and unleashed liberation movements globally. Special thanks to Global Health 50/50 and its co-directors, Professor Dr. Sarah Hawkes and Professor Kent Buse.
  • Mar 01 , 2021 | Lifestyle
    Livestream video has taken the internet by storm. From teachers to celebrities, a massive surge of users in China has established livestreaming as its own industry, and is changing the landscape of e-commerce in China. As the pandemic continues, its prominence certainly won’t fade away anytime soon.
  • Feb 28 , 2021 | Lifestyle
    In North America and Europe, one-person-households make up at least 40% of all households. The world’s population is shifting towards singlehood, a development made under the rising pressures and expectations from work and school, not to mention a wide variety of increasing wealth disparities. Our Host James Chau takes a look into the growing trend of unmarried and single households and how this is shaping our idea of family and home.
  • Feb 25 , 2021 | Culture
    Preserving cultural traditions across the globe compels us to appreciate a meaningful way of life and cherish the earth. The Chinese province of Yunnan is rich with traditions inspired by the vast amount of flora and natural sights surrounding the area. It’s also home to the Bai people, whose custom of fabric dying is considered an “intangible cultural heritage.”
  • Feb 22 , 2021 | Culture
    China is known for inventing some of the most important tools in the history of mankind. One of these inventions is paper. Finnish artist Juho Könkkölä uses Chinese rice paper to create immaculate paper samurais using a historic paper folding technique. Our Host James Chau explores the extensive history of rice paper and how it is used to connect cultures.
  • Feb 20 , 2021 | Innovation
    Wealth gaps are widening in many communities during this ongoing pandemic. In this episode, we take a look at how tech and business innovations push the world forward, but can often hold others back. Our Host James Chau explores companies like Tesla, whose success made its founder the wealthiest person in the world this year.
  • Feb 19 , 2021 | Culture
    We are always looking to the next frontier and what the future could mean for us. The US has, in many ways, shaped global tastes — from the music of Gershwin and Motown, to the films of Hollywood and Disney. But other cultures, including those in the global East, have something to offer as well, especially in an age where technology and innovation have created a more inclusive playing field. Our Host James Chau looks at some of the emerging trends and the likely impact for everyone.
  • Feb 19 , 2021 | COVID-19
    This year's Valentine's Day was unlike no other — a burst of joy in a world in darkness. And that's why we need to hold onto each other, even at a time when this pandemic separates us. In this tribute video, we return to the epicenter of the Chinese outbreak where loss and trauma has triggered a wave of love and new beginnings. Our host James Chau explores the human spirit and the resilience that is universal.
  • Feb 18 , 2021 | Culture
    Wang Yuyang is an artist whose works are known internationally — particularly his intricate paintings and photographs of the moon’s surface. His artistic portrayal of the solar system evokes a hopeful message, especially at a time when the world is experiencing a pandemic. Based in Beijing, but born in Harbin, Wang looks back at his childhood, and the transformation from poverty to better opportunities.
  • Feb 15 , 2021 | Culture
    Throughout history, the moon has captured the human imagination — serving as a symbol in many cultures and traditions. From Neil Armstrong's 1969 landing to China's recent lunar mission, our relationship with the moon has taught us to reach for the stars. Our Host James Chau speaks with artist Wang Yuyang about his fascination with the solar system.
  • Feb 11 , 2021 | Social Good
    As we move into a new and hopefully improved year for humanity, The China Current looks back at the major placemarkers of 2020 when love ultimately endured in an unfamiliar and challenging landscape for everyone. We told many important stories — from the outbreak epicenters to across the planet and we thank you for joining us on this journey of solidarity. Special appreciation to Dr. Margaret Chan, Professor Sharon Lewin, Professor Peter Piot, Filippo Grandi, Lena Li, Dr. Takeshi Kasai, Dr. Vanessa Kerry, Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Professor Muhammad Yunus, Erna Solberg, Attica Scott, and Lateefah Simon.
  • Feb 04 , 2021 | Culture
    Celebrating Lunar New Year during a global pandemic brings new meaning to the holiday. Also called Spring Festival, this holiday celebrates the arrival of a new moon and follows a zodiac made up of 12 animals, representing a 12 year cycle. This Lunar New Year welcomes the Year of the Ox, which astrologers say will bring honesty and positivity. Our Host James Chau explores the meaning of the ox zodiac and the light it may shine on 2021. Happy Lunar New Year!
  • Feb 03 , 2021 | Culture
    Gathering for a meal with loved ones is a classic holiday tradition, but this Lunar New Year will be different. Eating with loved ones is a central part of Lunar New Year, as millions make the long journey home each holiday season to gather at the table with friends and family. While this is normally the world’s largest annual migration of people, this year many are choosing to celebrate remotely due to the ongoing pandemic. Wherever you’re celebrating, our Host James Chau and The China Current hope you can enjoy a meal with someone you love and wish you a Happy Lunar New Year!
  • Feb 01 , 2021 | Culture
    Billions across the globe will celebrate Lunar New Year this week. While many will travel home to visit their loved ones, others will celebrate remotely, making the best of this challenging time. Our Host James Chau and The China Current wish you a safe and happy Lunar New Year.
  • Jan 28 , 2021 | Social Good
    While the global pandemic has delayed efforts to save our natural world, it’s also brought people and nations together. Mary Robinson is Chair of The Elders, a group of global peace champions founded by Nelson Mandela. With our Host James Chau, she explores what it means to defend the multilateral system, and the future for China as we heal from the pandemic.
  • Jan 28 , 2021 | COVID-19
    It’s been one year since the world’s first lockdown, when 60 million people in the Chinese epicenter and nearby areas in Hubei province retreated to their homes. From January 23 to April 8, 2020, many of them did not step outside their doors. Today, one year later, we look back on our tribute story to the frontline workers who continued to serve their fellow human beings.
  • Jan 22 , 2021 | Lifestyle
    In his holiday classic, Bing Crosby sang about his dream for a white, snowy Christmas— but an ocean away in Harbin, China, ice and snow is always guaranteed. Each year, the northeastern city of Harbin stages a massive, globally renowned festival of ice— using over 200,000 cubic meters of ice pulled from the Songhua River, to create a wonderland of ice sculptures. Our Host James Chau takes us on an up-close adventure into the art and design of sculpted frozen water.
  • Jan 21 , 2021 | Social Good
    While the global pandemic has delayed efforts to save our natural world, it’s also brought people and nations together. Mary Robinson is Chair of The Elders, a group of global peace champions founded by Nelson Mandela. With our Host James Chau, she explores what it means to defend the multilateral system, and the future for China as we heal from the pandemic.
  • Jan 20 , 2021 | Social Good
    The International Space Program has continued to prove what we can accomplish when we collaborate with one another. Former NASA astronaut Ron Garan believes that sharing the wonder of space brings us together. Our Host James Chau and Colonel Garan explore the significance of international collaboration and how space serves as a great unifier.
  • Jan 20 , 2021 | Innovation
    Amidst a pandemic that continues to shake the world, we sometimes need reminding that we really are “all in this together.” Astronaut Ron Garan knew he wanted to be an astronaut since he was a child when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. Now, after 178 days in space and completing four spacewalks, he offers us an “orbital perspective” on the unity of humanity that becomes clear when looking at our planet from afar. Our Host James Chau speaks with Colonel Garan about the awe and wonder of space — and the contrast with the fear and anxiety in the world today.
  • Jan 11 , 2021 | Social Good
    It’s hard to fathom the vastness of North America’s expansive Yellowstone National Park, yet in China, Sanjiangyuan National Park is three times larger. This park is filled with wildlife and different ecosystems, and also provides water for most of Southeast Asia. Photographer Kyle Obermann has a passion for preserving the massive diversity of these ecosystems and biomes. But perhaps most significantly, he’s learned that conservation and people go hand in hand—you can’t disconnect the two.
  • Jan 07 , 2021 | Social Good
    Texas native and photographer, Kyle Obermann, moved to China to continue his studies. In China, he used language learning as a tool for good, and activated his passion for the natural world to become a nature photographer. Kyle decided to stay in China when he finished school. He noticed a gap in stories about China— and sought to fill that gap with visual storytelling. Our Host James Chau and Kyle Obermann meet up in Hong Kong to reflect on his unique journey.
  • Jan 03 , 2021 | Innovation
    Solar power has been around for decades, and now there's a new way to make solar panels work 24 hours a day. One of China’s newest and largest solar installations is in the Kubuqi Desert of Inner Mongolia—employing breakthrough molten salt technology to create energy even in the dead of night. Our Host James Chau explores this new technology and the innovate it offers.
  • Dec 30 , 2020 | COVID-19
    International travel came to an abrupt halt when the pandemic began. Now that locally transmitted cases have decreased in many countries, air travel is coming back, but with more restrictions than before. This will soon be tested, as Chinese New Year—the largest annual human migration—is right around the corner. Our Host James Chau explains.
  • Dec 30 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Parenting under the strain of a global pandemic has changed and been adapted for so many. Once lockdown began, the concept of ‘home’ transformed from a reprieve from schooling or work, to the setting for all facets of life. And while working from home, parents also had to assist their children with online learning—caring for their young ones around the clock. Our Host James Chau explores the challenges and after-effects of the lockdown on parents and children all over the world, as many nations resume some sense of normality.
  • Dec 29 , 2020 | COVID-19
    The pandemic has disrupted many significant events across the globe. In these settings, the China International Import Expo took place a few months ago in Shanghai, pulling off the impossible—a safe, global event during a pandemic. The expo serves as an important event to support trade and economic growth—creating a space for global businesses to showcase products, encouraging foreign investors to see the potential of the Chinese market. Our Host James Chau takes a look into the importance of the event and how it may shape other global events and business during the ongoing pandemic.
  • Dec 23 , 2020 | Social Good
    When we say it was a year like no other, we really mean that. Through a tough year for all, love endures—uniting us in moments of doubt and pain. We want to thank you for following us in 2020 as we told many important stories—from the outbreak epicenters to across the Pacific. And we express special thanks to our guest speakers for sharing their stories during an unprecedented time. We wish all of you a Happy New Year. Appreciation to Dr. Margaret Chan, Professor Sharon Lewin, Professor Peter Piot, Filippo Grandi, Lena Li, Dr. Takeshi Kasai, Dr. Vanessa Kerry, Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Professor Muhammad Yunus, Erna Solberg, Attica Scott, and Lateefah Simon.
  • Dec 18 , 2020 | Social Good
    This is the year when everything changed. When gains on poverty reversed. When progress against hunger stopped. When so many issues had to once again take a back seat. In one of our final episodes of the year, our Host James Chau reflects on the challenges of the times— and hope for the future.
  • Dec 11 , 2020 | Innovation
    China’s Xi’an is known around the globe for its terracotta sculptures. But that’s not the only story hidden beneath the city’s surface. Xi’an is set to become the world’s next leading smart city with underground infrastructure at the forefront of its innovation. In ancient China, the city was a beginning point of the Silk Road. Now, Xi’an is home to nearly 12 million people, and is a landmark spot on China’s new Belt and Road Initiative. Our Host James Chau explores the history of the city and its infrastructural plans to lead China into the future.
  • Dec 10 , 2020 | Social Good
    The World Banks says for the first time in a quarter of a century, global extreme poverty is on the rise—reversing decades of progress. It predicts the "new poor" will increasingly occur in urban areas, where lockdown and social distancing is already causing social and economic strife. But, in China, poverty is in reverse. Since the late 1970s, hundreds of millions of people have escaped hardship and hunger in an ongoing campaign—and, now, the country says extreme poverty in rural areas has been eliminated. Our Host James Chau looks at the story of one ethnic group in Sichuan Province, where a mountain once separated the Yi people from achieving a better life.
  • Dec 04 , 2020 | Innovation
    The Chang’e 5 lunar vessel has landed on the moon—gathering samples from the moon's surface for the first time in 44 years. It’s a scientific feat and testament to human ingenuity. And it’s a symbolic mission for China, where people look to the moon to guide their calendar and holidays. Our Host James Chau describes the technology onboard the spacecraft and what the mission could teach us about the moon.
  • Dec 02 , 2020 | Lifestyle
    Livestream video has taken the world by storm, and China is leading the charge. From teachers to celebrities, a massive surge of users in China has established livestreaming as its own industry. With the rise in online retailers and “key opinion leaders” livestreaming to sell and review products, this new industry is changing the landscape of e-commerce in China. As the pandemic continues, its prominence certainly won’t fade away anytime soon. Our Host James Chau explores the impact of the pandemic on e-commerce and the livestream business boom.
  • Dec 02 , 2020 | Lifestyle
    Lu Xinjian’s visual artistry uses megacities like Shanghai and Moscow as his canvas, a vision that has led to collaborations with top brands around the world. And his art stems from his childhood—growing up in China’s rural mountains, tending to livestock and playing in fields. Our Host James Chau meets with Xinjian to learn about his roots in China’s recent past, and how his story parallels the rise of China itself.
  • Dec 01 , 2020 | Social Good
    Chinese painter Lu Xinjian has worked with brands like Nike and Beats by Dre. And his canvas is the world—finding inspiration in the geometry of satellite maps, turning them into intricate, abstract masterpieces that he calls “City DNA.” Xinjian speaks with our Host James Chau about his creative process and shows us the world from his artistic view.
  • Nov 27 , 2020 | Social Good
    Sichuan, China is known internationally for many reasons, and its identity can’t be limited to just one of its treasured exports— its cuisine, its music, or its iconic giant pandas native to the province. At the heart of modern Sichuan are the twin cities of Chengdu and Chongqing, which stand as a hub for both tech and pop culture. Between exporting the majority of the world’s smart devices and sharing its remarkable food culture with the world, Sichuan province represents a dynamic fusion of modern trends. Our Host James Chau introduces Sichuan in the 21st century, and why it is the next big thing brewing in southwestern China.
  • Nov 26 , 2020 | Social Good
    Five years ago, the world came together in Paris to work in solidarity for the planet. Our Host James Chau revisits a conversation with Jane Goodall—to share a message of community at a time when we need it most. Jane Goodall is a household name, famous for her work with primates. Now, as the world is facing a plethora of crises all at once, she is using her voice to fight for a brighter future for our shared world.
