Servant to Humanity | Elhadj As Sy | From The Well

Sep 03 , 2021 | Social Good

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“None of us are safe until we all are.” Elhadj As Sy is Chair of the Kofi Annan Foundation, focused on building resilience and solving global problems. Our Host James Chau interviews him for a three-part special on the future of health and humanity, and how all of us can serve our neighbors in this pandemic and others in times of need.


Part 2: Life After Kofi Annan | Elhadj As Sy | From The Well

Part 3: In the Name of Our Friends | Elhadj As Sy | AIDS at 40


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  • Sep 07 , 2021 | Social Good
    38 million are living with HIV today — a testament to the power of access, testing, and treatment. But many people continue to mourn the loss of friends and family who lost their lives in this global epidemic. Elhadj As Sy, Chair of the Kofi Annan Foundation, pays tribute to his classmate for whom life-saving medicines came too late. He speaks with our Host, James Chau.
  • Sep 05 , 2021 | Social Good
    One of the first people to warn the world of the pandemic was Elhadj As Sy. But the world did not respond. He points to denial, human arrogance, and an inability to act on the unknown. In this interview with our Host, James Chau, he speaks about Kofi Annan whose foundation he leads, and the life lessons the former UN Secretary-General leaves us.
  • Sep 01 , 2021 | Social Good
    Ten per cent of the world's plant species can be found in China, including bamboo which also grows in other parts of Asia. Bamboo is a great alternative to plastics and multiple functions, from clothing to kitchen itensils, and food to scoffolding. Our Host James Chau tells the story of bamboo and how it plays a bdeeper role in the health of our planet.