Growing the Planet and Keeping it Safe

Nov 03 , 2020 | Social Good

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With over 7.5 billion people on this planet, our consumption of energy is immense. But finite natural resources are harming our planet, leaving many countries searching for cleaner and more efficient energy. China, the world’s top energy consumer, is independently developing a next-gen power program. Our Host James Chau explores the need for clean and renewable energy.


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  • Nov 16 , 2020 | Social Good
    In honor of the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement to fight climate change, The China Current presents a special, three-part conversation with Mary Robinson, Chair of The Elders. Our Host James Chau speaks with the former President of Ireland and former UN Human Rights Commissioner about the climate justice she envisions for us all, and the global solutions to a global problem. We live in a time when priorities are rapidly shifting. But, with or without COVID-19, our planet needs saving now.
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    Diplomat and author Kishore Mahbubani has recently released a book– “Has China Won?”– about China and its people, and the power the country exercises on the global stage. Our Host James Chau speaks with Kishore about his book and his inspirations. As a long-time Singaporean diplomat, Kishore shares his experiences with China and its leaders, giving a glimpse of China’s past and where it might be heading.
  • Nov 03 , 2020 | Lifestyle
    November 11th, also known as 11/11 or “Single’s Day”, is a Chinese e-commerce holiday that has bolstered local and rural vendors around the country. Single’s Day is the biggest online shopping day in the world—with sales much larger than even Black Friday. The holiday, which turns 10 years old this year, was originally created by e-commerce platform, TaoBao. Our Host James Chau explores how it’s contributing towards an end to poverty.