  • Nov 26 , 2020 | COVID-19
    From local soccer matches to the Olympic Games, the pandemic has reshaped sports as we know them. Tokyo 2020 is scheduled to go ahead with live spectators next summer, while Beijing is set to host the 2022 Winter Olympics as planned. This means East Asia could see millions of visitors within a short period. Both host cities are working towards sustainability and safety for athletes, visitors, and locals alike. In this episode, our Host James Chau looks at how the international sport community is thinking through today’s challenges.
  • Nov 20 , 2020 | Lifestyle
    Anna Ning is a leading gallerist with a focus on 20th century Chinese artists such as Zao Wou-ki, San Yu, and Chen Yifei. She is also a mainstay of the annual Art Basel fair in Hong Kong—and this month, have been invited to participate in the inaugural 'Hong Kong Spotlight by Art Basel', a special event that celebrates one city and its art community. Our Host James Chau asks her about the role of culture in a pandemic, and how her childhood in Beijing impacts the way she views the world.
  • Nov 20 , 2020 | Lifestyle
    Alan Lo is a restaurateur and art collector whose interest in paintings began with his family's own collection of Chinese ink-on-paper works. In honor of 'Hong Kong Spotlight by Art Basel', a special event that celebrates one city and its art community, our Host James Chau speaks to Alan Lo about his personal story and his role as an Art Basel Global Patron. What is the future of art fairs and will the nature of collecting change in these unfamiliar times?
  • Nov 20 , 2020 | Lifestyle
    Art Basel brings people together at the major fairs it stages annually in Basel, Miami, and Hong Kong. But in these socially-distanced times, it has gone an important step further, creating 'Hong Kong Spotlight by Art Basel', a physical event that celebrates one city and its art community. In a special set of interviews, our Host James Chau speaks to collectors and galleries—and, in this episode, he interviews Art Basel's Director Asia, Adeline Ooi.
  • Nov 17 , 2020 | Social Good
    As Chair of the Elders, Mary Robinson advocates for peace and justice for everyone. In this special conversation with our Host James Chau, the former leader of Ireland shares her insights on how we can achieve a future with the wellbeing of our planet at the center. In honor of the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement, The China Current presents this special conversation with Mary Robinson.
  • Nov 16 , 2020 | Social Good
    In honor of the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement to fight climate change, The China Current presents a special, three-part conversation with Mary Robinson, Chair of The Elders. Our Host James Chau speaks with the former President of Ireland and former UN Human Rights Commissioner about the climate justice she envisions for us all, and the global solutions to a global problem. We live in a time when priorities are rapidly shifting. But, with or without COVID-19, our planet needs saving now.
  • Nov 16 , 2020 | Social Good
    In honor of the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement to fight climate change, The China Current presents a special, three-part conversation with Mary Robinson, Chair of The Elders. Our Host James Chau speaks with the former President of Ireland and former UN Human Rights Commissioner about the climate justice she envisions for us all, and the global solutions to a global problem. We live in a time when priorities are rapidly shifting. But, with or without COVID-19, our planet needs saving now.
  • Nov 16 , 2020 | Social Good
    In honor of the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement to fight climate change, The China Current presents a special, three-part conversation with Mary Robinson, Chair of The Elders. Our Host James Chau speaks with the former President of Ireland and former UN Human Rights Commissioner about the climate justice she envisions for us all, and the global solutions to a global problem. We live in a time when priorities are rapidly shifting. But, with or without COVID-19, our planet needs saving now.
  • Nov 06 , 2020 | Culture
    Diplomat and author Kishore Mahbubani has recently released a book– “Has China Won?”– about China and its people, and the power the country exercises on the global stage. Our Host James Chau speaks with Kishore about his book and his inspirations. As a long-time Singaporean diplomat, Kishore shares his experiences with China and its leaders, giving a glimpse of China’s past and where it might be heading.
  • Nov 03 , 2020 | Social Good
    With over 7.5 billion people on this planet, our consumption of energy is immense. But finite natural resources are harming our planet, leaving many countries searching for cleaner and more efficient energy. China, the world’s top energy consumer, is independently developing a next-gen power program. Our Host James Chau explores the need for clean and renewable energy.
  • Nov 03 , 2020 | Lifestyle
    November 11th, also known as 11/11 or “Single’s Day”, is a Chinese e-commerce holiday that has bolstered local and rural vendors around the country. Single’s Day is the biggest online shopping day in the world—with sales much larger than even Black Friday. The holiday, which turns 10 years old this year, was originally created by e-commerce platform, TaoBao. Our Host James Chau explores how it’s contributing towards an end to poverty.
  • Nov 02 , 2020 | Innovation
    Technology has revolutionized banking and business, changing how we spend and think about money. Across the Pacific, China is on track to be the first nation to use a new currency, that is both digitally encrypted and also decentralized. Our Host James Chau unpacks this technology and the impact it could have.
  • Oct 29 , 2020 | COVID-19
    For years, an MTV show has helped leas the fight against AIDS in Africa. Now, in the midst of the global pandemic, it is repurposing this experience and knowledge against COVID-19. Georgia Arnold, Executive Director of MTV Staying Alive, the foundation behind the show, talks to our Host James Chau—and reveals how a new series was written, filmed and produced almost overnight in order to bring science to millions of people.
  • Oct 28 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Golden Week, one of the biggest holidays in China, saw over 600 million people travel this year, a sign that China has achieved some sense of a "new normal". Tourist landmarks, hotels, and restaurants were bustling with travelers, bringing China a boon of US$70 billion in consumer spending in just a few days. Although 2020 has been challenging, Golden Week shows the world that life can get better. Our Host James Chau shares how recovery is within reach.
  • Oct 27 , 2020 | Culture
    The pressures of modern life have made dating more difficult in our rapidly evolving world. Today’s high cost of living, matched with evolving dynamics of education to employment has led to a decrease in marriage, and an increase of single-person households in countries around the world. Our Host James Chau dives into the phenomenon of “singlehood”—and how technology, culture and tradition play a role in partnership.
  • Oct 22 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Professor Lawrence Lau is an economist known for his long academic career at Stanford University, and as the former vice-chancellor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His new book about the pandemic is co-authored with Yanyan Xiong, and explores the experiences of one country’s response to a new virus. Our Host James Chau spoke to Prof. Lau in the early weeks of the outbreak—and now again, as the pandemic continues to ravage the world.
  • Oct 22 , 2020 | COVID-19
    One of the primary ways to prevent and track the spread of the virus is through testing. However, access to testing around the globe takes unique shapes, and some countries are deploying immense resources to the practice. Recently, Qingdao, China, a port city of 11 million, set up 4,000 testing points and mass-tested the entire city in just 5 days. Our Host James Chau dives into the importance of testing and how China has used testing as a main part of its strategy against the virus.
  • Oct 16 , 2020 | Culture
    A quaint looking small town near Shanghai is an international powerhouse when it comes to violin manufacturing. From humble beginnings creating budget violins, Huangqiao now produces a third of all violins worldwide, annually. Our Host James Chau breaks down how Huangqiao came to be the center of China’s violin industry.
  • Oct 15 , 2020 | COVID-19
    New York City became the epicenter of the global outbreak earlier this year. When Tony Park, a Korean American restaurateur, sought to create a safe environment for returning customers and staff, he saw a way to provide another service: opening a showroom for protective gear for America’s most populous city. Our Host James Chau meets with Park virtually to discuss his pivot, and the challenges of surviving an economic downturn as a small business owner in NYC.
  • Oct 15 , 2020 | Culture
    Many of China’s musicians have become well-known around the world. At the crux of cross-cultural music education stands the US-China Music Institute in upstate New York. This educational center, an initiative of the Bard College Conservatory of Music, has brought Chinese instruments like the pipa, erhu, and gu zheng to audiences in far-flung locales. Our Host James Chau examines the key figures who have shown the world the talent of China’s musicians, and how music helps us hear each other's stories, regardless of language.
  • Oct 09 , 2020 | Culture
    Culture and art have a newfound significance in a world burdened with a pandemic, where we are living much of our lives in isolation or with restrictions. Two gallerists have opened The Saachi Yates Gallery on Cork Street in London, a street made famous for its history in nurturing and birthing artists and gallerists, like Francis Bacon and Peggy Guggenheim. Gallerists Aurthur Yates and Phoebe Saatchi Yates have claimed this historical spot in London, as they say, “with one foot in the past, and one in the future”– looking to reinvent gallerying in these uncertain times. Our Host James Chau speaks with them from London.
  • Oct 07 , 2020 | Innovation
    While museums and historic parks around the world have been closed, China’s renowned Terracotta sculptures exhibit has announced a new virtual experience thanks to a 29-year-old coder and gamer. Hu Wengu uses artificial intelligence to transform still images of the famed sculptures, which date back as early as 200BC, into futuristic moving digital, interactive figures. Our Host James Chau details Wengu’s creation process, which is often time-consuming and involves quite a bit of trial and error.
  • Oct 06 , 2020 | Social Good
    This year, the US and China are both conducting nationwide censuses. Due to health concerns, China’s 1.4 billion people will be counted digitally to limit person-to-person contact. Our Host James Chau looks at how censuses affect the distribution of resources and services to communities within their borders.
  • Oct 06 , 2020 | Social Good
    Protecting and promoting mental health is more important than ever before. Many of us have lost the stability that employment and community provides, and in some cases we have lost our loved ones. As the pandemic elevates action on global wellbeing, our Host James Chau explores the state and perceptions of mental health in China, where stigma and a lack of resources create a challenging environment—a reality mirrored in other societies. As World Mental Health Day approaches, we share a story of hope.
  • Sep 30 , 2020 | Innovation
    ‘Made in China’ is something we see a lot on the products we purchase and enjoy—and most of these are manufactured in China’s cities. But the piano industry is a different story. China produces most of the world’s pianos, with one-fifth of that output coming from a small town called Luoshe. Our Host James Chau tells us his own history with the instrument that has the power to uplift our humanity in difficult times, and how Luoshe and its 10,000 people have trasnformed their craft into a global center for music.
  • Sep 29 , 2020 | Innovation
    Our Host James Chau explores the industry of Zhejiang province, which stakes its reputation on its manufacturing prowess. Its thriving Zhouxiang district has become synonymous in China with household appliances, as brand names from around the world come to source products. But now the production hub is embracing its own innovative technology, and paving the way for the future of Chinese manufacturing.
  • Sep 25 , 2020 | Social Good
    The UN General Assembly represents 193 member states across the world, tackling security and peace challenges on a global scale. While it is custom to meet in person, leaders will be meeting digitally this year. Our Host James Chau dives into the front and center issue: protecting the planet and health, and the importance of multilateralism, especially during pandemic times.
  • Sep 24 , 2020 | Culture
    The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of Asia’s major holidays– and everyone who celebrates it is familiar with mooncakes– a pastry that comes in a variety of flavors that are baked special for the occasion. At Hong Kong’s Ying Jee Club, Chef Siu’s mooncakes have earned a coveted Michelin star. Our Host James Chau visited him to learn what makes his mooncake so special, and to hear the storied history of the mooncake in Chinese culture.
  • Sep 16 , 2020 | Culture
    Paper is an invention of ancient China– one of the most impactful creations of humankind. The papermaking craft has lasted over 1,200 years, with Anhui province becoming the center of the practice. There, papermaking has become a form of art, with some papers taking years to make. Our Host James Chau describes the intricate processes developed over centuries to make paper so durable that UNESCO has categorized it as a cultural treasure.
  • Sep 16 , 2020 | COVID-19
    At one point during the pandemic, 1.5 billion students were out of school. Now, some of them, depending on where they live, are returning to class for the new academic year. In China, from kindergarten to college, students are learning safely and healthily—and have been since the spring when lockdowns ended. Our Host James Chau looks at how classrooms and lecture halls have changed in this new era.
  • Sep 11 , 2020 | Social Good
    Food shortages have been a persistent issue for humans since the dawn of mankind. Today, there are many non-profit initiatives fighting boldly to ensure people are properly fed. But on the other side of this issue is food waste, which many of us don’t realize is part of the same problem. Our Host James Chau explains how conscious consumption of food is as important as ever, and how accurate portion sizes can help address a range of critical issues.
  • Sep 09 , 2020 | COVID-19
    People living with HIV have faced unique and life-threatening challenges during the pandemic, with lockdown and social distancing disrupting basic health services, medicine, supplies, and fundraising. Our Host James Chau speaks with Andrew Chidgey, Chief Executive of AIDS Concern, a non-profit in Hong Kong, about how people living with HIV can safely negotiate the unfamiliar future, while also protecting themselves at a time of increased stigma and discrimination.
  • Sep 07 , 2020 | Culture
    In the southwest corner of China, a lush tropical environment inspired the creation of a gorgeous display of artistry practiced by the Bai people of Yunnan province. Our Host James Chau tells the story of how a thousand-year-old fabric-dyeing technique is still celebrated today, and how the natural landscape has influenced its inhabitants and their shared culture.
  • Sep 03 , 2020 | Culture
    Chinese film has delighted and intrigued international audiences for decades. With growing access and shareability across oceans and borders, Chinese filmmakers are finding their works resonating around the world. And the classics are having a comeback. The 1990s film “Raise the Red Lantern” is a tale of hidden romance and tragic endings. It portrays the complexities and traditions of ancient China– using rich visuals, elegant costume design, and an extraordinary score. Our Contributing Editor Laura De Belgique explains how the decade’s most poignant films allows us a view into the ancient world.
  • Sep 03 , 2020 | COVID-19
    India, a country of 1.3 billion people and the world's largest producer of generic medicines, will be critical if a vaccine is developed. But its number of infected cases is rising fast. Broadcaster and writer Barkha Dutt has been traveling through the country, capturing the many human stories behind the numbers. Our Host James Chau speaks to the Delhi-based media personality to understand the social dimensions of India's story.
