Are You Single? Don't Worry.

Oct 27 , 2020 | Culture,Lifestyle

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The pressures of modern life have made dating more difficult in our rapidly evolving world. Today’s high cost of living, matched with evolving dynamics of education to employment has led to a decrease in marriage, and an increase of single-person households in countries around the world. Our Host James Chau dives into the phenomenon of “singlehood”—and how technology, culture and tradition play a role in partnership.


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    For years, an MTV show has helped leas the fight against AIDS in Africa. Now, in the midst of the global pandemic, it is repurposing this experience and knowledge against COVID-19. Georgia Arnold, Executive Director of MTV Staying Alive, the foundation behind the show, talks to our Host James Chau—and reveals how a new series was written, filmed and produced almost overnight in order to bring science to millions of people.
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