Never Stop Hoping | The Novel Outbreak

Dec 18 , 2020 | Social Good,COVID-19

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This is the year when everything changed. When gains on poverty reversed. When progress against hunger stopped. When so many issues had to once again take a back seat. In one of our final episodes of the year, our Host James Chau reflects on the challenges of the times— and hope for the future.


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  • Dec 29 , 2020 | COVID-19
    The pandemic has disrupted many significant events across the globe. In these settings, the China International Import Expo took place a few months ago in Shanghai, pulling off the impossible—a safe, global event during a pandemic. The expo serves as an important event to support trade and economic growth—creating a space for global businesses to showcase products, encouraging foreign investors to see the potential of the Chinese market. Our Host James Chau takes a look into the importance of the event and how it may shape other global events and business during the ongoing pandemic.
  • Dec 23 , 2020 | Social Good
    When we say it was a year like no other, we really mean that. Through a tough year for all, love endures—uniting us in moments of doubt and pain. We want to thank you for following us in 2020 as we told many important stories—from the outbreak epicenters to across the Pacific. And we express special thanks to our guest speakers for sharing their stories during an unprecedented time. We wish all of you a Happy New Year. Appreciation to Dr. Margaret Chan, Professor Sharon Lewin, Professor Peter Piot, Filippo Grandi, Lena Li, Dr. Takeshi Kasai, Dr. Vanessa Kerry, Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Professor Muhammad Yunus, Erna Solberg, Attica Scott, and Lateefah Simon.
  • Dec 11 , 2020 | Innovation
    China’s Xi’an is known around the globe for its terracotta sculptures. But that’s not the only story hidden beneath the city’s surface. Xi’an is set to become the world’s next leading smart city with underground infrastructure at the forefront of its innovation. In ancient China, the city was a beginning point of the Silk Road. Now, Xi’an is home to nearly 12 million people, and is a landmark spot on China’s new Belt and Road Initiative. Our Host James Chau explores the history of the city and its infrastructural plans to lead China into the future.