  • Sep 01 , 2020 | COVID-19
    London’s famed Serpentine Gallery has reopened since temporarily closing in mid-March, displaying an exhibition of works by Cao Fei, a multimedia artist and filmmaker from China. Her photographs and videos explore how the world around us, and how we perceive ourselves, is continuously changing. Born in Guangzhou and now based in Beijing, this is Cao Fei's first major solo exhibition in the UK and comes at a time when all of us are reassessing our place in a rapidly changing world.
  • Aug 28 , 2020 | COVID-19
    For two decades, Myriam Sidibe has been a champion of handwashing to combat some of history's most persistent diseases, and has authored a new book, 'Brands on a Mission' that updates this for a world facing an unfamiliar future. In the current pandemic, the everyday essentials of soap and water are some of the most effective interventions to promote good health and to save lives. Our Host James Chau interviews Dr. Sidibe, to discuss critical lessons for leaders at every level.
  • Aug 27 , 2020 |
    Fatima Bhutto is a writer and poet from Pakistan, a country that began life from the Partition of India in 1947. Her life and work are intertwined with the complexities of colonialism, and how it continues to impact 21st century mindsets in a world struggling with rising populism. Before the pandemic, our Host James Chau met Fatima Bhutto in New York, where they discussed Asia's history and how its people are facing a new future of independence.
  • Aug 25 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Culture impacts how we live as a society, and how we have approached the pandemic. In many Asian cultures, it’s common to wear a face mask when you are sick. This became a social norm following the SARS outbreak in 2003, when wearing a face mask was seen as a civic duty. Our Host James Chau dives into how Asian cultures have played a role in stopping the regional spread of the virus.
  • Aug 24 , 2020 |
    Fatima Bhutto is a prolific poet and writer from Pakistan, whose new book “New Kings of the World” explores how eastern cultures are being shared through the globalization of K-pop, Bollywood, and Turkish soap operas. Before the pandemic, our Host James Chau met Fatima in New York, where they also discussed the role of China in this changing landscape and whether we should feel anxious or encouraged by its growing influence in a rapidly changing world.
  • Aug 19 , 2020 | COVID-19
    We must all do our part to protect each other and mitigate the spread of the virus. We especially need to look out for our vulnerable communities who need our support. Our Host James Chau details simple measures to protect each other and addresses the inequities that underprivileged people are dealing with on top of the pandemic.
  • Aug 17 , 2020 | COVID-19
    We’ve been sheltering from the pandemic for more than half the year now. And while the world is earnestly working towards a better tomorrow, we are still reeling from the immediate impact of the original outbreak. Our Host James Chau breaks down how the world is reacting to developments in vaccine research and public health measures, and how these solutions can best be deployed to benefit all of humanity.
  • Aug 14 , 2020 | Innovation
    Despite the new challanges and an unfamiliar future, the world is on track to add a record-breaking amount of wind farms. In 2019, China accounted for 40% of the global growth in wind farming. Our Host James Chau goes into detail about the process of expanding wind farms and why it is imperative to prioritize a green development and recovery.
  • Aug 12 , 2020 | COVID-19
    The pandemic has placed leaders under sharp scrutiny. A global wave of public mistrust in institutions and information has created fear, anxiety, and suspicion. But in Asia, a region of 4 billion people, public sentiment seems to tell a different story, according to two recent studies by Harvard and Edelman. Our Host James Chau breaks down the divergent trends in Asia, where trust in leadership seems to be on the rise, even during a protracted fight against the outbreak.
  • Aug 12 , 2020 | Lifestyle
    Li Delun is the father of classical music in China, creating the first professional orchestra from a few donated instruments after the Second World War, and later founding what became the world renowned Chinese National Symphony Orchestra. Our host James Chau speaks with his grandchildren in Toronto, to tell us what it was like growing up around a man of music in a unique time in history.
  • Aug 07 , 2020 | Lifestyle
    Many at home during quarantine have found a renewed sense of creativity. But two musicians in Toronto have taken that to a new level—celebrating Beethoven's 250th birthday by gathering musicians from the world's leading orchestras to perform the composer's Fifth Symphony. What makes this more special is that they use their grandfather's 1983 recording as the base track. Our host James Chau speaks to Kemin and Rosalind Zhang about this special concert.
  • Aug 07 , 2020 | Innovation
    Developing effective public transportation is a major challenge for many countries, but China’s high-speed rails are giving regional flights a run for their money. For just $10 USD, you can go from Shenzhen to Hong Kong in 10 minutes. These bullet trains bridge Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, and Hong Kong in record time, connecting people, culture, and economy. Join our Host James Chau as he makes the trip from Futian to the heart of Hong Kong.
  • Aug 04 , 2020 | Innovation
    For millennia, societies and civilizations have looked to the sky for answers, including the Chinese people. From Confucian teachings to astrological belief systems, what goes on above—and how it impacts us on the ground—has been a part of their cultural fabric since ancient times, and on the 50th anniversary of China’s entry into the space race, they are now on a seven-month journey to Mars. Our Host James Chau tells the story of China’s relationship with space and its Mars mission launch.
  • Aug 03 , 2020 | Social Good
    This month marks the 75th anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now, The Elders, led by Mary Robinson and Ban Ki-moon, are gathering the world for a digital remembrance, and calling on leaders to never let this happen again. Our Host James Chau tells the story of this day in history.
  • Jul 31 , 2020 | Culture
    “Both of my parents never finished high school, but they believed firmly in education.” China’s rise from poverty in the 80s was a herculean feat, lifting millions up by expanding trade and industry and building a more robust education system. The result was families like Elvis’, who, in a single generation, were able to rise above poverty. Elvis shares his childhood stories and family history with our Host James Chau.
  • Jul 31 , 2020 | Social Good
    In 1982, a bachelor party in Detroit suddenly turned into a night of tragedy, and ultimately ignited a movement. In this episode, we speak with the cousin of Vincent Chin, the victim of a hate crime in the 80s. Our Host James Chau dissects this moment in American history that united Asian communities together to fight for justice.
  • Jul 29 , 2020 | Culture
    “As much as my experience as an American is not monolithic, I want to express that the Chinese experience is not monolithic at all.” When recent college graduate Maia arrived in China from the U.S., she experienced first-hand a fast developing nation with a rich, relatable culture. Maia speaks with our Host James Chau about her learnings and feelings brought about by her visit to China, as well as the resilience of recent graduates who are entering into a very uncertain future.
  • Jul 24 , 2020 | Social Good
    Elvis Cao works at Cornell University’s Erickson Lab, converting CO2 to sustainable fuel. He reasons that one of the biggest issues with the conversation around sustainability is that there is little mention of the economic benefits. The project he works on, called HI-Light, aims to change the narrative surrounding large scale sustainability operations and to redefine CO2 as a resource, not a liability. In partnership with One Young World, our Host James Chau met Elvis in London, where they discussed the environment and innovation for the future of our planet.
  • Jul 22 , 2020 | Culture
    Released in 2019, American Factory is an Academy Award-winning documentary follows a Chinese manufacturer that moves to Ohio. It tells the story of friendships, tensions, and cultural gaps, at a time when the US and China are leading the global economy. Our Host James Chau and Contributing Editor Laura de Belgique offer analysis on the acclaimed film.
  • Jul 22 , 2020 | COVID-19
    In a world still struggling to come to terms with a pandemic, Norway is one of the least impacted. Its leader Erna Solberg went in hard and early to prevent infections from taking root, a strategy that has protected the country's more than 5 million people. In this wide ranging conversation with our Host James Chau, she shares some of the fundamental lessons from this ongoing experience. This interview is in partnership with SHE—the community, conference, and movement to achieve equality in society. Join their call at
  • Jul 21 , 2020 | Social Good
    The pandemic has exposed many issues in our global society, highlighting the need for change at a fundamental level. One such issue is how the harmful practices of global industry are harming our planet. As countries around the world begin to recover and move to rethink how their people live and work, it’s important that that process moves towards sustainability. Our Host James Chau and London-based Contributing Editor Laura de Belgique discuss the idea of a global green recovery—and building our future after the pandemic more sustainably, from the ground up.
  • Jul 16 , 2020 | Social Good
    The pandemic has exposed a world of finite resources stretched thin. Experts have long warned that our relationship with our natural resources is unsustainable, and yet consumption of fossil fuels and natural gas continues to hit record highs. New resources must be adopted for the survival of the planet, and our existing infrastructure must be updated to use them. Our Host James Chau explores how global powers are demonstrating a commitment to a greener future, and investing in new technology.
  • Jul 16 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Amid this pandemic, there is growing consensus that treatment and vaccines should be accessible and affordable to all. Our Host James Chau joins Nobel Peace laureate Muhammad Yunus, and numerous world leaders, in pledging support for a universally available vaccine. This pledge declares that such a vaccine should be named a “global common good”— free from any patent right belonging to anyone.
  • Jul 16 , 2020 | Innovation
    China recently broke its own record for the deepest dive in the Pacific Ocean. Achieving 10,907 meters, the dive took place in the Mariana Trench—the deepest area of ocean in the world. In collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Shenyang Institute of Automation deployed the Haidou-1, a Chinese-developed underwater vessel, to collect samples and capture high-definition images that will shed more light on some of our oceans’ biggest mysteries. What we discover from this mission can help us better understand the world we live in.
  • Jul 14 , 2020 | Social Good
    Culture plays a unique role in bringing peace, tolerance, and understanding to a world that is often divided. History, art, film, and music are ways to connect with people across social and physical boundaries. And these connections are enhanced by today’s technology and social media. Our Host James Chau explores the impact of today's leading apps, celebrities interacting with their followers, and a rural Chinese vlogger with more 11 million YouTube subscribers.
  • Jul 14 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Work from home has become a new part of a world in pandemic. Employees have been thrust into uncharted territory, upending traditional office culture in the interest of public health and safety. From apps to video calls and virtual social spaces, technology is helping us to navigate a way forward. Our Host James Chau looks at how technology once taken for granted is now the lifeblood of businesses everywhere, and how the challenging conditions of the pandemic are driving innovation in technology and education.
  • Jul 13 , 2020 | Social Good
    Xu Liu is a research engineer whose Chinese name literally translates to “Morning Sun”. Coincidentally, her scientific work at Cornell University has her working on how to improve solar energy collection, as well as improving air quality. In partnership with One Young World, our Host James Chau met Xu Liu in London, where they discussed the work of advancing eco-friendly goals and how sharing a hometown with Confucious has given her a distinctive worldview.
  • Jul 10 , 2020 | Social Good
    In a time of pandemic, leaders in science, policy, and civil society are needed more than ever. From fighting stigma to funding research, the AIDS 2020: Virtual conference shines a light on how public health affects how we all live on this earth. In partnership with AIDS 2020: Virtual, our Host James Chau speaks with Dany Stolbunov, an activist in Eastern Europe and Central Asia—areas that are seeing the fastest-growing AIDS epidemic in the world today.
  • Jul 10 , 2020 | Social Good
    The China Current is honored to partner with AIDS 2020: Virtual – the world's biggest conference on global health. In a time of COVID-19, its leadership on science, policy and civil society is needed more than ever. From fighting stigma to funding research, the conference shines a light on how public health affects how we all live on this earth. As part of AIDS 2020: Virtual, James Chau interviewed Sir Elton John, David Furnish, Dany Stolbunov – and in this video, Winnie Byanyima, the Executive Director of UNAIDS.
  • Jul 08 , 2020 | Culture
    China’s thousands of years of history are filled with countless stories of human growth, culture, and civilization, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Liangzhu aims to preserve one such story of historical significance. The remains of the 5,000-year-old city contain traces of complex societal hierarchy, primitive technology, and unique artifacts that show the ways people lived millennia ago. In its place now stands modern-day Hangzhou, an innovation hub that is home to some of the world’s leading tech giants. This meeting point between the past, present, and future provides an important lens to view human civilization—and the ancient ruins of Liangzhu are a reminder of where that journey began.
  • Jul 07 , 2020 | Social Good
    The China Current has a commitment to the global future, and as such we are very proud to partner with One Young World, the global forum for young leaders. Our Host Hanes Chau went to London, to its annual summit, to meet Nana Xu, an artist and filmmaker who uses culture as a gathering point for people, ideas, and purpose.
  • Jul 02 , 2020 | COVID-19
    In many ways, Africa, which consists of an incredibly diverse group of civilizations with thriving innovation and culture, could lead our planet towards the future. The effects of the outbreak have been felt differently there, making the continent uniquely positioned to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. From managing food shortages to televised schooling, The China Current’s Laura de Belgique and James Chau go through the ways African countries are handling the challenges of the health crisis.
  • Jul 02 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Low Touch Economy | The Novel Outbreak There’s been a sharp uptick in take-out and food delivery, indoor spaces have emptied, and businesses are reshaping how customers and employees interact. This is the beginning of what many are calling a “low-touch economy”. Driven by safety measures to combat the spread of the virus, businesses around the world, from hotels to restaurants and retailers, have had to restructure under the pandemic or shut down altogether. Our Contributing Editor Laura de Belgique dives into what a low-touch economy will mean for the world.
  • Jul 02 , 2020 | COVID-19
    A year ago, we spoke with Junzi Kitchen about their latest expansion into midtown Manhattan. As the fast-casual Chinese restaurant grew, no one could have guessed that a deadly respiratory virus would bring New York, and most of the world, to a standstill.
  • Jun 24 , 2020 | COVID-19
    “As long as there is one person on earth carrying this virus, it’s a risk for the rest.” The world is hard at work searching for an end to our current health crisis, but the end may not be near. Even with a vaccine, explains Dr. Peter Piot, the co-discoverer of Ebola, we will not be 100% protected. Therefore, we must take care to protect ourselves and also protect others. Our Host James Chau speaks to Professor Piot who is the Director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
  • Jun 24 , 2020 | COVID-19
    “We are just at the beginning, and I think [recovery] will require an unprecedented type of solidarity.” Our final segment with Peter Piot, co-discoverer of Ebola, sheds light on how the pandemic is changing the balance of power at the global level. Our Host James Chau speaks to Professor Piot, Director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
  • Jun 23 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Millions have now experienced the physical and mental toll of the virus spreading globally—including Peter Piot, who in 1976 co-discovered Ebola in Central Africa. In this special interview, he revisits his recent hospitalization, and near-death experience, describing it as a state of moving “between heaven and earth.” Our Host James Chau speaks to Professor Piot who is the Director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Follow us for stories on how the outbreak is shaping our modern world.
