Somewhere in the Middle

Mar 17 , 2021 | Lifestyle

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Some 3.8 billion people across the globe are considered part of the middle class — and its numbers are growing. The rise of the global middle class can be traced back to the 1950s. Today’s enormous middle class is shaping and leading global consumption and lifestyle trends. Our Host James Chau examines China’s middle class and how this population has influenced global culture and lifestyle.


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  • Mar 25 , 2021 | Innovation
    The apps we use for everyday life generate massive amounts of data that most would find hard to comprehend. Businesses use that information to predict what users might purchase and other important trends. But as algorithms become more in-tune with our spending habits, concerns around how user data is being handled and sold increase. Our Host James Chau explores our big data footprints and follows the technology and trends that influence our world.
  • Mar 22 , 2021 | Social Good
    Asian community is experiencing loss and pain. At this important time, we want to pay tribute to Vincent Chin, whose passing in Detroit was a watershed moment for people of color in the 1980s. It unified Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Koreans and more in an expression of resounding unity. Our Host James Chau spoke to his cousin about the lessons Vincent offers us especially today — and what it means to be Chinese and Asian in America.
  • Mar 16 , 2021 | Social Good
    There must be a strong partnership between people regardless of gender to advance society. Our Host James Chau speaks with Global Health 50/50 Co-Founder, Professor Kent Buse, about the role men could better play in family, work, and leveling the playing field. The Gender Sessions is a new series, presented in partnership with Global Health 50/50. It explores the human stories behind gender and health.