Connecting Trails | Kyle Obermann

May 13 , 2021 | Social Good

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Thru-trails are not your average hike— they can span thousands of miles and go deep into the wild.


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    As a young child born, Charles Ray's imagination was captured by the National Geographic magazines he read in a relative's home. As an adult, he joined the US Foreign Service, moving to China in the early 1980s where he served in Guangzhou and Shenyang — two cities in the south and northeast that were largely unknown to the outside world. James Chau, Host of The China Current, speaks to Ambassador Ray about his story, and how it began in the Texan town of Center.
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    The pandemic has brought many global problems to light. International epidemiologist, Dr. Michelle Williams, is a champion for the public health sector, and she believes that disease-prevention is key to addressing big issues. In this conversation with James Chau, Dr. Williams shares the wisdom she instills in her students as a professor and Dean of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.