  • Jun 22 , 2020 | Innovation
    From alternative milks to insect-based snacks, our supermarkets are changing amidst a global shift to sustainability. However, many are still not able to obtain the most basic of food supplies. Today, there remains a global food crisis, where 113 million people around the world suffer from extreme hunger. In this story, we dive into a world that is hungry for change and the innovations that could bring a new era of food.
  • Jun 18 , 2020 | Social Good
    The 21st century has brought many global firsts. Soon, at the start of 2021, the world’s most populous country will implement its first civil code—a set of laws protecting the rights of people and businesses, from marriage to property, and data privacy. We unpack the details on how China will enter into its next phase as a nation, and what that means for the future.
  • Jun 18 , 2020 | Innovation
    Technology shapes the way cities worldwide handle municipal services. From public health to traffic congestion, the age of “smart city” tech is changing the way we live and has proven to be a key factor in containing health crises. Our Host James Chau explains how China’s mega-cities have integrated digital measures to enhance daily life for its citizens.
  • Jun 18 , 2020 | COVID-19
    All around the world, couples have had to delay their weddings or alter their engagement plans, with some hosting small ceremonies in their backyards or even over video conference. This story is about what it means to be in love during a time of crisis, when we are physically separated from our loved ones and have had to change how we express our love.
  • Jun 18 , 2020 | COVID-19
    886 is a NYC-based Taiwanese restaurant that has been making bento boxes—prepped meals with rice, veggies, and meat—for frontline workers throughout the outbreak. It’s named “886” for the area code Co-Owner and Chef, Eric Sze, had to dial to call his family back in Taiwan when he first moved to the US. He says everything about his cooking is centered on home and feeling safe—a message strengthened by his team’s dedication to providing help during today’s health crisis. Our Host James Chau speaks with Chef Sze about their story.
  • Jun 10 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Norway has achieved one of the most inclusive societies today. Relatively poor before the 1970s, it now has one of the highest per capita incomes. But how will it negotiate a new world? James Chau, Host of The China Current, speaks to Norway's leader Erna Solberg. This special interview is in partnership with SHE – the community and conference. Sign up at
  • Jun 10 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Erna Solberg is the second woman leader of Norway. During the pandemic, female leaders have been widely praised for their response to the new global challenges. James Chau, Host of The China Current, speaks to Erna Solberg about the importance of gender in this unprecedented time, and how we can all work to better meet the rights and needs of women and girls in our communities. This special interview is in partnership with SHE – the community, conference, and movement that is bringing equality to all. Join their movement by signing up at
  • Jun 09 , 2020 | COVID-19
    In the 1950s, American virologist Jonas Salk improved the health of millions when he created a vaccine for polio. But what made his contribution even more significant was his refusal of a legal patent for his invention. Salk wanted everyone to benefit. Almost 70 years later, global scientists are searching for a vaccine for COVID-19, with politicians, experts and elders calling for one to be made available to all - and at no cost. Our host James Chau takes a deep dive into this story.
  • Jun 05 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Norway, along with its 5.4 million people, offers a compassionate and effective model in the way it’s responded to the current health crisis. As of early June, only 238 people have died from the virus—much lower than in many other parts of the world. In parallel, it’s contributing to the development of a vaccine. In this part of this special interview, our Host James Chau speaks with Prime Minister Erna Solberg about science, solidarity, and leadership. This interview is a partnership between The China Current and SHE, the community, conference, and movement that encourages equality in business, to drive growth and create real change in society. Be a part of the transformation and join the movement—sign up at
  • Jun 05 , 2020 | COVID-19
    We’ve featured Emma Yang before, a tech teen and founder of the Timeless app who has recently begun to support her community during today’s health crisis. Her insights from working with older people—particularly those with Alzheimer's—give her perspective into how today’s health emergency acutely endangers the aging. We speak with Emma about her efforts in New York City, supporting frontline workers, and speaking up at a time of global change.
  • Jun 05 , 2020 | Social Good
    With all that is going on, we wanted to share a story of hope and renewal—of a rural community on the edge of a cliff that has found new purpose and hope. Atulie'er is a Chinese clifftop village accessible only by a steel staircase. 2,600 feet separate the village from basic services like schools and hospitals, and almost detached from the modern world, it has become a symbol of perseverance. Now, most of the families, who belong to the Yi ethnic minority, are moving out. They have relocated to the valley below where they have new homes and the prospect of new jobs and a new life. Other households have chosen to stay behind, as Atulie’er will be protected as a cultural heritage site.
  • Jun 03 , 2020 | COVID-19
    As global leaders continue to organize their pandemic response teams, U.S. leadership is balancing the need to maintain some sections of the economy while keeping people safe from the health crisis. It’s a hard-struck balance, and no one is exactly sure where it will lead us as some states begin to reopen. One organization, The Rockefeller Foundation, has set forth a national testing plan to meet the needs of this moment. President of The Rockefeller Foundation Dr. Rajiv J. Shah is leading this initiative to ramp up U.S. testing, all while working from home. We speak with him from his home in New York.
  • Jun 03 , 2020 | COVID-19
    As global leaders continue to organize their pandemic response teams, U.S. leadership is balancing the need to maintain some sections of the economy while keeping people safe from the health crisis. It’s a hard-struck balance, and no one is exactly sure where it will lead us as some states begin to reopen. One organization, The Rockefeller Foundation, has set forth a national testing plan to meet the needs of this moment. President of The Rockefeller Foundation Dr. Rajiv J. Shah is leading this initiative to ramp up U.S. testing, all while working from home. We speak with him from his home in New York. Follow us for stories on how the outbreak is shaping our modern world. Part1: Meeting This Moment | Dr. Rajiv Shah | The Novel Outbreak Part2: Part3:
  • Jun 03 , 2020 | COVID-19
    As global leaders continue to organize their pandemic response teams, U.S. leadership is balancing the need to maintain some sections of the economy while keeping people safe from the health crisis. It’s a hard-struck balance, and no one is exactly sure where it will lead us as some states begin to reopen. One organization, The Rockefeller Foundation, has set forth a national testing plan to meet the needs of this moment. President of The Rockefeller Foundation Dr. Rajiv J. Shah is leading this initiative to ramp up U.S. testing, all while working from home. We speak with him from his home in New York. Follow us for stories on how the outbreak is shaping our modern world.
  • Jun 02 , 2020 | Culture
    Although they are not with us today, our ancestors shine a continuous reflection on our lives, influencing our perceptions and interactions with the world in subtle yet powerful ways. In her latest film—The Farewell—actor, author, comedian, and rapper, Awkwafina returns to her Asian roots—telling the story of her grandmother’s last days and the ancestral background underpinning a new generation. It reveals the cultural nuances of an American woman finding comfort—and conflict—with her family’s heritage. Our Host James Chau speaks to our Contributing Editor Laura de Belgique about the importance of identity and ancestry.
  • May 29 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Before the health crisis began, the city of Wuhan was known as a center for academia in China. Now, it has become infamous as the first city struck by the pandemic. But Wuhan is also one of the first cities to overcome the devastation—giving it a renewed identity of strength and perseverance. But what has happened since, and what future can its people look forward to in this rapidly changing world? We take a step back and look at the critical days after lockdown, and the slow and safe return to some normalcy after tragedy.
  • May 26 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Poverty and hunger are a result of an engine that should not be restarted, but should instead be rebuilt in the midst of today’s global health crisis. Nobel laureate and social entrepreneur Professor Yunus sits down with our host James Chau in this special interview about our collective consciousness and our responsibilities for the future. Part 1: Our Fate Moving Forward Part 2: Restarting the Engine
  • May 25 , 2020 | COVID-19
    In 2006, Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions towards alleviating global poverty. Now, the "banker to the poor" is shifting his focus to today’s health crisis— to help transform a world already hurt by a range of inequalities.
  • May 22 , 2020 | COVID-19
    “Its greatest impact has been economic.” From global economies to local communities, the outbreak has shaken the world. What comes next exactly is unpredictable, but we should prepare for heightened tensions and continued global economic challenges and disputes. Our host James Chau speaks with Vali Nasr, former Dean of Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.
  • May 20 , 2020 | COVID-19
    “The pandemic should have been an occasion for our two countries to find ways to cooperate.” Since the beginning of the outbreak, the US-China relationship has become tenser. Johns Hopkins Professor Vali Nasr sits down with our host James Chau to discuss resolving the tensions between our two countries and charting a path forward.
  • May 18 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Before the pandemic, youth around the world were pushing for change⁠— seeking clean air, equity, and good governance⁠— then a health crisis struck. So, what does the future look like for youth now? Johns Hopkins Professor Vali Nasr sits down with our host James Chau to discuss solving systemic issues and finding hope for the future.
  • May 12 , 2020 | COVID-19
    “Epidemics feed on existing inequalities.” While today’s crisis threatens our global health, it also calls attention to invisible issues that, behind closed doors, are detrimental to the wellbeing of many. Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of UNAIDS, speaks with our host James Chau about the importance of stepping up to lead as an ordinary person.
  • May 12 , 2020 | COVID-19
    “We are learning that health is a human right, not a commodity for sale. Today’s crisis is threatening healthcare systems around the world. Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of UNAIDS, speaks with our host James Chau about global access to healthcare, and the effects of treating healthcare as a right instead of selling it as a good.
  • May 11 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Everyone is impacted differently in times of crises. Today, those with preexisting health conditions are facing increased barriers to treatment and access to medication, compounding the challenges they already face. Winnie Byanyima, UNAIDS Executive Director, speaks with our host James Chau about vulnerable populations and the hope that community leadership provides.
  • May 08 , 2020 | COVID-19
    In China, lockdown has ended. This means that people are going back to work for the first time in months and innovation is picking up where it left off. Tesla’s new China factory is back in production, an example of how one company is getting back on its feet.
  • May 06 , 2020 | COVID-19
    In 1918, nearly half a billion people were infected globally in a major outbreak of the flu. The devastating outbreak forewarned of more health emergencies to come and served as a reminder to countries that we must always be prepared. Almost 100 years later, major health crises again emerged—SARS struck in 2002, MERS in 2012, and Ebola returned in 2014. Our host James Chau looks at the implications of ignoring pandemic warnings, the ability of economies to withstand lockdowns, and why global supply chains must be diversified now.
  • May 06 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Hong Kong has achieved one of the lowest infection rates in the world during the current outbreak, thanks in part to rigorous testing and tracing measures. With no new cases for several days in a row, this Asian financial center is now beginning to ease restrictions, using methods grounded in epidemiological research and political planning. Our host James Chau looks at the science-based approach that has shaped Hong Kong's response, and how its experience facing SARS almost 20 years ago has prepared the city and its people.
  • May 05 , 2020 | COVID-19
    While much of the world is still sheltering-in-place, Wuhan, the original epicenter of the global outbreak, has been declared virus-free. At its peak, Wuhan saw over 15,000 new cases a day. So, having zero infections, is not only a major turnaround but provides hope that this disease can indeed be contained, even when the thought seems unlikely. Our host James Chau explores how the citizens of Wuhan recovered from one of the most traumatic events in modern history, giving insight into what comes next for countries on the road to remission.
  • May 01 , 2020 | COVID-19
    The Sustainable Development Goals - also known as the Global Goals - sets out the 17 primary ambitions for humanity to achieve by the year 2030, including the fight against poverty and hunger, and achieving the dream of good health, education and gender equality for all. Our host James Chau speaks to Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University, who as an SDG Advocate for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, is guiding us towards a better future.
  • May 01 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Jeffrey Sachs is one of the foremost architects of our global future. The economist describes himself as a "big believer" in a robust and compassionate multilateral system – now more than ever. Our host James Chau speaks to him about the wisdom of working together.
  • May 01 , 2020 | COVID-19
    The world needs strong global partnerships in times of trouble. Jeffrey Sachs, economist and University Professor at Columbia University, sits down with our host James Chau to discuss the importance of international collaboration.
  • Apr 24 , 2020 | COVID-19
    California womenswear brand L'AGENCE wanted to be supportive during these troubling times and did so in the way they know best: by donating jeans. L'AGENCE donated $1M of their denim to female health workers on the front lines, and while jeans aren’t a necessity in this crisis, they knew it was the best way to use their expertise to give back, express their gratitude, and put smiles on people’s faces. L'AGENCE CEO and Creative Director Jeffrey Rüdes designed this crisis-response campaign. Our host James Chau speaks to the brand’s CEO and President, Jeffrey Rüdes and Albert Schami, about this act of kindness in a time of division and the economic impact. So far, thousands of health workers have responded to the gifts with expressions of joy and thanks. L'AGENCE CEO and Creative Director, Jeffrey Rüdes, designed this crisis-response campaign. Our host James Chau speaks to him and the brand’s President Albert Schami about this act of kindness in a time of division and the economic impact the pandemic will have on American industry.
  • Apr 24 , 2020 | COVID-19
    COVID-19 is the greatest current threat to global stability. But it is also a reminder that humanity has yet to learn how to co-exist respectfully with our planet. Stories of wildlife returning to cities in lockdown, while not always accurate, highlight a new awareness that we are guests of the natural world. Reduced air travel and closed factories have sparked a dramatic decrease in pollution, meaning that in many areas around the world, there is visibly cleaner air and water. Our host James Chau explores the human dimensions of this relationship, in an era of climate change, and in a time of pandemic.
  • Apr 23 , 2020 | COVID-19
    The COVID-19 response is being led by leaders in politics, science and health. But one teenager in Hong Kong is reshaping that narrative with a platform she's created to involve people young and older. With a simple but effective action list, she is calling on everyone to participate in impactful solutions - and at the same time, reminding us to stay at home and to wash our hands. The message here is 'kindness' - and woven into it is a nuanced mission, she says, to demonstrate that the young people of Hong Kong, a city already battered by months of protests, are able to craft a happier future for themselves, and for everyone.
