New Kings of the World | Fatima Bhutto

Aug 24 , 2020 |

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Fatima Bhutto is a prolific poet and writer from Pakistan, whose new book “New Kings of the World” explores how eastern cultures are being shared through the globalization of K-pop, Bollywood, and Turkish soap operas. Before the pandemic, our Host James Chau met Fatima in New York, where they also discussed the role of China in this changing landscape and whether we should feel anxious or encouraged by its growing influence in a rapidly changing world.


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    Fatima Bhutto is a writer and poet from Pakistan, a country that began life from the Partition of India in 1947. Her life and work are intertwined with the complexities of colonialism, and how it continues to impact 21st century mindsets in a world struggling with rising populism. Before the pandemic, our Host James Chau met Fatima Bhutto in New York, where they discussed Asia's history and how its people are facing a new future of independence.
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