Young People Can Be Heroes | The Novel Outbreak

Apr 23 , 2020 | COVID-19

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The COVID-19 response is being led by leaders in politics, science and health. But one teenager in Hong Kong is reshaping that narrative with a platform she's created to involve people young and older. With a simple but effective action list, she is calling on everyone to participate in impactful solutions - and at the same time, reminding us to stay at home and to wash our hands. The message here is 'kindness' - and woven into it is a nuanced mission, she says, to demonstrate that the young people of Hong Kong, a city already battered by months of protests, are able to craft a happier future for themselves, and for everyone. 


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    California womenswear brand L'AGENCE wanted to be supportive during these troubling times and did so in the way they know best: by donating jeans. L'AGENCE donated $1M of their denim to female health workers on the front lines, and while jeans aren’t a necessity in this crisis, they knew it was the best way to use their expertise to give back, express their gratitude, and put smiles on people’s faces. L'AGENCE CEO and Creative Director Jeffrey Rüdes designed this crisis-response campaign. Our host James Chau speaks to the brand’s CEO and President, Jeffrey Rüdes and Albert Schami, about this act of kindness in a time of division and the economic impact. So far, thousands of health workers have responded to the gifts with expressions of joy and thanks. L'AGENCE CEO and Creative Director, Jeffrey Rüdes, designed this crisis-response campaign. Our host James Chau speaks to him and the brand’s President Albert Schami about this act of kindness in a time of division and the economic impact the pandemic will have on American industry.
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    COVID-19 is the greatest current threat to global stability. But it is also a reminder that humanity has yet to learn how to co-exist respectfully with our planet. Stories of wildlife returning to cities in lockdown, while not always accurate, highlight a new awareness that we are guests of the natural world. Reduced air travel and closed factories have sparked a dramatic decrease in pollution, meaning that in many areas around the world, there is visibly cleaner air and water. Our host James Chau explores the human dimensions of this relationship, in an era of climate change, and in a time of pandemic.
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    Attica Scott is one of very few elected women of color in the United States. As a Kentucky State Representative, she is a unique face of leadership in a state that has battled poverty and racial division. The threat of COVID-19 has highlighted deep inequalities in healthcare systems, especially for minority communities who are already at a disadvantage. But despite these enormous challenges, Kentucky is currently relatively unscathed in the ongoing crisis— with a relatively low number of deaths and infections compared to its neighboring states. Our host James Chau speaks to Representative Scott about the community leadership behind Kentucky’s response, her concerns for people in rural areas, and how she and her colleagues are governing in a crisis. She says now is the time to put aside our divisions, break down walls, and focus on taking care of everyone to find a way to move forward.