  • Apr 22 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Attica Scott is one of very few elected women of color in the United States. As a Kentucky State Representative, she is a unique face of leadership in a state that has battled poverty and racial division. The threat of COVID-19 has highlighted deep inequalities in healthcare systems, especially for minority communities who are already at a disadvantage. But despite these enormous challenges, Kentucky is currently relatively unscathed in the ongoing crisis— with a relatively low number of deaths and infections compared to its neighboring states. Our host James Chau speaks to Representative Scott about the community leadership behind Kentucky’s response, her concerns for people in rural areas, and how she and her colleagues are governing in a crisis. She says now is the time to put aside our divisions, break down walls, and focus on taking care of everyone to find a way to move forward.
  • Apr 21 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Our host James Chau speaks with global leader Helen Clark, who is leading a new charge to protect our physical health and our financial health.
  • Apr 21 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Our host James Chau speaks with global leader Helen Clark about how the world needs solidarity and testing, not name-calling and inaction.
  • Apr 21 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Our host James Chau speaks with global leader Helen Clark, who is leading a new charge to protect our physical health and our financial health.
  • Apr 20 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Helen Clark was Prime Minister of New Zealand and Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme. Today, she is a pivotal leader who is exercising her statesmanship against COVID-19, the greatest threat to space and security. In her communications with the UN Security Council and G20 leaders, she has made a clarion call for a global coordinated action to include urgent funding, debt relief, and a reset mindset that will allow countries to go hard and forward together. Our host James Chau speaks with Helen Clark in this special interview from her home in Auckland.
  • Apr 18 , 2020 | COVID-19
    This crisis has hit hard for those who rely on fragile incomes, refugees and migrants especially. The international community is called to not only work to support those disenfranchised today, but to work to solve the issues of tomorrow. Our host James Chau speaks with UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, about how global leadership is needed to ensure a sustainable future for the world's most vulnerable.
  • Apr 18 , 2020 | COVID-19
    International aid depends on international generosity. With the world’s resources on lockdown or in short supply, we must remember how we got here in order to move forward. Our host James Chau speaks with UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, about how displaced populations and organizations that support them are fighting to sustain.
  • Apr 18 , 2020 | COVID-19
    The pandemic presents an enormous challenge for the most vulnerable of society. In particular, refugees and displaced people, who live their lives on the move, find themselves stuck and unable to protect themselves from the spread of the virus. This crisis delivers a clear message: we are not alone, and we must not work alone to protect the vulnerable. Our host James Chau speaks with UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi.
  • Apr 16 , 2020 | COVID-19
    76 Days in Lockdown Ends | The Novel Outbreak Wuhan was the first city in the world to go into lockdown when its people retreated to their homes on January 23. April 8th marked the lifting of lockdown restrictions, and for many, the first time in 76 days that they opened their doors and walked outside. Today, four billion people are experiencing life in lockdown. But the lockdown in Wuhan and its surrounding cities in Hubei Province is still unprecedented for its scale and discipline— no private vehicles, no public transport, and everyone required to stay inside. This is a story that speaks to the human spirit and a commitment to stop the spread of the virus.
  • Apr 10 , 2020 | COVID-19
    COVID-19 is deeply impacting nearly every part of our lives. The pandemic is intersectional, affecting everything from the economy and healthcare to politics and infrastructure. It is now more apparent than ever that to beat the virus, we must have a holistic approach to the problems of today, so that we can have a more secure tomorrow. We have seen, for instance, that community-wide actions such as social distancing and lock-downs have made a dent in the spread of cases in many regions, enabling lives to be saved and communities to return to activity faster and with less overall disruption. Our host James Chau speaks on prime time about the importance of human-centric approaches to fighting the pandemic.
  • Apr 09 , 2020 | COVID-19
    As the health crisis deepens in the United States, it has disproportionately affected people of color. Groups like Black Lives Matter warned that people of color with lower access to basic healthcare services could be hit harder as the crisis unfolds. To explore this issue, our host James Chau spoke with Lateefah Simon, a prolific civil rights advocate, community leader, and elected public official in the San Francisco Bay Area. James worked with Lateefah during the AIDS pandemic, and in this interview, they discuss the stakes for people of all colors, the future we face, and what chance we have in this global crisis. She says when we all unify, we unleash our collective power.
  • Apr 08 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Since Wuhan and its surrounding areas lifted its city-wide lockdown, 60 million people have been able to leave their homes freely and walk outside, many of them for the first time in 76 days. As the city slowly returns to normal, the timeline of events from the earliest days of the outbreak is beginning to emerge. It was in late December when an unknown pneumonia was detected in Wuhan— triggering an alert system that notified the World Health Organization. Days later, the genome sequence was published on an open platform, allowing international scientists to collaborate. This story explores the critical first days and weeks of what is now a global pandemic.
  • Apr 08 , 2020 | COVID-19
    We've brought you many conversations with people shaping the response and looked at the consequences for highly vulnerable communities, like refugees, asylum seekers, and people of color. But the fallout from this pandemic is only becoming more apparent as each day passes. That's why our host James Chau speaks to art historian Manfredi della Gherardesca, who provides a lens by which we can digest the world before, during, and after COVID-19. Like many people, he is also a first-hand participant in the complexities of the lockdown, choosing to leave his home in London for his home country of Italy, even though it is one of the worst-affected of all.
  • Apr 06 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Filippo Grandi brings enormous field experience in emergency operations to his role as UN High Commissioner for Refugees - and compassion and kindness, too. Today, there are 70.8 million forcibly removed people, whose challenges and those of their host communities are compounded by COVID-19, the biggest threat to humanity in almost a century. What future awaits these individuals, many of whom have no home or access to clean water - but are being told to stay indoors and wash their hands? And what hope do they have in this era of lockdowns and closed borders, when movement and escape are sometimes their only means of survival? In this special conversation, our host James Chau speaks with Mr. Grandi about the human condition that impacts us all.
  • Apr 03 , 2020 | Innovation
    Millions of us rely on satellite technology every day, whether it be ordering food for delivery, checking the weather, or routing our way home on our smartphones. With China’s launch of its Beidou satellite system, global navigation technology is about to get an upgrade. Beidou, named after the Big Dipper constellation in Chinese, is a group of satellites positioned on different orbits that will allow clearer communication and better coverage around the world. Watch our story to learn more about its impacts on our daily lives.
  • Apr 03 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Weeks ago, we interviewed our China Current London-based editor, Laura de Belgique, about the unfolding situation in the UK. Since the interview, we have seen Europe fight hard against the tidal wave of COVID-19. As governments everywhere are struggling to respond to the fast-moving virus, the public tries to adjust to the new reality impacting their day-to-day lives. With orders to stay home, families are coming together more than ever to stave off the rising fear of an unprecedented time.
  • Apr 01 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Lateefah Simon is a prolific civil rights and racial justice advocate, community leader, and elected public official in the San Francisco Bay Area. As the pandemic deepens in the United States, groups like the Black Lives Matter warn that people of color will be harder hit, because of a inequities in a healthcare system that often means higher rates of chronic disease, and lower access to basic services. Our host James Chau worked with Lateefah in AIDS, and in this interview they discuss the stakes for people of all colors, the future they face, and what chance they have in this emergency. She says when they unify, they unleash the collective power of the American promise.
  • Apr 01 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Costantino della Gherardesca is an Italian writer and television host on the popular show Pechino Express. Due to the pandemic, he has relocated to Rome, where the entertainment industry has come to a near standstill. Costantino says people need emotional relief from the realities of the daily news. It is his public duty, he says, to entertain people and make them smile again - now more than ever. Our host James Chau speaks to Costantino about his role as a leading cultural figure in Italy. Together, they unpack the social landscape and how it is shaping the response in one of the worst-affected countries.
  • Mar 31 , 2020 | COVID-19
    “Everything that happened in China will have to happen in other economies.” Renowned economist Lawrence Lau speaks on the economic, governmental, and societal impacts of the current global health crisis. Professor Lau has lived more than half his life in the United States, studying first at Stanford and Berkeley, before joining the Stanford faculty and becoming a professor at the age of 32. After the onset of SARS, he became the Vice-Chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he continues to serve as the Lauder Professor of Economics. Our host James Chau interviewed him in Hong Kong.
  • Mar 31 , 2020 | COVID-19
    In these uncertain times, it’s important to see the current crisis as a human crisis, and remember that radical acts of kindness can bring us closer together and help to make this world a better place to live. One such example is the Shangri-La Hotel in Wuhan. In the midst of the global health crisis, the five-star multinational hotel group provided rooms – a home – for 236 health workers who volunteered to the original epicenter of the crisis, and cooked 24,000 meals for doctors and nurses in hospitals nearby. Given the emergency the city was in, this was a unique challenge in itself. Our host James Chau spoke to Charlie Dang, Executive Vice President for Operations in South China at Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, to understand how acts of kindness in challenging times make us human.
  • Mar 30 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Gender is always critical and again in the COVID-19 pandemic. Early data shows high-risk groups including the ageing population and those with underlying health issues such as long-term heart, liver, kidney and lung disease. But we are also beginning to know that men are more susceptible to infection, though the reasons for this are not clear. At the same time, with women making up the majority of the world’s health workforce, what is the opportunity here to create a new movement for equality, so that the legacy of COVID-19 can produce some meaningful good for all of us? Our host James Chau speaks to Professor Sarah Hawkes, Director of the Centre for Gender and Global Health at the University College of London, and Co-Founder of Global Health 50/50.
  • Mar 29 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Last Wednesday, our host James Chau interviewed Andrea Pastorelli, a friend in Rome who graciously agreed to speak about his experience being in lockdown in Italy. What he didn't know was that Andrea and his husband Seth Doane, a CBS correspondent, had that same day been tested for COVID-19. While Andrea was negative, Seth's result returned positive. Here, we get an inside look into Italy during this unprecedented time—a first-hand look into the private lives of friends and families at the European epicenter. We wish Andrea and Seth, and everyone following us, good health.
  • Mar 28 , 2020 | COVID-19
    With every country reacting differently and each having varying levels of health infrastructure, it is impossible to tell just how long the COVID-19 epidemic will persist. But Dr. Takeshi Kasai, who heads the WHO region that includes China, South Korea, and Japan, warns that the virus taking over the world is not going to end soon. With this uncertainty ahead, he says a whole-of-society and whole-of-government approach is critical—but perhaps more so are the actions that each individual around the world chooses to take. Dr. Kasai speaks with our host and WHO Goodwill Ambassador, James Chau, about why COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere yet.
  • Mar 28 , 2020 | COVID-19
    “You are not alone. We can get through this.” As millions of people around the world stay indoors to prevent the spread of the virus, others still question the importance of social distancing. Lena Li, a teacher in complete lockdown in Wuhan for over two months, shares why it’s important to stay inside―and why we should have hope. Follow us for the latest stories in our special coverage on the novel outbreak.
  • Mar 27 , 2020 | COVID-19
    As the world gradually begins to shut down, older people are highly vulnerable—not only to the virus but to the challenge of self-isolation. Who will look after them? How will they get their groceries? Can they still access medicines and treatments? Our host James Chau spoke to Lena Li, a teacher in lockdown in Wuhan, who hasn't left her home in over two months. Each day, she contacts her elderly father who lives nearby—alone—because her mother can't re-enter the city after traveling before the outbreak. Lena's story—and her worries— are all too familiar to families around the world.
  • Mar 27 , 2020 | COVID-19
    “We are doing our contribution to the country by staying at home.” Lena Li, a school teacher in lockdown in Wuhan, hasn’t left her home since January 20th. Like her, millions of people around the world are currently living, working, and studying from home. Meanwhile, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, who are nurses, doctors, and volunteers, are fighting the epidemic from the front lines—risking their health and their lives for their community and country. Everyone has a part to play to prevent the spread of the disease.
  • Mar 26 , 2020 | COVID-19
    In 2015, the UN adopted a 15-year agenda to end poverty, protect the planet, and improve the lives of everyone on Earth. Now, 5 years into the SDGs—or Sustainable Development Goals—the world faces an unprecedented obstacle in the COVID-19 pandemic. WHO Director of the Western Pacific, Dr. Takeshi Kasai, speaks about preparing our future for global health security while battling the new coronavirus. Follow us for the latest stories in our special coverage on the novel outbreak.
  • Mar 25 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Wuhan, once the epicenter of the outbreak, has this month reported several straight days of zero new local cases of COVID-19. This came as Italy experiences its highest death count in a single day to date. As the virus continues to shock and rattle communities and governments around the world, more eyes turn to Wuhan’s story. WHO Director of the Western Pacific, Dr. Takeshi Kasai, speaks with our host and WHO Goodwill Ambassador, James Chau, about how Wuhan was able to slow, and eventually stop, the spread of the virus. He also speaks about the dangers of stigmatizing people of East Asian descent, and why it’s important that the name of the disease is COVID-19.
  • Mar 24 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Economists fear the long-term outcomes of the COVID-19 outbreak. With the world more interconnected than ever, the world economy and supply chains are at risk, and many countries have already taken a hit. Large international corporation production has slowed and migrated to other countries, meanwhile, people around the world are hunkering down at home and not spending as usual.
  • Mar 23 , 2020 | COVID-19
    The US is bracing for impact. California now has a stay-at-home order, Ohio and other states have suspended their spring elections, and Kentucky’s governor has begun daily livestream news updates. In this episode, we dig into the US’s response to COVID-19. UC Berkeley professor of epidemiology, Dr. Art Reingold, speaks with our host and WHO Goodwill Ambassador, James Chau.
  • Mar 22 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Thousands of young Americans have gone through with their spring break plans, many going to the beach or out to parties—believing that because they are young, they are immune to COVID-19. As the outbreaks in China and Italy have taught us, young people are susceptible too, with new reports showing that many of them are being hospitalized — and even those that appear healthy and well are still able to spread the virus to others. UC Berkeley professor of epidemiology, Dr. Art Reingold, speaks with our host and WHO Goodwill Ambassador, James Chau.
  • Mar 21 , 2020 | COVID-19
    International travel has never been this cheap, neither has it been this risky. Airlines have begun to cut their international flights and domestic travel has been met with increased government restrictions. Since the United States’ first infected case, there has been a media frenzy around air travel, and rightly so. Our host James Chau speaks with Professor Gabriel Leung, member of the joint WHO-China Joint Mission, about how to travel safely during the outbreak.
  • Mar 20 , 2020 | COVID-19
    One year ago, Dr. Takeshi Kasai was elected the World Health Organization Regional Director of the West Pacific—a region composed of 37 countries and areas, from China to American Samoa, from Australia to the Philippines, where he is based. At its heart are 1.9 billion people —a quarter of humanity— with vastly different health needs and a great number of dynamic micro-communities. Our host James Chau speaks with Dr. Kasai on how COVID-19 continues to impact this region, the template it offers to the unfolding global pandemic elsewhere, and why he is adamant that the disease is called "COVID-19" — and nothing else.
  • Mar 20 , 2020 | COVID-19
    When Ebola hit Africa, its healthcare systems were neither ready nor equipped to meet the crisis. Like COVID-19, the loss of life was tragic, and the outbreak influenced leaders in Africa – and particularly then President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia – to more heavily invest in health training and infrastructure, so that it would never happen again. Our host and WHO Goodwill Ambassador, James Chau, speaks with Dr. Vanessa Kerry, CEO of Seed Global Health, about the lessons learned from Ebola. Follow us for the latest stories in our special coverage on the novel outbreak.
  • Mar 19 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Governments around the world are shutting their borders, restricting travel, and banning public events. And while good approaches like social distancing and proper hand hygiene have been at the center of outbreak discussions, fake news and stigmatization have in some cases spread just as fast as the virus. Our host James Chau speaks with Professor Gabriel Leung, member of the joint WHO-China Joint Mission, about trusting science and reason. Follow us for the latest stories in our special coverage on the novel outbreak.
  • Mar 18 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Dr. Vanessa Kerry saw from a young age the importance of health education around the world. Now, she is the co-founder and CEO of Seed Global Health, training over 16,000 health professionals internationally. Our host and WHO Goodwill Ambassador, James Chau, speaks with Dr. Kerry about the critical role of health workers in our communities – a lesson that all countries are being reminded to learn again in the current COVID-19 pandemic. Follow us for the latest stories in our special coverage on the novel outbreak.
  • Mar 17 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Scientists and global health experts joined the WHO-China Joint Mission to China - seeking to find answers and to prepare the world for the rapidly spreading disease. Their discoveries are produced in the WHO-China Joint Mission Report, which lays out the approaches being implemented in nearly every country: social distancing and strategic containment. As more countries brace for impact, the importance of the mission could not be more apparent, and has likely helped to save thousands of lives and even more infections. Our host James Chau speaks with Professor Gabriel Leung, member of the joint WHO-China Joint mission. Follow us for the latest stories in our special coverage on the novel outbreak. Twitter: Facebook:
  • Mar 16 , 2020 | COVID-19
    While the world mourns the loss of lives in many countries including China, Iran, South Korea, the public is paying particular attention to Europe as the new epicenter of the pandemic. Within a few short weeks, the region has seen confirmed cases of the coronavirus skyrocket. As governments everywhere are struggling to respond to the fast-moving virus, scientists in the UK are working to better understand the epidemiology, and the public tries to adjust to the new reality impacting their day-to-day lives. Our host James Chau speaks with Laura de Belgique, a London-based contributing editor for The China Current. Follow us for the latest stories in our special coverage on the novel outbreak.
  • Mar 15 , 2020 | COVID-19
    As cases of COVID-19 see significant growth around the world, and China’s first wave of cases has already peaked, some are asking if we could see a second wave. Our host James Chau speaks with Professor Gabriel Leung, member of the joint WHO-China COVID-19 mission and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong. They discuss how countries around the world could adopt aspects of China’s approach to outbreak-response to better protect their communities.
  • Mar 14 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Schools all over the US and around the world have begun to cancel or suspend classes, and schools in China have been closed for nearly a month already, with students finishing their coursework from home. For scientists, there remain many questions about children and the disease — how susceptible are they to infection and are they likely to easily infect others? Our host James Chau speaks with Professor Gabriel Leung, member of the joint WHO-China COVID-19 mission, about the severity levels of cases.
  • Mar 13 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Lena, a local teacher in Wuhan, China, has not left her apartment since January 20th. The historic city was shocked into lockdown in January when it became the epicenter of the outbreak. After reporting 15,000 infections a day in China, that number has now dropped to a handful a day. But Wuhan remains under lockdown. Lena tells our host James Chau about life under quarantine— she is separated from her father, who is living alone nearby, and her mother, who was traveling at the time of the outbreak, was unable to return. Yet, despite all the challenges, Lena says she feels grateful to be alive and is happy to be in quarantine for the health of her family and the good of the country. This is a story of resilience and solidarity.
  • Mar 12 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Last Wednesday, I interviewed Andrea Pastorelli, a friend in Rome who graciously agreed to speak on record about his experience in lockdown in Italy. What I didn't know was that Andrea and his husband Seth Doane, had that same day been tested for COVID-19. Seth's result returned positive, Andrea negative, but because of their close contact. Andrea has been told he could be a false negative. They are at home in Rome.
  • Mar 11 , 2020 | COVID-19
    The World Health Organization says the global outbreak of COVID-19 can be characterized a "pandemic". Our host James Chau draws on his insights as a WHO Goodwill Ambassador to explain what this means and what will happen next. With over 100,00 confirmed cases and more than 4,000 deaths, the virus has spread to every continent on the planet - apart from Antarctica. Now, countries are under growing pressure to provide services that will allow them to detect, test, and treat their impacted populations. With China seeing a sharp drop in new infections, Japan, South Korea, and Iran still battling their outbreaks, while the United States and countries in Europe and Africa are seeing growing cases. This is our two minute guide to what you need to know.
  • Mar 10 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Early data from the outbreak indicates that the ageing population, particularly those with pre-existing medical conditions, are more susceptible to infection. Nursing homes and elderly homes globally have reported community clusters. But the downside of that caution is the false sense of security that is sending to young people - especially those who are healthy. Our host James Chau speaks to Dr. Art Reingold, an epidemiologist at Berkeley with decades of first-hand experience with infectious diseases, including eight years at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He looks at the evolving outbreak in the US, and provides a balanced insight into different at risk groups, the impact of public health measures in different cultures, and the likelihood that it's going to take a turn for the worse without strong interventions.
  • Mar 09 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Comparisons have been made between Chernobyl and COVID-19, as both are major humanitarian disasters that took many lives. However, the differences between the two events remain plenty, and comparisons between them ultimately disservice the victims and survivors of both crises. Watch James Chau, our host and WHO Goodwill Ambassador, share his opinion on The Point.
  • Mar 08 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Leaders from different countries all over the world are putting their minds together and collaborating on how to stop the current global health crisis. While constituents must hold them accountable in leading the way towards a safer, healthier world, we should put faith and trust in those who are trained and skilled to tackle this epidemic. Our host and WHO Goodwill Ambassador, James Chau, goes on The Point to offer his perspective on staying positive — and keeping politics out of health.
  • Mar 07 , 2020 | COVID-19
    It was never a question of if, but when and where the next endemic would occur. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the world has been working tirelessly to prevent the virus from becoming a full-blown pandemic, but finger-pointing and xenophobia threaten that hard work. In our increasingly interconnected world, international cooperation and synchronized action is a must, and the focus must be aimed at meeting the needs of now. James Chau, our host and WHO Goodwill Ambassador, offers his insights on The Point.
  • Mar 07 , 2020 | COVID-19
    For Ebola and SARS, community leadership was pivotal to solving these crises. Now, in the midst of COVID-19, it is once again important to engage community leaders—not only by spreading a message to wash hands and take other precautions but to tell why they’re important—and help ingrain healthy habits at the community level. James Chau, our host and WHO Goodwill Ambassador, offers his insights on The Point.
  • Mar 07 , 2020 | COVID-19
    “We’ve seen absolutely unprecedented global solidarity,” says WHO Chief Scientist, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan. Our host James Chau gets the latest on COVID-19 with Dr. Soumya as the world pours its resources into tackling this global health crisis. From China sharing the new virus’ genetic sequences to the public, to publications taking down their paywalls to better spread research, to countless scientists and labs coming together to find out more about the disease, global cooperation is leading the way forward to combatting this new disease. Their conversation covers what the world has learned so far.
  • Mar 06 , 2020 | COVID-19
    There is not one word that captures Gabriel Leung, member of the ongoing joint WHO-China COVID-19 mission. He is an international epidemiologist instrumental in the SARS response, a former Under Secretary for Food and Health in Hong Kong, and current Dean of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong. Our host James Chau called Professor Leung in Hong Kong to discuss the scientific community’s evolving understanding of the epidemiology of the new virus, and the stigma and misinformation that attempts to undo the science.
  • Mar 05 , 2020 | COVID-19
    During the AIDS epidemic, the world saw just how pivotal clear leadership and community involvement were in stopping global health crises. While there has been a heavy focus on the health of the economy in the news, we should also be focused on supporting the health of our people and health workers. Have we learned from the lessons of the past to best meet this new health crisis? James Chau, our host and WHO Goodwill Ambassador, offers his insights on The Heat.
  • Mar 04 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, China has undertaken extensive efforts to prevent its spread and, in turn, has helped other countries prepare. As the world braces for broader impact, the international community must grasp this narrow window of opportunity to coordinate on research and development to end this global health crisis. James Chau, our host and WHO Goodwill Ambassador, offers his insights on The Heat.
  • Mar 03 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Health systems around the world are struggling to meet the needs of a changing population - and in some countries that's further strained by war, pandemics, and other emergencies. Dr. Vanessa Kerry, a physician at Massachusetts General Hospital, and co-founder and CEO of Seed Global Health, is committed to addressing this critical issue. She has helped train thousands of nurses and midwives in some of the world's most fragile communities, and is helping to lead a global movement to realize that success everywhere. As a new outbreak grips the world, many health workers in Wuhan are infected and some of them dying. Dr. Kerry speaks to James Chau.
  • Mar 02 , 2020 | COVID-19
    It's almost 40 years since HIV and AIDS was identified in New York and San Francisco, triggering an unprecedented response that has reshaped how we approach health, political leadership, and civil society. Now, Professor Kamarulzaman, President-elect of the International AIDS Society and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Malaya, says some of the experiences from AIDS applies to this new viral outbreak. The two are not the same: but they share similar challenges in stigma, travel bans, community mobilization, treatments, and putting humanity at the heart of an effective response. Professor Kamarulzaman speaks with James Chau.
  • Mar 01 , 2020 | COVID-19
    “We are only as strong as our weakest link.” With the outbreak spreading internationally, each country faces its own unique problems, as each country has different health infrastructure and capabilities. China's efforts to contain the virus, as well as the declaration of an international health emergency, has helped those countries who may be most vulnerable to prepare. James Chau, a WHO Goodwill Ambassador, offers his take on China24 prime time news. Follow us for the latest stories in our special coverage on the novel outbreak.
  • Feb 28 , 2020 | COVID-19
    The outbreak is spilling beyond China, with first infections in countries like Norway and Switzerland, and growing numbers of confirmed cases in the United States. What can we take from Wuhan‘s experience, from the protection of health workers to the management of public health measures to contain the outbreak? James Chau offers his take.
  • Feb 27 , 2020 | COVID-19
    The George HW Bush Foundation for US-China Relations has initiated a donation of two million masks for health workers and infected people in China. Neil Bush, son of the former American president, and founding chair of the Foundation that honors his legacy, speaks to James Chau. He discusses the meaning behind the donation and hopes for a vaccine, and looks at other outbreaks including Ebola as examples of positive bilateral collaboration. As the outbreak spreads globally, he describes the planet as one human race where "problems in China aren't exclusive to China".
  • Feb 26 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Singapore is one of the affected countries in the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. But of the dozens of confirmed cases, over half have been discharged, and there have been no deaths. Kishore Mahbubani, the author of 'Has the West Lost?' and the upcoming book 'Has China Won?' was Singapore's Permanent Representative to the UN, during which time he served as President of the UN Security Council. He speaks to James Chau on the critical role of the United Nations, Singapore's measures to fight COVID-19, and what China must do next to prevent a worse global outbreak.
  • Feb 25 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Professor Sharon Lewin is the founding Director of the Doherty Institute, a world-leading center for research, laboratory, and clinical care - and the first outside China to isolate the coronavirus now known as COVID-19. Her team is working on a vaccine, a major global development she shared with Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison when he visited the Doherty in Melbourne last week. She speaks to James Chau about the progress in science, the need for a vaccine, the treatments that could save lives in the meantime, and the likelihood that the virus could become endemic.
  • Feb 24 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Last November, The China Current spoke with Ted, an American businessman in Shanghai, and his wife Gillian on the city’s efforts to modernize recycling. This month, we follow up with the family to see how they are holding up as the coronavirus outbreak unfolds. Ted and his family have spent most of this month inside their apartment compound, getting most of their necessities from online shopping. Ted shares that while living in temporary confinement is not the most comfortable, it is far less restrictive than when he and his wife lived in China under the threat of SARS. His message is simple — keep calm, and wash your hands. Follow us for the latest stories in our special coverage on the novel outbreak.
  • Feb 23 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Paige is a nine-year-old American in Shanghai, who doesn't go to school, and doesn't see her friends. And it's all because of the outbreak regulations that are keeping millions of people like her at home. We first met Paige last year, when we spoke with her and her parents about their life in one of China's best-known cities. But today that life is very different— the radio repeats daily instructions on how to wash your hands, the streets are quieter than usual, and millions are working from home. Every day, Paige’s mother records her daughter’s temperature, and texts it to her teacher to keep records. Once afraid of the outbreak, Paige says she's now hopeful because of the growing numbers of people who have recovered. This is her story. Follow us for the latest stories in our special coverage on the novel outbreak.
  • Feb 20 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Ambassador He Yafei was China's Vice Foreign Minister and Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, where he worked closely with agencies including the World Health Organization. I wanted to draw out that insight as one of the country's foremost diplomats, but also as an ordinary person who alongside millions of others in China, is staying mostly at home during this outbreak. He says the world has become complacent to the emergence of new viruses, relying on advancement in science and medicine, and wrongly believing that there will be a cure for every illness. I called Ambassador He in his hometown of Zhejiang to discuss the impact that the new virus will have - on preparing for the next health emergency, to supply chains and the world economy, and the likely shape of global governance in this new decade.
  • Feb 19 , 2020 | COVID-19
    World Health Organization Chief Scientist, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, hosted a meeting of the world's top scientists and research funders in Geneva last week to focus urgent attention on the global COVID-19 response. Our host James Chau interviews Dr. Swaminathan about the outcomes of the meeting, the science and medical community's priorities, the likelihood of a vaccine, and modified treatments that can be used to save lives now. She speaks to us from Geneva.
  • Feb 15 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Strong community engagement in fighting outbreaks is a key lesson from fighting Ebola, and especially the global AIDS response. That’s according to WHO Chief of Staff Dr. Bernhard Schwartländer, who has ben deeply involved in both. Stigma and misinformation challenge this approach and create barriers to working together toward a solution, he tells our host, James Chau. In our interconnected world, where we all live and thrive together, we need global solidarity, not a shut-down borders, to solve a collective problem like the coronavirus.
  • Feb 13 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Epidemiologists on a joint WHO-China mission are trying to complete their understanding of the new respiratory virus that has gripped Wuhan, its surrounding areas, and beyond. That in turn will allow public health experts to better predict the likely length of the outbreak, says China Current host James Chau. He draws on his experience covering the SARS epidemic 18 years ago, and explores if there are relevant parallels between that the coronavirus outbreak unfolding today. This is an example, he says, of a fast-moving disease that is ahead of even our scientific advances. (Photo by Xinhua News agency)
  • Feb 12 , 2020 | COVID-19
    As the novel coronavirus outbreak grows and expands, scientists are rushing to identify a life-saving treatment – possibly a vaccine, or an innovation on an existing treatment. Antiretrovirals used in the AIDS response, and drug therapies from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, are being explored. But the World Health Organization says no effective treatments have been confirmed, and that further and urgent studies are underway. China Current host James Chau breaks down the latest, and talks about the mental health challenges for millions of people in China.
  • Feb 11 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Dr. Parag Khanna is an economist and author, using his writing to shape our understanding of complex global issues in a rapidly changing world. China Current host, James Chau, discusses with Dr. Khanna China’s capacity to manage the outbreak of novel coronavirus and why not enough people recognize the impact of public health on their lives. They discuss what this means for China and the international community and whether global connectivity is more a burden than a blessing when it comes to global public health. Dr. Khanna speaks to James from Singapore.
  • Feb 10 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Doctors, nurses, and other key health workers have been traveling to Wuhan — creating a movement of volunteers, who are leaving the safety of their homes to fight the outbreak at its very epicenter. Their individual stories are being posted across social media, saying goodbye to their worried children, parents, and grandparents. Over the past weeks, Wuhan's exhausted health workers have been sleeping on floors, their faces deeply marked by long and grueling hours in masks and hazmat suits. These women and men are the heroes of Wuhan, risking their own health in order to save others. This is our tribute to them. (Photo by Xinhua News agency)
  • Feb 09 , 2020 | COVID-19
    The World Health Organization is on its way to China, on an international mission to urgently further understand the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) that has infected tens of thousands of people in Wuhan and beyond. Dr. Bernhard Schwartländer, WHO Chief of Staff and Assistant Director-General, says the mission may go to Wuhan — or to another high-impact area, to avoid distracting from strained resources in the epicenter. He says China has helped secure the safety of the world by taking drastic action to contain the virus, pointing to the comparatively low number of infections globally. Dr. Schwartländer speaks to James Chau in this interview, sharing his insights on what the likely length of the outbreak might be, and why it is critical to mobilize a community-led movement to end it.
  • Feb 08 , 2020 | COVID-19
    Millions have been watching the live feeds of China turning empty city lots into fully-functional emergency hospitals in just 10 days. These hospitals are equipped with thousands of patient beds and medical technology – and staffed by military doctors with first-hand experience battling Ebola in West Africa. These modern, makeshift facilities are being built at a time when local hospitals are overwhelmed and local gymnasiums are being repurposed to provide extra beds. Step by step, China seems to be catching up with the wide-spreading virus. Follow us for the latest stories in our special coverage on the novel outbreak.
  • Feb 06 , 2020 | COVID-19
    In China, cities are being sealed off, employees are being asked to work from home, and face masks are in very short supply as the novel coronavirus hits 20,000 cases. After the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global health emergency, the world has been on high alert — focusing funding and resources to combat the spread of the virus. WHO Goodwill Ambassador, and host of The China Current, James Chau was interviewed on what this health emergency means for the public — offering a reminder to set aside panic and keep informed. It is a time for solidarity and science, not rumor and stigma, urges James. Follow us for the latest stories on the novel outbreak.
  • Feb 01 , 2020 | COVID-19
    In her first interview since the outbreak of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Dr Margaret Chan looks at the implications as the number of infections and deaths climb. For over a decade, Dr Chan was Director-General of the World Health Organization, managing outbreaks from Zika, to polio, and the Ebola epidemic in West Africa that claimed 11,323 lives. All of these were declared a public health emergency of international concern - as has the current outbreak of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by her successor, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. I first met Dr Chan during SARS when she was Director of Health in Hong Kong, and later served her and now Dr Tedros as a WHO Goodwill Ambassador. In this podcast, I wanted to draw out her deep experience in handling infectious diseases, to understand what this global health emergency means, and - in a world at acute risk for disease epidemics and pandemics - what governments and individuals can do to prepare now. Interview with James Chau. You can watch video highlights from this video by following @thechinacurrent on social media or
  • Jan 23 , 2020 |
    Similar to American Independence Day, Chinese New Year is traditionally lit up with loud and colorful fireworks — but this has changed since China’s recent ban on fireworks. While many know China for its invention of gunpowder and fireworks, it's now making a concerted effort to leave them in the past, leading the world in the fight towards sustainability. With the growing awareness of the dangers of fireworks and their harmful chemical emissions, China has set aside its tradition to lead the world towards more environmentally-friendly — and more spectacularly elaborate — light displays, such as lasers and drone shows. With more and more communities around the world following suit, this year, instead of loud and bright ‘pops’ in the sky, you very well may hear drones buzzing and see lasers flashing!
  • Jan 23 , 2020 |
    The largest annual human migration is about to take place — 1 in 6 people in the world will be traveling home for Chinese New Year.
  • Jan 17 , 2020 |
    Modern engineering feats are central to the development of the US – from the Hoover Dam and Golden Gate Bridge to the Transcontinental Railroad built largely by Chinese immigrants.
  • Jan 14 , 2020 |
    Jacob Thomas, originally from Sopchoppy, Florida, a town of fewer than 500 people, knows first-hand the disconnect that sometimes exists between Chinese and Americans.
  • Jan 09 , 2020 | Social Good
    After living, marrying, and starting his family in the US, First Chief Executive of Hong Kong Tung Chee-hwa says that Hong Kong is ready to return the kindness that the West afforded him in his youth. Situated at the southern coast of China, Hong Kong serves as a financial center for Asia and the world.
  • Jan 07 , 2020 |
    A warm thank you to all of our 300,000 followers for joining us in telling the momentous stories that are shaping our international community, from revolutionary 5G technology to the global popularity of Chinese cuisine, from Nobel Peace Prize winners to supermodel-turned-activists.
  • Dec 19 , 2019 | Innovation
    After reshaping the American skyline with some of the most striking architecture of the modern era, renowned architect Zaha Hadid's vision for a spectacular transportation hub has sprung to life in Daxing, China.
  • Dec 19 , 2019 | Social Good
    Jane Goodall, one of history's most influential primatologists, has spent her life dedicated to studying chimpanzees and advocating for animal conservation. Now, with the environment more vulnerable than ever, Goodall believes it will take global efforts to create a more sustainable future. We recently discussed with her the steps the international community must take to create a world that is viable for all living things. Watch her interview with James Chau for more.
  • Dec 11 , 2019 |
    Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhummad Yunus is one of the world's leading poverty fighters of the modern day. He has dedicated his life to empowering people in need, particularly poor entrepreneurs and small business owners, and continues to be on the frontlines of combating poverty around the world. The social entrepreneur, economist, and civil society leader recently sat down with James Chau to talk about how countries like China can play a leading role in driving global action to craft a world that is more sustainable and equal for future generations. Watch our interview to find out more.
  • Dec 11 , 2019 | Social Good
    Lakes and rivers function as the lifeblood of most societies, cultivating cities, cultures, and human growth. But as economic development accelerates, factors like population density and pollution have begun to seriously harm our waterways.
  • Nov 29 , 2019 |
    Ambassador He Yafei is a prolific Chinese diplomat who has witnessed and participated in many key global events. He has lived and worked in capitals from Harare to Washington, was China’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, and served as Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs. James Chau interviewed Ambassador He – the insights he draws from a career in shaping the global future, and a life committed to global good.
  • Nov 25 , 2019 | Social Good
    Gillian and Ted live in Shanghai with their three children, and like everyone else there, they’ve had to adapt to the city’s new strict waste sorting rules.
  • Nov 21 , 2019 | Social Good
    The world is fighting a global war on waste that threatens to overrun our planet, and China is on the frontlines of the unprecedented battle.
  • Nov 19 , 2019 | Social Good
    Doutzen Kroes is not only one of the world's most famous supermodels, she's also a passionate conservationist and a global ambassador for Knot On My Planet, an organization dedicated to saving the elephants.
  • Nov 15 , 2019 |
    To mark COP25, the biggest climate change conference of the year, the China Current is proud to present a special series of interviews with global leaders, decision-makers, and activists who are confronting the biggest threat to our planet. Join us over the next month as James Chau speaks to: Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus, primatologist Jane Goodall, conservationist and supermodel Doutzen Kroes, and more. We begin with Mary Robinson, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, former President of Ireland, and current Chair of the Elders. She shares how the birth of her grandchild 16 years ago caused her to re-think her ideas on climate change, and the devastation we are causing not only to the planet, but to our own survival.
  • Nov 11 , 2019 |
    The biggest 24 hours of shopping in the world happens each year not on ‘Black Friday’, but on November 11th. In Asia, it’s called ‘Double Eleven’, or ‘Singles Day’, and billions of dollars of shopping takes place online. But the real story is not how much is spent, but how e-commerce is helping alleviate poverty in China. Through increased mobility, business, and choice, countless numbers of lives are being given a second chance each year. James Chau takes a deep dive into this incredible story.
  • Nov 07 , 2019 |
    Once considered taboo to discuss, mental health is now rising up on the global agenda, including at this year's UN General Assembly, as the evidence linking it to wellbeing, the economy, and our future continues to build. In China, overcoming this challenge is all the more critical, as 1.4 billion people contend with the changing expectations, pressure, and income inequality that has accompanied the country’s dramatic drastic economic transformation of the last 40 years. Depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder have become some of the new realities - but with few resources available to those that struggle with their mental health, some people must turn to their own methods for maintaining their wellbeing. We look at the emerging trends and the cultural traditions that could offer hope for the future.
  • Nov 07 , 2019 |
    The tobacco epidemic is one of the biggest crises of our times with 8 million people dying of a tobacco-related illness every year. But in addition to illness and death, it's also tied to impoverishment. This triple impact is felt deeply in China, where many people continue to either smoke or be exposed to second-hand smoke. James Chau speaks with Dr Angela Pratt, who was part of the ministerial team in Australia that introduced plain packaging to the world - and now works on tobacco control, as well as other areas of health, at the World Health Organization. She shares her insights on China, a country she has lived and worked in, and why she believes its creation of smoke-free cities provides a template for a happier future.
  • Oct 31 , 2019 |
    Today, almost every girl and boy in China goes to school, but that wasn’t the case 70 years ago, when close to 80% of the country was illiterate.
  • Oct 28 , 2019 | Social Good
    In the final part of our conversation with Tung Chee-hwa, First Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Mr. Tung discusses how China’s transformation out of an impoverished, isolated country has contributed to global peace. Since China's opening-up to the world, and the establishment of ties with the U.S., no American soldier has died on a battlefield in East Asia. He also shares his thoughts on how looking back can help us move forward, and how it’s up to the stakeholders including the young people of today to make the world a better place to live.
  • Oct 28 , 2019 | Social Good
    In the second part of our interview with Tung Chee-hwa, First Chief Executive of Hong Kong, we discuss the impact and legacy of a historic meeting between the leaders of the U.S. and China in the midst of the Cold War, and China's momentous decision to reform and open-up.
  • Oct 23 , 2019 | Social Good
    In Part 1 of the interview, Tung Chee-hwa, the First Chief Executive of Hong Kong, shares his personal story of living and working in the U.S., how people from different backgrounds and cultures can achieve better trust and understanding with one another ...
  • Oct 16 , 2019 |
    It's not a question of "if" but "when", say global experts about the next pandemic, who warn that the world is not prepared to prevent the next global health crisis.
  • Oct 16 , 2019 |
    Annie Tan is a remarkable person. Born and raised in New York's Chinatown, a few blocks from where the Twin Towers once stood, she is a teacher, activist, and storyteller.
  • Oct 10 , 2019 | Lifestyle
    Chinese dumplings are enjoyed everywhere, but a group of young Yale and Peking University graduates are now popularizing a lesser-known style of Chinese comfort food in the US. Yong Zhao and Chef Lucas Sin are the co-founder and culinary director of Junzi Kitchen, which boasts a menu of thoughtful, northern Chinese comfort foods, such as noodles and "bings," a thin, savory pancake often sold as a street snack. With multiple restaurants already across New Haven and New York, Junzi Kitchen highlights the versatility and nuance of Chinese food and artfully leverages the appeal of global food culture with fast-casual dining to make this lesser-known cuisine accessible to everyone. Join James in New York, where he tries out Junzi's new branch near Bryant Park!
  • Oct 08 , 2019 |
    Six months ago, our very first episode featured Financial Times writer Ming Liu and her take on how dumplings bring families together. Now, we're kicking off an exciting new series called "Food Talk". In this first video, James Chau takes you to a special restaurant in Shenzhen that not only has dumplings, but also noodles, skewers, and more! Check it out with us.
  • Oct 04 , 2019 | Social Good
    150 years ago, the First Transcontinental Railroad was completed, revolutionizing travel in the U.S. by linking the east and west coasts with 1,912 miles of track.
  • Oct 04 , 2019 |
    In the latest interview for our special series looking at young people living in China today, we chat with 'Pan Pan' -- a millennial from a Hakka family who now lives in Shenzhen, a center for culture and innovation. Pan Pan talks about her aspirations, her drive to achieve financial independence, and her love for her Corgi.
  • Sep 25 , 2019 | Social Good
    Dr Bright Eric Ohene is a cardiovascular surgeon at Beijing’s Anzhen Hospital, where he uses innovative approaches to improving the health of his patients.
  • Sep 23 , 2019 | Social Good
    The largest gathering of world leaders has kicked-off in New York, but what do they do? James Chau takes you behind and around the scenes at the UN General Assembly, where climate change, universal health coverage, and the Sustainable Development Goals are the headliners this year.
  • Sep 18 , 2019 | Social Good
    Six months ago, when we launched The China Current, we promised to bring you up close to fascinating people shaping our shared global future. Six months later, James Chau looks back at some of those stories.
  • Sep 17 , 2019 | Innovation
    Surgeons in China have achieved a medical ‘first’, successfully performing three simultaneous operations using the precision of robots and the speed of 5G networks.
  • Sep 12 , 2019 | Social Good
    The China Current is excited to present a new series called “My Story”, which documents the personal journeys of young people we’ve met across China and shares the feelings and aspirations they have at this point in their lives. This week, we meet Tina Yang, who works in Shezhen's fast-developing tech industry.
  • Sep 09 , 2019 | Lifestyle
    Costco's first store in China has opened in Shanghai to enormous crowds, with three-hour waits for a parking spot and shoppers capped at 2,000 people per day. Videos of the first day’s deluge have gone viral on social media, as much for ...
  • Sep 04 , 2019 | Social Good
    The China Current is proud and excited to present a new series called My Story, which documents the personal journeys of young people we meet across China, and shares with you the feelings they have at this point in their lives. This summer, we traveled to Shenzhen, a 'young' city in an 'old country', that has carved out a new reputation for itself as one of the major centers of innovation. In this first episode, we meet Jadon Zhong, who works for a tech startup.
  • Aug 28 , 2019 | Lifestyle
    Qingdao is a city unlike many others in China. It’s a major port and industrial center, and one of the most livable cities according to the Chinese Institute of City Competitiveness.
  • Aug 26 , 2019 | Lifestyle
    A new hit series is taking the Internet by storm – and it’s about life in China more than 1,000 years ago. ‘The Longest Day in Chang’an’ – similar in format to the U.S. show ‘24’ – breaks down one full day in the Tang Dynasty, complete with drama, intrigue, and mystery. With great acting and painstaking research, it’s bringing history back to life.
  • Aug 21 , 2019 | Lifestyle
    Tea is an intrinsic part of China’s history and culture. But today it is enjoying a modern renaissance among millennials and young people across the globe, thanks to new flavors, healthier ingredients, and innovative designs.
  • Aug 14 , 2019 | Social Good
    ‘How to Make a Difference’ is the title of the new book by two architects of a global youth movement: Ella and Kate Robertson.
  • Aug 13 , 2019 | Social Good
    Vali Nasr is one of America's best-known academics, as former Dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.
  • Aug 07 , 2019 | Social Good
    Former Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa hosted a special gathering in July with American and Chinese alike to explore the opportunities that lie ahead for the international community in these tumultuous times.
  • Aug 05 , 2019 | Innovation
    Chinese scientists recently flooded two islands in southern China’s Guangdong province with hundreds of millions of mosquitoes... and then successfully cleared them all out.
  • Aug 02 , 2019 | Lifestyle
    Shanghai needs very little introduction – but there’s so much to say. This city of over 26 million people is one of the most dynamic in the world: its cosmopolitan past is on display with the historical architecture along the Bund, while its innovative future is underpinned by the skyscrapers that stand on former farmlands in the financial center of Pudong. James Chau takes you inside "the city that belongs to everyone".
  • Jul 31 , 2019 | Social Good
    For 14 years, Goh Chok Tong was Singapore's Prime Minister. Today, he serves as the country's Emeritus Senior Minister, and uses his skills as a global statesman to find solutions to some of our greatest challenges.
  • Jul 29 , 2019 | Lifestyle
    Ever worried about taking your medicine on time? One entrepreneur in China has an innovative solution. Nick Zeng is based in Shenzhen, where he's created a smart pill box that reminds you what medicine to take, at what time - and also reminds your family and caregivers via a mobile app. Inspired by his grandmother, who suffers from a chronic disease, Nick invented a device that not only solves her problem, but can be applied more widely in a world that is advancing - and ageing.
  • Jul 22 , 2019 | Social Good
    Neil Bush has been to China more than 140 times. His first trip was in 1975, when millions of Chinese were experiencing the Cultural Revolution and when his father President George HW Bush was chief of the U.S. Liaison Office in Beijing. Bush compares the China he knew 'then' to the China he knows 'now'. He speaks to James Chau on this episode of The China Current.
  • Jul 22 , 2019 | Lifestyle
    We thought this story was really powerful here at The China Current. Three hair stylists snip and cut each day at their salon in Wuhan. But being deaf and hard of hearing, they communicate with their customers, and with one another, by writing and using sign language. They now want to replicate their success for other people in their community so that they too can achieve their fullest life potential.
  • Jul 15 , 2019 | Culture
    Victo Ngai is an illustrator who is Guangdong-born, Hong Kong-raised, and Los Angeles-based. As a child, she was exposed to classical Chinese ink paintings and later trained in art with a teacher in Shenzhen. But today, she draws on many references: from Japanese woodblock prints, to American painter Norman Rockwell, and British fashion designer Alexander McQueen. The result is unique and fascinating, with clients including Apple and GE.
  • Jul 15 , 2019 | Culture
    Alan Skalaski is an American artist in China to learn about art conservation and preservation. He is studying the art of Dunhuang, the oasis city in Western China’s Gobi desert, located at the religious and cultural crossroads of the old Silk Road and home to the renowned Mogao Caves, the UNESCO World Heritage site that features a network of 492 ancient Buddhist temples. This is his story.
  • Jul 11 , 2019 | Innovation
    Once known for manufacturing cheap toys and textiles, China is increasingly known for developing innovative technology that's transforming the world and how we interact. But what triggered this change, and what opportunities does this innovation provide for everyone? With a growing pool of engineers, massive investment in infrastructure, and an expanding network of suppliers, China is positioned at a fascinating global crossroads. James Chau dives into the story.
  • Jul 11 , 2019 | Innovation
    Huawei is one of the world's leading technology brands. It is introducing 5G to international markets, reshaping mobile communications, and transforming the way we interact with one another.
  • Jul 03 , 2019 | Innovation
    Three Chinese telecoms have been awarded 5G licenses, that could see the fifth generation of mobile communications roll-out to consumers as early as 2020. It will usher in an entirely new digital era of high speed and low latency, that will enable us to live and work ‘smart’ – and at a time when 55 per cent of the world's population lives in cities.
  • Jun 18 , 2019 | Lifestyle
    Bai Bin, an extreme runner from Guizhou in China, has just completed an epic 433-day journey running from the South Pole to the North Pole. Despite the snow, storms and seas, he refused to give up and successfully finished his 14-month expedition in the Arctic. This is a story of incredible athleticism – and finding hope even when hope appears to be lost.
  • Jun 11 , 2019 | Lifestyle
    Charles Stevens, a college student at the University of St Andrews, traveled along the Silk Road last year - the ancient route that has fascinated traders and travelers for centuries. Today, though, it has transformed into a modern journey full of opportunity and innovation that is charting a model for the global future. I sat down with Charles in Hong Kong, 60+ days after he left his home in London to begin his journey. It's an incredible real-life tale of adventure, business and infrastructure - but mostly, people.
  • Jun 04 , 2019 | Lifestyle
    The Beijing Expo 2019 is showcasing the world’s best-in-class flowers, plants, and landscapes as part of a 6-month, 500 hectare exhibition, the largest of its kind in history. Landscape designers hailing from Denmark to Japan are among those who have been invited to create special exhibits that represent their national cultures under the theme “Live Green, Live Better.”, along with a range of gardens that demonstrate the diversity of China’s natural landscapes. In total, more than 100 countries and international organizations are participating in the Expo. An estimated 16 million visitors will attend the park and take part in almost 2,500 different cultural events. Within the park, 50,000 trees have been preserved and 100,000 trees and shrubs planted to improve the condition of wetlands, purify water and provide a habitat for migratory birds.
  • Jun 04 , 2019 | Social Good
    Professor Ilona Kickbusch is one of the world's foremost thinkers and visionaries on global health. A key architect of the 1986 Ottawa Charter, one of the most vital international agreements on health promotion, her innovative work has transformed the world and our most vulnerable communities in particular. Currently at Geneva’s Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Ilona has had a distinguished career, including at the World Health Organization and Yale University. She has also helped train many of today’s health leaders in China. In this interview, James Chau brings her back to her early years in India, and how being the child of a German diplomat helped shape her career and the influence she continues to exercise.
  • May 28 , 2019 | Social Good
    In just a few days, Katja Iversen, President and CEO of Women Deliver, will host the world's largest conference on gender equality in Vancouver, Canada, featuring heads of state among 9,000 delegates from 170 countries. James Chau speaks with Katja as she looks back at her life and the experiences that shaped her conviction to lead her movement for equality. She discusses what it will require to create a world that is fairer, and why she thinks China is so far down The Global Gender Gap Report.
  • May 20 , 2019 | Social Good
    As the 72nd World Health Assembly convenes in Geneva this week, Part 2 of the conversation with Professor Sharon Lewin reminds us just how important global cooperation on health is. For over 20 years, Professor Lewin has been on the cusp of 'discovery' - the discovery of an elusive AIDS cure, and in the process, the discovery of how we can all live safer and healthier lives. In an era when SARS, Ebola, Zika and various strains of avian influenza have become a norm, she references her work on one of the greatest epidemics in history - HIV and AIDS - to help us anticipate the next great global health emergency, and how we can prepare ourselves. This interview with James Chau was recorded in July 2018 at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam.
  • May 14 , 2019 | Social Good
    For over 20 years, Professor Sharon Lewin has been on the cusp of 'discovery' - the discovery of an elusive AIDS cure, and in the process, the discovery of how we can all live safer and healthier lives. In an era when SARS, Ebola, Zika and various strains of the avian flu have become a norm, her work on one of the greatest epidemics in history - HIV and AIDS - can help us anticipate the next great global health emergency, and how we can prepare ourselves. This interview with James Chau was recorded in July 2018 at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam.
  • May 10 , 2019 | Innovation
    45 seconds could be enough time to wash the plates that have been piling up in your sink, wipe off the front of your refrigerator, or send that one email you've been avoiding. But, thanks to a streamlined immigration process, it's also the time it now takes travelers to enter or leave China. In this latest video, we explore how China is seeing a massive growth in the movement of people across its borders, and is responding by enhancing mobility and connecting people like never before.
  • May 07 , 2019 | Social Good
    I was recently invited to The Carter Center's commemoration of the 40th anniversary of U.S.-China relations in Atlanta, where I met Professor David Lampton - a foremost thinker on the two countries. In this podcast, he describes his early adventures as a student in the 1960s, the way he centers his work through people and their voices, and how he has built a career around two fascinating countries and the world they shape.
  • Apr 29 , 2019 | Social Good
    The gender equality movement is building unprecedented momentum around the world, including in China. But what are the issues at stake, and how far are we from achieving genuine and meaningful equality for all? James Chau speaks to Ruth Lawlor and Kent Buse of Global Health 50/50 in New York.
  • Apr 23 , 2019 | Innovation
    A surprising 20-year-long data record from NASA has come out just in time for Earth Day, showing that the world has gotten greener within the past two decades. The greening is thanks to China and India’s efforts in forest conservation and expansion.
  • Apr 23 , 2019 | Social Good
    In January, when I interviewed Jimmy Carter, the former president told me that one way forward for the U.S. and China was to create a group of wise men and women who can guide the future relationship. Carter said he will send that suggestion to President Donald Trump - who has just confirmed that the two men have spoken. Also, Professor Wang Jisi of Peking University reacts to a New York Times report of limited visas for Chinese academics.
  • Apr 16 , 2019 | Lifestyle
    A 200 year-old Swiss textile company finds inspiration from the snowy Forbidden City to historical motifs in Chinese design. Camilla Fischbacher talks to James Chau about her family's legendary brand, Christian Fischbacher, and how the melting pot of globalization is shaping contemporary design, fashion, art, and architecture across both the West and the East.
  • Apr 09 , 2019 | Innovation
    Bill Gates says she's changing the game. So does Al Gore. Tech teen Emma Yang, who grew up in Hong Kong and now lives in New York, loves her grandmother so much, she's created an app that uses facial-recognition technology to ensure that her family - and potentially millions more - can communicate meaningfully with people with Alzheimer's. James Chau met Emma in New York, where she gave him a preview of her Timeless app and discussed how humanizing technology can help create a better world.
  • Apr 02 , 2019 | Social Good
    Millions of young Chinese are heading West to study, transforming the educational experiences of Chinese and Americans alike. Nini Suet is enmeshed in this world. The Beijing-born Princeton grad started an education business that tutors young Chinese for boarding schools in America, and prepares them to interact with an entirely new culture. She talks to James Chau about the magic that happens when these Chinese young people come together to with their American counterparts.
  • Mar 26 , 2019 | Lifestyle
    After 30 years as one of the world's greatest violinists, Tasmin Little recently announced her retirement. She speaks to James Chau about her incredible life, and how her musical talents led her to become one of the first people to enter China after it began opening its borders to the world.
  • Mar 15 , 2019 | Culture
    Novelist and New York Times writer Ming Liu, who turns her voice to maybe China's greatest export – food. But what makes it so good? Interview by James Chau.